Predictions 1-7-16

Sounds like Donald Trump;

I had a visual of the US flag flying high, then it became entangled, crumped up.

“The rich one, the loud one, creates a tone that in turn invokes violence. Violence against others. The top leaders reign ends.. its over.. his place.. no more.”

“Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”


42 thoughts on “Predictions 1-7-16

  1. Does this mean trump will be out of the run for presidency, or that the current leaders now will lose control?

  2. The top leaders reign.. That would be the president right? Trump is not a top leader, he is just rich.
    Also you mention the top leaders place. Does that not refer to the office of the presidency?

  3. My first thought on the rich one, that creates a tone for violence is George Soros and the rumors around his dealings might be validated thus causing world leader(s) to resign.

    • Eric, I agree w/ your interpretation. I see Trump causing much violence as a result of his stirring up dualistic thinking, i.e., separation of humanity by ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender, appearances, wealth/poverty, strength/weakness, etc. etc…. It’s only a matter of time before his angry words projected outward are activated in physical acts of violence. Disappointing to witness. We are all responsible.

      • Oh my goodness…it was not too bright of Donald Trump that stirring the pot to create the commotion of violence. He put US at risk. Shame on him…:(

        Praying for peace.

  4. Who else fits the bill?? Hillary sure fits the bill as LOUD and RICH! Not to mention she lies about everything. As it is written it also sure sounds like they’re talking about somebody already in power

    • It just might be Hillary. Lots of blogs and media interviews regarding looming FBI indictment. That movie 13 Hours is coming out and could cause her a lot of problems…….in one interview they are expecting this to happen within the next 60 days….
      I guess we will just have to wait and see…

      • Impeccable timing of the release of 13 Hours movie that’s for sure. Think March additional hearing will be held re: Benghazi. Not sure if Hilary will be testifying then. Prediction does seem to indicate a current leader in power, not a running candidate. Trump is loud and rich though lol.

      • Think you are spot on Casey. The American flag at the embassy in Bengazi was torn down, crumpled and stomped on. It was later burned from the resulting fire at the embassy. As for inciting violence, there is currently a stand-off between American citizens and the Feds in Oregon. The citizens are outraged at president obama’s habit of trying to usurp our nation’s sovereignty by dismantling the Constitution. This could very well be the beginning of a civil war in this country … and Trump had nothing to do with it.

  5. Yes, agree. Her Abandoning those poor souls seeking help in Bengazi is coming back to haunt her. You know what they say about karma & abuse of power.

  6. hi colleagues perhaps an apostraphy might help it read better…
    ” leader’s rein ends”
    who does the rein belong to? The leader.. I can still.hear teachers saying if more than one leader it would come after the s….must have been at school that day lol……yep sound like Donald Trump…blessings

  7. Yeah, when reading I did like rhona and just placed an apostrophe in the word “leaders”. And I’m assuming that the phrases among all the ellipses are referring to the same leader(s) — I’m assuming it’s one person btw. “…its over.. HIS (not HER) place.. no more.”

    And I too am assuming it means the presumed current leader of the GOP nomination, according to all the media polls at least. I’ve read more than one psychic who’s been predicting the end of his campaign and his failure to get the nomination for a while now, despite all current appearances to the contrary.

    • Its just the one person, its a bit vague either way, but the message is more about some ones fear mongering leading to violence, which in turn leads to their fall from the top.

  8. The Trump prediction is still consistent with another psychic who seems to have a good track record with elections:
    “Republican nominee will NOT be Donald Trump, even though he currently has a huge lead in the polls. … the general election will be a tight race with the Democrat narrowly winning.”

    Too bad the other guy is much more interested in celebrity trivia than in predicting disasters.

    It is extremely hard for people to see past partisan biases. Especially in the United States, many people only interact mostly with those who share their political alignment. Science shows this makes views much more extreme. I hope the rancorous political climate in the U.S. improves. That should be something we ALL agree on.

    • I actually dread putting out predictions about the elections, because it always leads to someone with vitriol. Which is unfortunate, since its just a prediction on their part.

  9. colleagues Eric…i wasnt sure where to post this….but we have been fighing a huge fire in our south west of perth…3 fire fighters are missing please pray for them.and rain… was a lightning strike …it has taken many properties and livestock….my.daughter is only 70 miles from fire and return from a holiday down there saturday…they have
    to take a 3 1/2 hour detour

  10. correction 3 missing are not firefighters
    3 campers have been found after fears for their safety
    there are still.3 missing ..i cant get a decent link with the thunderstorms wr are having
    we face another 2 days of these dry thunderstorms amid temperatures that have been in high 40s c about 105f+ not much relief in sight the bush is like tinder the crazy…here and where fires are out of control..
    They have an out of water in sime areas….

  11. Jules104 love and best wishes your way….
    thank you…my sister and nieces property is a mere 80miles from main fire zone . There is rain on its way heres hoping no more dry lightning stikes..yes thank goodness one is safe…. im already getting clothing ready to donate.. blessing

  12. I too, have been seeing visions of the top contender being ‘tripped up’ by something and ejected, to be replaced by someone who appears to be Bernie Sanders.

    If this vision is true – God help will be the end of America as know it. A decent into a hell we could never have imagined

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  17. Eric do you think this prediction is related to what’s happening now after the election with all of the protests going on? I think of the last part, “Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”


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