Predictions 3-12-18

I had a visual of a port, then the map extended outward to show what looked like Mexico. However the port looked like the San Francisco bay. “Earthquake very soon.. 15.. mid time (are they saying mid day or afternoon?).. 7.. 7 2.”

I asked them to clarify are you talking about Mexico or North California? They said;

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.

Later Spirit added South Beach. They actually said that before when pointing to the LA quake. I truly believe we are expecting a North California earthquake instead of a Southern California quake.

The numbers 7 and 7 2 could be the magnitude.

‘Russia’ I had a visual of LGBT community preparing a march or gathering. “Voicing their opinion is met with all out violence, a bloody oppressive act that puts some in critical condition.”

“Erdogan takes his authoritarian role to a whole new level, oppressive acts as he makes moves against the cleric.. his nemesis.” I had a visual of a cleric in the US shaking his head in disgust.

In one of the comments someone asked what will Trumps legacy bring? How will he mold the US? I mentioned a few thoughts but Spirit is now correcting that with this message, however Spirit made it clear that this wasn’t Trumps fault, but a mixture of Trumps rhetoric, a complete incompetent congress, and a national conversation that lacks respect and decency on both sides all leading to this;

“Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.”

It’s possible that the President that is assassinated in a previous message might be a Prime Minister.




66 thoughts on “Predictions 3-12-18

  1. As someone who sits just to the right of center I’m very aware of the toxic reteric and behavior on both the far right and the far left. Those of us in the middle must rise above this behavior and resist the temptation to mirror those who are radicals on both sides. The middle is where we can come together and solve life’s problems the way God has planned for us. It’s not easy, in fact it’s much easier to throw stones and accusations on the apposing side. All I know is that every time I throw a stone it comes right back and hits me on the head.

    • Agreed. Conservatives and liberals and everyone on any side need to stop demonizing each other….they all want the same things for their families and friends–justice, safety, peace–they just think different methods will work.

      Aside from extremists, who get too much media attention, most people on both sides are good, ordinary people that have a lot more in common than they realize.

    • Unfortunately, “the middle” is why we now have a populist far right president. Voters were tired of the same old, same old centrist politicians who were all talk and no action. They wanted someone who would shake things up, regardless of what that might mean.

      • We have not had a centrist politician for decades. That’s the problem, our leaders are on both sides of the extreme and will not talk or listen to anyone who does not share their extremist views. Anyone who is in the middle and who tries to work with all sides is shut out, ignored or given some label.

    • Its a sad indictment of our democratic system, in any country in the world, that in order to bring major change there must be ‘uprisings’. Historically, change against oppression, or perceived oppression, happens when there is a major uprising such as the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution. Sadly, in that uprising, comes carnage mayhem and the loss of innocent lives.
      Most citizens stay deafeningly quiet as their leaders take them to places that aren’t good for them or their country, blissfully unaware of that deception. It is the alarmists, be they right or wrong, who have to make a massive impact on the masses in order that the truth, or perceived truth, is heard by these said masses.

      • Pete, As a person who has read and studied history my whole life, I would have to agree with you on your whole statement. I, for one, have been trying to warn people to be aware and try to stop exactly what’s happening in our country right now. I fear it will just get worse. Too many people are complacent and choose to look the other way. Not believing that these things can really happen here! Really?!? Just read how Nazi Germany happened!!! Just one example.
        Pete, I ask myself and pray every day, is there any hope we can stop this?

      • Totally agree with your comment. From a world perspective, citizens of the wealthier nations grizzle and complain when their standard of living is not up to their expectations. Yet they are oblivious to the real poverty of other countries, living on scraps of food and unable to get the most basic of health care. As an example, 100 or more people were killed by a earthquake in New Guinea last week and with the exception of our Government owned media, the ABC, it went unmentioned. Had that been 50 deaths in the US from an earthquake, the world media would have lit up like a Christmas Tree. What is happening in Puerto Rico? Have they got back to normal yet, or are they living in squalor? My spell check here in my computer doesn’t even recognise Puerto. How does that make the people of that country feel? And it is an American territory.
        How many Americans know what the people of Guam, another American territory, feel about the continuation of an occupation on their island 73 years after the end of WWII. Japan stopped being a problem at least 65 years ago.
        I believe knowledge is power and ignorance brings war.

  2. Eric,
    7 and 7 2 might also be a date–July 2nd, perhaps. But your right, the magnitude is more likely.

    How are things going with you? I don’t mean to be nosy, but how is your mother doing? Rest assured, medical care is much improved and are saving lots of lives.

  3. When they say “All sides implode”, do they mean those sides from the Neo Nazis to the extreme left would self-destruct (since implosion also means self-destruction)?

  4. There is a “South Beach” District in San Francisco where the Oakland Bay Bridge is on the western side. Also a South Beach in Humboldt, CA and Crescent City, CA. All of them North, CA. That’s what I’ve found so far. Though I think the phrase “South Beach” is used a lot in CA.
    If this is the same EQ which is…”after a gathering of Americans”, could that be the “March for Our Lives” on March 24, 2018? It starts at 12:00 pm.
    When reading through the old predictions it does seem like it could almost be multiple events. Praying not.

      • There is a South Beach State Park in Newport, Oregon also. Which I’d not include except it was where the total solar eclipse came on land in the US and some believe there is a connection between these areas and large EQs.
        And South Beach Bar & Grill in San Diego. A South Mission Beach and a South Coronado Beach. Just some more South Beaches I’ve found.

  5. The cleric sought by Erdogan could be Fethullah Gulen. He lives in PA and is in exile from Turkey. Gulen is a religious leader that emphasizes moderation and peace which seems to be at odds with Erdogan. He is quite popular in Turkey. Erdogan insisted on his return to Turkey last year but the US refused.

    The vitriol in the US would subside immediately if the national media would cease their biased reporting. I wonder how many of the journalists receive secret stipends to slant stories in a specific direction.

  6. Eric what’s going on in Austin? Two packages left on doorsteps exploded today. The first one on March 2nd. Are these hate crimes? Victims range in age from 17 to 70. Police are urging not to touch packages left on doorsteps if you didn’t order anything. FBI involved in investigation.


    May want to investigate that is a similar fit to this updated prediction of the coming earthquake in Calif. This is not to take lightly. It will be the result of 500 loss and devastating buildings …also there will be one more left.

    Possible as what Eric said “7….7..2” could mean the magnitudes. And 3 could mean 3 in the afternoon in midday. Jesus is number 3 and 7. It’d a wake up calling and had long warning for this to happen unless many thousands join to pray to thwart. Jesus is at work unto USA to wake up the sinners as well as around the world.

    I’ll keep searching that fits similar to this prediction. It’s been long overdue and warning.

  8. Since it looks like polarization and violence could become more common, I encourage everyone to so whatever they can, in their own small ways, to try and help change things.

    If you go online, write unifying comments, try to share your views with others civilly. We may not be able to magically change the whole nation, but the more people who are kind and decent in everyday life might help calm down at least some of the anger.

    Also, just as a precaution, make sure you know what to do in events like a mass-shooting, know self-defense tactics, have in mind contingency plans….it’s kind of like having tornado drills; they hope they never have to use their training, but on the off chance there is a tornado, they’re better able to know what to do and react quickly.

    • Sara,

      I agree pay attention to your surroundings.Dont be embarrassed if you see something out of place.
      I still see something horrible happening at a concert…Eric said it as well

  9. Eric, please tell me where you get your news from. Is it online? I was born and lived in CA for most of my life, but now I live in the northwest, and the only non American TV station here is from Canada. I like MSNBC but I remember hearing that some networks hire both liberal and conservative hosts.

  10. can this be wellington new zealand. north island. wellington city look like a port harbour city. we also have a stadium by the port harbour.

  11. Eric, there was a plane crash in Nepal at the kathmandu Airport I believe you mentioned a plane accident. Also, the nerve attack on a spy now UK blaming Russians for possible attack does it have anything to do with the assassination prediction. So much going on is hard not to worry.

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  13. Eric the San Francisco Giants baseball teams home field is the AT&T Park which is located in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. People will be traveling over the Oakland Bay Bridge to go to the games. They play the San Diego Padres for Spring Training on the 15th of March. Here’s a link for the AT&T Park in South Beach SF.

  14. Eric a pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida University in Miami. It fell on top of cars below. It was under construction.
    Sorry can’t copy link from this phone but a google search will bring it up

    • Eric a pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida University in Miami. It fell on top of cars below. It was under construction.
      Sorry can’t copy link from this phone but a google search will bring it up
      South Beach


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