Trump Crowd Chants Send Her Back

A warning that we drastically need to go another direction before the violence flourishes, because when it does only we will be to blame.

PREDICTIONS 3-22-18 The threat that is coming.. the problem is your president acts like a troll.. he hunts down individuals to verbally hurt.. which in turn creates a tone that it is acceptable to be cruel to one another.. which leads to upheaval.. which leads to violence.. violence will flourish happily in your own country. The impression was that home grown terrorism as well as violent protests explodes across the US. 

Predictions 3-12-18 “Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.

162 thoughts on “Trump Crowd Chants Send Her Back

  1. Absolutely Eric! This behavior from Trump is not okay. The silence from many of our leaders about his behavior is not okay. People need to wake up to what is happening in our country … and really all over the world. No matter what party you stand with, this should not be okay, we are Americans and this behavior is meant to divide us and create chaos. I can only hope and pray that “We the People” see this is not the direction we want our country to go in and that it unites us all even more.
    And yes, I do hold the President to a higher standard than this.
    It also reminded me of this older prediction of yours Eric from 1-7-16.
    “Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”

  2. I remember back in the day when racists in the South were openly saying and holding up signs saying “Go Back to Africa” towards black people. Definitely seems like the re-emergence of the Jim Crow era prediction is soon upon us. Very unfortunate.

  3. Unfortunately our president is a pompous a… The racist Remarks from congress Woman Omar and AOC about the Israelites. To President Trumps racist remarks, our leaders on both sides are trying to lead those of us in the middle down the road of division and violence. We must recognize on both sides of the extreme left and right are trying to tear us apart. Those of us in the middle must say enough and band together in the next election and vote in good reasonable people. Disagreement is good and productive, we are currently far beyond this and it’s our fault for allowing it to happen. Please people don’t let the extremists win. Vote for good honest moderate people.

    1. Rmf, I agree. And please remember people to do your own research on candidates past and present history. Educate yourselves. In this day and age of information warfare you can not just believe everything you hear and or see on social media and other news sites etc. It is clearly obvious that Americans are being manipulated by being told what the candidates think you want to hear in order to secure their positions in power and meet their agendas and needs, not the people’s. Not all do this but I would have to say this is a big problem among many of our leaders. Greed and power it seems are at the root of politics anymore. We the People have the power to change this.

    2. Rmf,
      I know what you mean. There are things I like and dislike about both parties, and I feel like moderates aren’t being well-represented politically. It seems like candidates on either side are trying so hard to appeal to their far-right or far-left, and leave everyone else out.

    3. Eric, you had a recent prediction that Trumps spiral downwards begins in July and will climax in October. At first I thought the Mueller testimony before the House was going to be the catalyst. But with that delayed to July 24th now, what are your insights that this event is what starts the chain of events leading to October? I see more Republicans are coming out today being critical of the comments and chants.

        1. Trump isn’t involved in the Epstein case although a lot of celebrities and politicians and business people are, trump is the reason this is no Longer being covered up. You’ll also get the coverup of the pharmaceutical companies coining out as well as the et cover up

            1. It’s not the reporters that have done anything but report. If Hillary had of won the Epstein case would of remained covered up due to bills involvement and due to those in the media who are also involved with this

                1. So where is your evidence trump raped underage girls, you have none. But out of everyone who surrounded trump he is the only person that gave evidence against Epstein when approached originally by Brad Edwards

                  1. Aiden, there is zero doubt in my mind that Trump is a sexual predator who has been involved in sex with children. Defending such a clearly vile man says a lot about you. Trump isn’t the creator of a system that abuses women and girls. But he most definitely takes advantage of it. And with his words and actions he emboldens low level thinking men. Is that possibly you? Or are you bigger than what is happening here in this country? BE BETTER

                2. Thank you Lomo7678. You are absolutely correct. There is a case against Trump for raping a young girl. I believe she was 13 years old at the time. The rape occurring in Epstein’s townhouse in NYC. The case
                  was dropped because there were multiple death threats made against the girl, But the actual case is there and true, and the federal investigators are continuing to investigate this case while pursuing the case against Epstein.
                  In addition to that, there is the rape allegation by E.. Jean Carroll which she recently discussed.

                  1. Yes a case where “facts” changed each time she tried to file, and the case seemingly dropped when anonymous hacked her. Btw just for the record anonymous have a great track record in going after pedophiles and their groups, they don’t protect them.

                  2. This particular rape case against trump was dropped because of the multiple death threats the girl received. The young girl was a victim of rape . And the federal investigators are still investigating this case. And that is a fact. Let’s not fight about it. believe what you want.

            2. I read that he assisted the lawyers prosecuting Epstein. He barred him out of Mar A Lago for hitting on a young girl in the 1990s. Author Patterson backs that up

            3. Thank you Eric! You are SO RIght!!
              Thank God for the Media and our press and hard-working reporters never giving up on their leads and never giving up on getting to the truth and never giving up on getting their stories and articles out to the people! Full credit goes to Reporters and the press and media- not Trump.

              And Thank You Eric and Spirit for this amazing website, Thank you for your amazing, bullseye accurate predictions and everything you do every day and night to prevent the evil from happening and getting the word out to the public so they can learn what is going to happen.
              Eric, you and Spirit are pure Blessings on earth and I am so grateful to have found you 🙂

              1. No, thank god those who have been working undercover and for months do the thankless work that they do. The media have done nothing here but catch the tail end of the investigation.

              2. This so called media is garbage that is purely biased to the left. All main stream media should be shut down and be replaced by those that have NO opinion either way. No bias either way. Same thing with judges on the benches with their leftist leanings. They need to be removed and replaced with people who are unbiased. The extreme left and extreme right are BOTH wrong and the media is pushing a civil war in this country.

            4. It’s also not Trump, because ‘never Trump’ reporters would tell you if they had anything to the contrary…
              Your perpetual ‘sided-ness’ in politics shines through in your rather-constant prediction failures…the more you ‘lean’, the more you ‘miss’. You used to be accurate…now it’s ‘New Zealand Earthquakes’ and ‘Trump falls this month…no…next month….no…in August…wait…’
              I’m seeing a really bad pattern here of ‘wishful thinking’, keyed to personal ideologies. Careful of the voices you are listening to…like an Ouija Board, a lot of the things you hear aren’t accurate…and some are quite dangerous.
              I used to read your site rather-frequently…but you give off a very ‘contrary’ vibe now…I’m done with you, you should self-assess what you are actually trying to accomplish (other than a paycheck)…there are powerful things in existence, and some might take offense at ‘false prophets’…capitalizing on political lean…if you know what I mean.
              Goodbye Eric…wish you the best.

  4. That comment was really low; Trump tends to make it sound like if someone disagrees with him, they should just leave the country, but that’s not how it works.

    It’s normal in a country for people to disagree and try to change things–that’s part of what makes a country work. I disagree with some things Omar has said in the past, but that ‘send her back’ chant was wrong.

    People probably told Martin Luther King Jr. that he should leave if he didn’t like segregation, but he had every right to protest things and eventually help change it. Omar has a right to her opinions, too.

    I don’t mean to sound alarmist here, but that chant and that rally reminded me way too much of Hitler’s rallies. Hitler tried to shut down any news outlet that criticized him, he worked people into a frenzy against so-called enemies, and he too, convinced his followers that he was the only one telling the truth. It frightens me to see that type of thing going on now.

    We’re all people, Democrats and Republicans and everyone else in between. We’re better than all this hatred and division, and I hope we can rise above it.

    1. Thank You Sara. Yes people need to do their research and educate themselves on “pre” Hitler and the rise of the Nazis. It did not happen overnight.

    2. No, Trump’s comment was telling people who HATE America to leave it if they don’t like it here. It is about time we get a president that is NOT afraid of standing up and telling people to get out of our country if they hate it so much. These people are race baiting and it needs to stop! I see that none of you condemn antifa attacking citizens and none of you admit that Obama was a race baiting president put into place by the CIA. You are so eager to attack Trump for anything he says or does but refuse to attack your biased leftists. Socialism is NOT the way to go! It will destroy us just like it is destroying every other nation around the world. Your precious cnn and other crap networks won’t tell you the truth of this. We refuse to allow communism/socialism a foot hold in our country and if you don’t like it, LEAVE! I stand with President Trump and I am a female!

      1. Plutonian008,
        The squad doesn’t hate America; there are things about it they disagree with and want to change, and that’s normal for a country, it’s normal for people to have different opinions and want to change things.

        For whatever it’s worth, I condemn Antifa attacks; violence is wrong whichever side is doing it, and shouldn’t be tolerated by either the left or the right. Also, most leftists aren’t pushing for socialism…some are, but those are the more extreme members.

        And we’re not attacking Trump just for the heck of it; he really scares us in a lot of the things he says and does–he’s been accused of sexual assault, he repeatedly lies and makes things up whenever he speaks, the media has to outright fact-check every word. He fires anyone who disagrees with him, which is something Putin would do, as well as telling everyone that media that doesn’t support him is “fake news”. (Which is also something Putin or Kim Jong Un would probably do.)

        Further, he tries to convince his followers that leftists are all socialist/American-hating loonies trying to force a Khmer Rouge-type of government on people. He says it’s either do things his way, or be taken over. But that’s misleading. Are there extremist leftists? Yes, but by and large, most aren’t like that.

        Please be assured, most Democrats and moderates know socialism doesn’t work, they don’t hate the U.S–wanting to change things isn’t hate. Martin Luther King didn’t hate America. when he condemned segregation, he was trying to draw attention to, and change, something he felt was wrong in his country.

        Obviously you and many on here have different opinions on what things America should or shouldn’t change, but we all want safety, to be able to provide for ourselves, to be happy. I don’t think Trump is helping America at all, personally, and you probably feel different. That’s okay. I just hope you can see that most Democrats and moderates are just ordinary people, not the crazies Trump claims they are.

  5. I don’t mean to take over this discussion board, but here’s a link to a video of the group Celtic Woman singing “O, America”. It’s a beautiful version, comforting, and I think Americans on all sides need comfort in these times.

    1. Wow- Beyond Amazing!
      Sara, thank you thank you so much for sharing this most exquisite clip!
      These voices, the music, absolutely Angelic! Outstanding in every way!
      Greatly appreciative for this musical gift!

  6. SWC, don’t forget … You all have a voice … you can call or write your Congressmen and women, your Senators, your government officials and speak out against what you perceive as wrong. We the People do have the power to change the course of history.
    Peaceful protests are great but for some it’s just not realistic or practical. But… most of us do have access to the internet and have a phone or can write a letter. Use the power you do have, do what you are able to do. Don’t stand idly by and expect someone else to do it for you.
    Sending light and love around the world. ❤️🙏🏻🌟

    1. Great point Jules104. Don’t wait for the next election, let’s all call our elected officials now! Overwhelm the circuit boards at the capital demanding our politicians work together with respect and dignity. Let’s overcome this atmosphere of hate together!

  7. They’re trying to get Rep. Omar and others killed. It’s that simple. Hopefully no politicians are assassinated.

    1. Keep thinking back to that prediction of yours Eric, about a woman and man in a shooting incident …. had similar connotations to the JFK killing, but I think your prediction was in the night. She was holding a person’s head from memory.

    2. No, that witch is getting herself into trouble! Her hatred of America along with the other squad members who think they will take over the old guard, is causing her own problems. ALL OF THEM NEED TO GET OUT OF AMERICA AND TAKE ALL OF THOSE THAT HATE AMERICA WITH THEM! People keep coming into this country but they want to destroy it. She should be stripped of her seat and sent back to Somalia where she can stay! And they are NOT going to impeach our president! That big mouth that called him a MFer can get the f out of our country too!

  8. Remember when they pretended to only be against illegal immigration? That morphed into US citizens and US congresswomen rather quickly!

  9. eric, PLEASE ask for more details, on when the era of Trump and its hatred is over, who will replace him, that can bring harmony, truth and compassion and humality back to this country and its people. it is so SAD. that the average American, dont see the hatred he is building in this country, his supporers, lack compassion and humality, or they wouldn’t support him. all other countries are moving away from America, and as a result, America will not be a #1 superpower anymore. all this is a teaching tool for America, and we as a country and people, failed , not just to ourselves, but all the allies, we once had, and as a role model, for the rest of the world!

    1. You strike an interesting note in me Allen. How far will Trump take this hatred, and will America follow him? The worst is that if he follows Hitler, and we all know he studied Hitler’s memo’s etc, and must fail, will history repeat itself? Will the remaining ‘powers’ that win that war against Trump’s Americ, divide the world up the way it happened after WWII. Most of the ill feeling in the world today came from the displacement of nations that were divided after the fall of Hitler. Can Americans tolerate a dividing between East and West, as happened in Germany? Is this a possibility, or a ‘what if’ gone too far?

      1. Every now and then, I hear somebody mention “Race War.” It’s hard to imagine such a thing especially in my town, but it’s out there.

    2. Trump will be there for another term. He plays a vital part in helping this world to shift. A thought for you, if trump had not of won the Epstein case would of continued to be covered up, former presidents, politicians, celebrities, royalty, and businesses people would still get away with the rape and murder of children.

    3. in my view there’s a big contradiction between America being a #1 superpower and America being a role model (of a republic, of democracy, liberty etc) for the rest of the world!
      Maybe the people of America need to decide which role they really want to play in today’s world

  10. It wasn’t Trump chanting “Send Her Back!”, it was his voters. Republican voters still overwhelmingly support Trump. When people say Trump is a racist/bigot, they should realize that’s why he got selected by GOP voters in the first place – and this rally is the perfect example of that.

        1. Rose.
          Keep in mind, he only did that after he realized how outraged people were. And he didn’t try to stop the crowd from shouting it, just continued on with his speech like nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary.

          And just days ago, he tweeted for four American citizens–three born in the US–to go back. Even if he didn’t start the chant, he’s got a part in it.

  11. 1) The chant was started by people at the rally…and the President stopped it rather quickly by beginning to speak. He said today he did not like that chant.
    2) When you criticize what he said about the 4 Democrat females, get the ENTIRE quote….because what he said was for them to go back, fix those countries….and then come back here and help us fix the problems we have. (Paraphrasing….but hardy ANY news mdia reported this with any accuracy! They totally LEFT OUT the last part.)
    3) I can speak for both parties…because I used to be a Democrat Party Officer….have seen that party’s deceit first hand. Am no longer involved.
    But….politics is a dirty business…on BOTH sides.

    And….since Day One, this duly elected President has been treated absolutely terribly by the media and the Democrats. And this country is a Democratic REPUBLIC…..for a GOOD REASON….it is not a pure majority ruled democracy…which….if done….will disenfranchise every voter and area that is NOT a heavily populated region….like NY and CA.

    Maybe also remember that there have been Republicans, their families, and supporters, treated horribly, threatened, even shot, and people told by even Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters to make their lives so miserable that Republicans will leave!
    And…the Bill of Rights? How many even know that for every right we possess, there is at least one responsibility?!!!!

    And….most important…name one time…just once….where main stream media has treated this President with any respect whatsoever. Yes…his tweets can be a little brusque….but….it is almost wholly his only access to get his actual words out to the American people….uncensored.

    You want people to read party platforms….know the promises Politicians make…. and the details of the peoples plans who are running for political office….but how many even have read the actual unabridged history of this country….or…even more important….the Comstitution? The answer is…..not many.

    1. amatoanne,
      I read the whole quote, I know it’s context. But even with the last part “they should fix these countries, then come back” it’s still an outrage because he still implies these women “go back where they came from” and most were born in the US. He’s basically saying he doesn’t feel they are true Americans, and I doubt he’d have said that to anyone who was white.

      I see what you’re saying about politicians being too polished and making empty promises, but Trump is not an antidote to that. His saying such cruel, divisive things encourages white supremacists and neo-Nazis (who have applauded his tweet), and he shows blatant disrespect to women, people of color, and gays. He’s not just brusque, it goes beyond that.

      The media isn’t freaking out about Trump just because he has bad manners…he consistently makes false statements in his speeches, he makes up facts, he has been accused of rape, cheating people out of their money…he’s not a savior of any kind. I agree that politics is dirty on both sides, but Trump is just as corrupt as many of these politicians.

      Besides that, his speeches and rallies are whipping people into anti-immigrant, anti-democrat frenzies. For example, he tells his followers Dems want “open borders”, but most democrats aren’t against border-security, they just disagree with the way Trump enforces it.

      The reason that rally chanted “send them back” is because Trump has convinced them that it’s okay to yell stuff like that. The media is merely drawing attention to Trump’s flaws, and he doesn’t like that, so he tries to trick his followers into thinking everything besides him is ‘fake news’.

      I don’t say any of this to be mean; I’m trying to explain better why people are so scared of him. Also, many of his words and actions resemble Hitler’s (he started with a nationalist agenda too), that it’s making people more afraid. Are the Democrats perfect? Absolutely not. They need to reject hate and extremism as well, but Trump is unique in how far he goes and how blatant he is about treating other people badly.

      He even made fun of his own supporters once, saying he could kill someone and people would still like him anyway.

      1. Every democrat running for President says they are for open borders! Trumps followers arent against immigrants they are against illegal immigrants. Seems most on the left are trying to make them the same thing but they are not

        1. What does that mean exactly ‘open borders’ what definition are you referring too? Does that mean everyone can just freely pass back and forth like they did before WW1?

    2. Amatoanne, I’m tired of your disgusting comments. You do nothing but sow negativity and insanity in these comments. You are not well.

      1. Nothing They wrote is disgusting, and to claim someone is not well because you don’t like what they said, is wrong

      2. Everyone please abide by the rules. Everyone is allowed their opinion, everyone can speak their mind but refrain from attacking each other with personal slander. This site unlike the rest of our nation will be a place of decency and respectful bantering.

    3. He did not stop it. He let it run down. It took 13 seconds before he started talking again. It was timed by Shepard Smith on Fox News which I watched.

      1. That’s right, he didn’t even attempt to stop it. It’s also shown in the video that Eric posted above.

  12. Let’s be accurate the four women are really the ones stirring the pot. Even in their party they’ve been disrespectful and have caused problems. Anyone or anything they don’t agree with or are challenged by they scream racist. They’re anti Semitic. Their remarks at times are un-American. Remember out of the gate one used the f word towards the president. They’re so concerned for illegals in the camps and use them for their advantage but wouldn’t vote for a bill that would have helped them.

    The real problem is that people have lost respect. I didn’t like past presidents but I never carried on as those who do today. They’re like spoiled children.

    The president somethings doesn’t say things the way he should but we forget he’s not a politician. Politicians are polished. They will promise you everything and deliver nothing. One thing about him he had kept his promises. He’s not letting this country be taken advantage of. He’s trying to bring back jobs and has. So all Americans can prosper financially.

    I believe a higher being has placed him here to save us from the radicals. From those who have taken advantage of our political system and once in office forget they’re there to work for us not themselves.

    Remember prior to his election the democrats were for border security etc. Go look it up. Unfortunately it’s politics at it’s worst.

    Hopefully the four will be replaced in 2020 and the race calling and hatred will stop. Hopefully then the political parties will remember they’re here for the Americans not their party.

    1. Rose,
      I agree that politicians make empty promises, but Trump is no better. He’s just as corrupt as much as any of them, and he makes things worse with his crude, blatant rhetoric.

      The four women he told to “go back where they came from” are right to be angry, because that’s exactly the kind of comment someone in the KKK or neo-Nazis would say.

    2. Rose, please find the appropriate place to write such backwards comments. This isn’t the place. There’s an entire internet where you can spout this stuff.

      1. Lomo7678,
        I too, disagree with some of the things Rose said, but she does have a right to express her opinions.

      2. Are you kidding Lomo. I may or may not agree with Rose but I believe Eric hopes all of us are welcome here as long as we have a civil discussion!! Banning someone is exactly what are leaders are doing!!!! Don’t follow their lead!!!

  13. Rose….well said! Thank you!
    And…further….given the world in which we are currently living, everyone better HOPE and PRAY (if you do)…that President Teump continues for another four years. Because of his leadership and accomplishments, the United States is once again respected in the world….and most American loves have vastly improved under his leadership.
    And…like Rose…I also believe that this man has been selected to be in his position by a much higher power….I will call that power “God”.
    Also find biblical references and numbers related to this President very interesting. (YouTube videos on these are numerous).
    And…since I am also one who also receives prophetic information from another realm (at times that HAS come to pass….., I find it very interesting that the word “trump” and “trumpet” appear so many times in the Christian Old Testament (part of the Torah) and New Testament….as the word actually originates from the word “triumph”.

    1. My opinion is that your trump/trumpet/triumph wordplay is nonsense that ignores the original languages of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and the usages’ context.

      Also note that the “the Christian Old Testament” is not “part of the Torah.”
      The Torah consists only of the Books of Moses (the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures). The Hebrew Scriptures as a whole — what Christians call the Old Testament — is called Tanakh.

      1. You believe whatever you wish, Ed…..and I will do the same…the Torah is part of the “Law”… and many Jewish beliefs are in books that are part of the Old Testament. My main point (just to clarify) is that Judiasm can exist perfectly fine without Christianity, but Chistianity would not exist without Judiasm because Jesus was and always will be….Jewish.

        You have the freedom here to call whatever you wish “nonsense”… but what I believe is not nonsense to me.

        1. amatoanne, I know Hebrew and Greek.

          You’re playing wordgames and deriving some sort of “prophecy” from (an) selected English translation(s) of scriptures that were written in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, and Koine Greek.

          The Hebrew “shofar” (ram’s horn) and Greek “salpinx” and Latin Vulgate “buccina(e)” (multi-feet-long unvalved horns) are “trumpets,” and thus Trump/triumph-related, only if (a) you want them to be, and-or if (a) “trumpet” is the closest word in your particular language, and if (a) you view the medieval translators into your particular language as prophets.

          Sorry to say: But this (your) sort of uninformed word-gamery among alleged psychics et al undercuts their credibility and that of those who have genuine gifts.

          Your “many Jewish beliefs are in books that are part of the Old Testament” tells me that you know little about Judaism and should limit yourself to what you know.

      1. I don’t know about that nor are they saying he is evil. But they do have a basic expectation of leadership, decency towards others, compassion, unity, honesty, and a touch of humility. There are leaders out there like that. I will let you decide on whether Trump fits their ideal leader which mirrors their leaders.

  14. Sorry for miss spellimgs….amazingly….sometimes this computer seems to like to type whatever IT wants! And…I since I don’t see small primt that well…I do not always “catch” the errors.

  15. Sara,….Well-written points. But…I do not agree with many of them. If you listened to many people of minority origins, you would find many who like this President….not because he “whips up enthusiasm” but because he has comtributed to them having better lives.
    And as far as his methods at the border….he has been forced to act in measures such as verting and separating people, because for so long, the “crisis” at the border has been denied.
    And…let us not forget that the photos of children in cages were from 2014….and over 30% of children have been proven to be NOT with people who are biological parents…….trafficking.
    Additionally….the “racism” of this President is simply not true. You can find a recent video on You Tube by Dr. ben Carson that completely refutes this….but there are many, many more.
    Is this President a “savior”? No. Someone USED by the One whom I believe is The Savior?…..yes….and remember….”Not one person in this world is perfect….not one is without sin…..not even one.”

    1. “If you listened to many people of minority origins” + your reliance on a Carson video and “many more” tells me that you personally know very few people of “minority origins.

      1. And…once again, Ed….you would be wrong in the assumption that I do not know many people of “color”. In fact, I do…..and….in fact…am 1/16 Osage (but I do not claim it for any purpose…as some do…. because I did not live their lives, nor am I–under current Tribal rules–enough to qualify). I highly respect the various cultures that make this country the great country that it is. And…yes…I am related to many of other ethnicities, and live in a heavily populated Native American region of the continental USA.

        1. “because I did not live their lives, nor am I–under current Tribal rules–enough to qualify”

          And therefore never have shared the discriminations and privations levied against them.

  16. It is at times like this that I can see who the quality humans are. If you support this. If you are silent in the face of this….you are not a decent human and we can see it. My biggest hope is that we can heal from the abs be better some day or I may have to leave this disgrace of a country

    1. You seem to think you have the majority opinion and all who disagree are lesser people and are evil. You want to leave this country? Then why don’t you.

      1. It’s not those who disagree. It’s those who turn their face away from what is clearly dark. What is clearly racist, homophobic and the mistreatment of women. Trump didn’t start any of this…it’s beeb festering in our culture all 270 years. But those who defend it, ignore it or profit from it…..are not the good people they think they are.

      2. I would love to leave this country. It’s not so easy to immigrate. But there’s so many other countries that are far and beyond this one. Countries that care for its people. America is embarrassing

      3. I agree, Deborah. It is relatively easy to obtain a travel and work Visa to many other countries…and while there…apply for and receive citizenship. The thing many apparently forget is that if not for the intervention and sacrifices of the United States and its people during WWI and WWII, many if those countries would not be free now.
        And one other point….if the United States is such a terrible country, then exactly WHY are so many trying to come here to live?

        1. What you refuse to acknowledge is that US has its hands and money in conflicts all over the world. We are the cause of many conflicts by backing militias. America does nothing if it doesn’t benefit their interests. On top of that, Trump has been slashing money designated for helping impoverished nations. Because America first right? You think we should be proud of that? America is a disgrace on the world stage right now and we WILL pay for it

  17. I think the president loves when his supporters are vicious and yell things like “lock her up” and “send her back” because it is in support of him. He is incapable of telling them stop no matter how cruel and idiotic it sounds because he wants them to support him above all else. There is no moral fiber to this man–all is for his own petty self-serving needs.

    His whole life is a testimony to his selfishness. There is no end to how much he loves himself and he cares almost nothing about anyone else except maybe his own family who he would love see take over all of the US government. Who knows what hidden agendas he has to make more money and grab more power for himself, his family and his rich friends. If you see anything else you have drunk the Drumpt family koolaid. You can love him and follow him into the hell he is making but the rest of the country want him impeached and removed. Hopefully put in jail with bad food and an uncomfortable cell–no more gold toilets.

  18. Just my opinion but someone who consistently hurls insults is not someone I consider intelligent or who I wish to be represented by. I would like to see someone who cares about all humans and perhaps has a little grace and respect to be a leader.

  19. I’m so mentally out of all of this (to the point I’m mentally indifferent towards everything). I just pray that all of this will be the final hurrah for all this nonsense. Just hope it’ll fizzle out and we return to better days with one another treating each other better.

      1. It is never too late for people to find themselves again. All the world, and the world’s people are mirrors for us to decide which behavior we want to emulate or do not want to emulate. The choice is up to the individual.

  20. From a gardening perspective, there is nothing that can grow in the US currently: The compost/manure is way too hot. No ‘roots’ of any plant can withstand that intensity. Nothing good can possibly ‘live’ there, even the worms and micro bugs have had sense enough to pull out till it cools down. And as to Bible quotes: “For every season….”

    1. Which is why we are advised “to be in the world but not of the world”.

      I see many good people and good actions in the US, and everywhere I look actually. I expect if I were to look for the opposite of goodness, I would find that too…

  21. I am so thankful I live elsewhere. I watch in horror what is happening in America. Evil. Just evil.

        1. no, heading away from it. Old energy and scars have to come to the surface, heal, release so the planet can shift away from it.

            1. No we aren’t heading there, far from it and heading away which is why the vibration of the planet is rising, not falling, so much coming to the surface that has to come to the surface for the planet and the people on it to head home. And that is where this planet is heading, home.

              1. Aiden, that’s pure escapism that negates any need/obligation for justice, compassion and equity.

  22. “AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts Omar’s words on terrorism”

    TRUMP quotes Omar as saying: “You don’t say ‘America’ with this intensity. You say ‘al-Qaida,’ it makes you proud. Al-Qaida makes you proud. You don’t speak that way about America.”

    THE FACTS: This is a wholly distorted account of what the Minnesota Democrat said. She did not voice pride in the terrorist group.

    Trump is referring to an interview Omar gave in 2013. In it, she talked about studying terrorism history or theory under a professor who dramatically pronounced the names of terrorist groups, as if to emphasize their evil nature.

    “The thing that was interesting in the class was every time the professor said ‘al-Qaida,’ he sort of like — his shoulders went up” and he used a menacing, intense tone, she said. Her point was that the professor was subtly rousing suspicions of Muslims with his theatrical presentation, while pronouncing “America” without the intensity he afforded the names of terrorist groups.

    At no point did she say “al-Qaida” should be uttered with intensity or pride and that “America” shouldn’t.

  23. Is it evil to take children away from their rightful parents and then hold them in cruel conditions until they are abused and/or perhaps hopeless, crying out for their mothers and fathers? Is it evil to have government lawyers argue that the children should have no right to soap, toothbrushes and blankets? They get concrete floors for beds and no one to take proper care of the little ones…

    1. do come up with a solution. About 30% of children being brought across your boarder are not with any relation, they are with strangers. Those going across do so after destroying any documents, so how are those working the boarder to know which children. Are with family are which are with strangers. Best thing is to not leave any child with someone you have no evidence is their relation until you can prove one way or the other if the person with them is their relation

      1. They should ask the child who they want to take care of them. Some children had phone numbers written on them or had memorized phone numbers of their aunt or someone in the US who could take care of them. They should do DNA tests. They should at least give the children proper care until they find out who they belong to…soap prevents disease, toothpaste so that their teeth won’t rot, etc.

  24. Chanting “SEND HER BACK!” when referring to a black congresswoman who came here from Africa is RACIST. I shouldn’t have to be saying this obvious fact.

    The racists chanting this consider anyone who’s not white, Christian and xenophobic to be anti-American and unpatriotic.

    Very unfortunate times we live in. History repeating itself.

      1. From my Highest Team of Guides to you all:
        “We have, through Eric, given you Wisdom in the TRUTH series, way beyond what humanity has created. We have given you Hope in the signs of what will be coming as humanity moves into this New Age. We have given Peace in the form of understanding, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We have given Knowledge relating to past, present and future lives you will each experience.
        Leaders and political party perceptions will NOT give you a gateway, or free pass, into Our Kingdom. You may ridicule reincarnation. You may ridicule ‘life after death’. You may ridicule a Supreme Creator. You may ridicule those of Us, here in the Heavenly Realms, who offer our services freely to assist you. But if We are correct in what we have passed onto Eric, and many others freely, in our TRUTH segments, aren’t you gambling recklessly with future lives you don’t believe possible?
        Please, each and everyone of you, searchers of TRUTH, go re read the TRUTH segments we have passed onto you, through Eric, and realise that all you are doing, in your pettiness, is feeding the very evil you, on both sides of the political spectrum, claim to be against. We Are One With You, Are You One With Us?” = Pete’s Spiritual Team … In Support Of Eric’s Spiritual Team.

  25. -NZ shooter called Trump a “symbol of white identity and common purpose”
    -Coastguard shooter: “Civil War if Trump impeached.”
    -MAGAbomber van had Trump decals
    -Waffle House shooter wanted to meet Trump
    -Quebec shooter read Trump twitter feed 417 times
    -Parkland shooter sent Trump a letter

  26. In Trump’s worldview, it is your patriotic duty to trash the country when the black guy is in charge and your patriotic duty to love it when the white guy is in charge.

  27. It’s scary reading some of the conservative comments here and else where, all I can sense is hate and they try their very best to justify the actions and words of an incompetent manipulative and hate filled President . They even try to reference biblical lines
    In support of his negativity….

  28. # of Caucasians DT has said should go back where they came from = 0

    # of Caucasians whose birth certificates DT has demanded = 0

    # of majority white nations DT has called “s-hole countries” = 0

    # of Caucasian judges DT has said should be disqualified over ethnicity = well, you know

  29. The president and the people at this rally telling a black congresswoman to go back to Africa are the same racist ones who say Obama isn’t a “natural-born citizen”; say he is an Arab, not Black; and support conspiracy theories about his father.

  30. Rep. Ilhan Omar sponsored a bill meant to help VICTIMS of 9/11; the Republican Party BLOCKED the bill and then told her to go back where she came from. They call this “patriotism.”

    Trump lies about her supporting Al Qaeda when in fact she criticizes countries like Saudi Arabia for financing Al Qaeda, something that Trump won’t do because the Saudis spend lots of money in his hotels.

  31. Aside from the “send her back” chants, another notable incident from the NC rally was that for the first time Trump started using the “Love It or Leave It” KKK slogan that was common on KKK banners back in the 1970s in NC.

    Trump has also used the phrased “America First” – which was first used by the KKK in the early 20th century and carries with it a very ugly past.

    Trump is using these phrases — “send her back,” “love it or leave it,” “America first” — because he knows these are dog whistles that are a signal to those who recognize the language, to the white nationalist.

    White nationalist Richard Spencer even said that they understand the limits of what Trump is able to say publically but that they still know the language and understand the signals; Trump has a history of using these slogans with dirty pasts.

  32. This is my last post and will not be reading further, but have one rhetorical question for some of you:
    Exactly where were YOUR children and/or their spouses on September 11, 2001…..(9/11)… know…”When some people did something”?

    1. I’m curious about your 9/11 question. I’m not sure what you’re getting at by asking where our children were in 9/11. What does that have to do with anything?

    2. My spouse was eight blocks away in Lower Manhattan.
      I was just across the harbor because a 9/11 meeting in Federal Plaza (nearly on top of Ground Zero) was canceled late on 9/10.
      I lost friends there and worked/volunteered on “the Pile” before efforts were professionalized. My FDNY, NYPD and chaplaincy friends continued there long after. They include those who developed 9/11-related illnesses. Some have died because of that.

      And I know that those “some people” were Saudis. Why doesn’t Trump?

    3. amatoanne … Besides everything that I feel is wrong with that part of your statement of “When some people did something”, I feel this is basically you trying to deflect away from what is going on in the here and now.

    4. What does 9/11 have to do with this entire conversation? What are you getting at?

  33. Well, this finally has to be said, and this, and before I have read a single of the 111 comments that appear currently.

    I have no way of knowing if a single soul will read this comment so far down the page, but I am leaving it anyway, as a testament to those who still see their own humanity, and the humanity in others (or those they are told to treat as “other” via the media).

    First. There is no threat coming. it all comes down to Personal Responsibility.

    As a person watching this from outside the US, and who loves humanity deeply, I implore you to listen with your heart.

    Is your President a troll? Possibly, in some instances yes. See above – Personal Responsibility. His trolling should make NO difference at all, in how you the reader behave – no matter which side of politics you are on. How you behave is on you, period.. How you treat others is on you, period. The very words you use, in speech or in text, is on you, period.

    Is the current President ideal? (Have any of them been?) To me, it seems he has done some good for the country. After all, don’t forget he is not the one dividing the country – you all are individually choosing that, because collective consciousness has the power, but again – Personal Responsibility. Sending support in thought to whomever the currently elected is, would go a lot further to improving things…to me the only other choice is to send chaos no energy at all.

    Now his manner, may not be ideal, but as I see it NO politician’s manner is. . .the camp that cried “deplorables” to HALF of the US was certainly NO better. Who, among us, is fully without faults?!

    In case you have not noticed yet, there are NO sides…you are being divided into camps daily by the media, and your politicians in every which way possible – race, religion, sex, gender, financial status – and on every issue. They do not want you to see the power in unity and love, because if you do – they tend to lose their cushy jobs and status and power over you and the lives of generations yet to come.

    I repeat, there is no threat. If there is, it will be down to Personal Responsibility – and of course one must be made aware that agent provocateurs will come out to potentially cause havoc, sway opinions and attempt to control your emotions.

    Be wiser than that. Know that bots are on every comment site. Know that articles are written with fake info, with no more proof than the words “sources say” – well that’s sorcery itself…and a blatant lie.

    The louder the cries of hate on the news and in the media, the more they want you to believe in their created reality. Look around at your friends, family and neighbors – things are calm unless you turn on the news or read online, right?! Try not to take the anger agenda into your own reality.

    We are co-creators of this reality and collective consciousness is a thing that can create miracles and truly change reality. Do not let your consciousness be stolen. Don’t let anyone rent space in your head for free.

    Everything written here, applies to every person, in every country. Live your heart, do not be swayed to join in on any frenzy.

    Now as this will probably be the last post I make on Eric’s page, I am going to tell you why – once I stopped visiting websites that projected doom and gloom, my whole world changed. Sadly, this includes Eric’s site, as more often than not, he is chasing the doom predictions, when he could go another way. Do not forget, the future is never set in stone.

    You can choose your reality with your elevated vibrations, living in love and with positive intent..and if you do not believe this is possible, try it for a week. What do you really have to lose?

    Fair warning, it will not be easy if seeking doom has been a regular part of your day, but if you give your best effort, you WILL notice a huge difference. If you find it really, hard, try living ONLY in the present moment, it’s like a walking meditation.

    Reality is fluid – appreciate it, like the very water you drink. (Stay Hydrated!)

    And remember what Shakespeare once said – all the world’s a stage. Peace.

    1. Yeah, so many people have no idea they are being manipulated and kept in a place of fear to be controlled. It’s changing. People are waking up to that now. Some psychics push the fear agenda without realising they are also stuck in that cycle, they push because they are influenced by their religions and their political beliefs and the influence from the media.

    2. To be clear Annie I am not chasing doom but trying to alter it. Our success in that has changed lives for the better. It’s apart of the World Predictions title “with your help tomorrow’s tragedies can be altered through awareness.”

    3. “In case you have not noticed yet, there are NO sides…you are being divided into camps daily by the media, and your politicians in every which way possible – race, religion, sex, gender, financial status – and on every issue. They do not want you to see the power in unity and love, because if you do – they tend to lose their cushy jobs and status and power over you and the lives of generations yet to come.”

      I pray more people come to realize this! We are being manipulated.

  34. This is totally off-topic, but Greece just had a 5.1 earthquake in their capital. I don’t know if it means other quakes might happen in the near-term, but I’d definitely recommend people in earthquake areas be cautious, as it seems there have been many quakes within the past month or so.

  35. Words do matter!!! I think when this president faces St. Peter at the gate they will have a lot of reasons not to let him in…they may even have a huge life review for him where he sees all the pain he has caused other humans during his lifetime…the women raped, the children lost, the people he didn’t pay when they were contracted by his business, etc…

    1. Bailey, this seems to be a repeat of his same old strategy. My opinion is … because the majority of Americans are tired of this type of behavior from any politician or leader, he only hurts the Republican Party since they are represented by him.

  36. Lol, our racist president can’t make his mind up:

    “Trump calls rally crowd ‘patriots,’ a day after distancing himself from chant”

    “The president stepped back from yesterday’s claim that he was unhappy with the crowd’s chant of “Send her back!” — a message nearly identical to one of his own tweets — and returned to criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).”

  37. Eric, I would love to make personal contact with you via my Google email account, but I am being locked out by Microsoft. I either have to have/make a Microsoft account or I’m blocked. Are you aware of this???

    And I’m wondering if anyone else, with a Google/gmail, or other email account, are having trouble emailing Eric. Every attempt I have made at contacting him, ends up with me having a frozen page.

    Any one else having the same problem??? Pete

    1. Do you mean via email? It’s true, between this site and my personal accounts I have a triple security to ensure hackers are unsuccessful. This site has been hacked three different times one of which had us shutting it down for a day. But I don’t believe that includes emails?

      1. Hi mate. Yeah via email. The problem is my server, Optus, clashes with Microsoft, so that when I click on your email link, that thankfully you supply, I get the Microsoft email window telling me to get an account with them. But if I do get an account with them, I can’t pay my subscription to Optus, because of a glitch of some kind. Hence why I have an email with Gmail, that usually does not clash with either Optus or Google.
        Anyway I’ll look at linking to you via Facebook as someone (not sure who it was) suggested. Have a bit on my plate at the moment, so I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m free. Thanks for the return contact mate, Pete

  38. I have a gmail, but hardly use it since they changed a few months ago. However, I have heard of 2 website folks that claim they’re being censored and losing their business on Google. Dr. Mercola is one of them (he has a video :

  39. Funny how the spirits speak in full paragraphs here, but alerts about bombings or earthquakes are disjointed and require deciphering.

    Your site is interesting, and I do visit every week or so to catch up, but posts like this one make me doubt your message – not because you critique Trump, but because the delivery of political-related posts are substantially different from delivery of non-political posts.

    I hope your health continues improving.

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