World Predictions 10-1-19

Civil war you say? The violence is coming. The violence is coming soon.

Scandal.. another one.. Russia.

Bomber.. bomber.. coming soon..

I had a visual of a bomb being made, then it shifted to show a metropolis.

It is possible that the location is New York, but I need to verify the location.

Initially my thought was this was attached to New Zealand, but I question that now. My hope is to gather more details.

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  1. Fabian Avatar

    Civil war…. Right now it already is but more politically. Is it here in the U.S. or somewhere else? As for the Russian scandal, will it come out very soon? Bombing…. Can’t say this is not good. Well, practically this world has truly gone crazy and getting worse and worse each day. Humans…

    1. anonymous Avatar

      A lot of other psychics (not the gossipy types), don’t realistically see a violent civil war happening in the US. So I’m not sure it’s happening in the US or some other country. If a civil war ever breaks out in the US, it’s more likely it’ll get squashed by the military before it even gets very violent. That’s how I see it, though I could be wrong. But I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t think they are predicting a civil war just a mad man given an excuse to act violently.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very crazy times. That tweet should not be an excuse to act violently.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Hi Eric. Sounds like you’re very much on the mend. Great to hear. My take on ‘civil war’: War is when there is violent opposition. Civil war is when there is violent opposition in a certain nation. Reading the lies, on both sides, coming out of the American media, I believe this is what your Spirit Friends could be alluding to. And I do see it leading to violence in the streets. Pete

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Oh my I hope it’s not that bad.

          1. petemedium Avatar

            So do I …. but …..

  2. Cody Avatar

    Has the Timothy McVeigh bombing prediction happened already or no?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It has not

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. James Avatar

    also wellington had a bomb threats in 3 locations in city a day or so ago. police had closed off some main roads.
    god hope these prediction dont occur.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have a link to that news.

  4. Sara Avatar

    Our president should stop trolling and sharing tweets warning of “civil war” if he’s impeached. It’s extremely reckless and dangerous for the leader of our country to be doing this. The worst part though is that he knows what he is doing and doesn’t care if anyone gets hurt.

    He should know better because as president you swear an oath to protect the US, and yet here he is endangering specific people with his rhetoric.

    1. Sara Avatar


  5. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    CIvil-war like violence to tear the country apart.

    The US president recently tweeted a quote by a Pastor that impeachment of Trump would cause a “civil war like fracture in the Nation from which our country would never heal”.

    This reminds me of all of his tweets he has made that say you can’t impeach him because the economy is good…or that impeachment will cause the stock market to crash…is he in fact threatening that he needs to be protected from impeachment or bad things will happen to the US? Later he can just deny that he meant anything other than he has been doing the country good and without him the country would of course have problems… Some people think he is hinting that his supporters will do violence on his behalf if he is impeached. Either way it looks bad and is not presidential to tweet these type of things–it isn’t humble to say the country will fall apart unless he is president, it isn’t reasonable either. He was a terrible businessman if you look at his record, and we cannot see his taxes, can we? He is the only president to hide his tax information. This civil war tweet may give the more violent and unhinged of his supporters the idea he wants violence whether it was meant that way or not. So I don’t think Spirit is saying we will have another civil war, I think they are saying this type of tweet or political atmosphere does encourage violence among those who already may lean towards committing violence, leading to a civil-war like atmosphere which will be damaging to our country.
    The other Russian scandal could be the transcripts of the Trump-Putin phone calls that were hidden on the most top secret classified server available along with the Trump-Pompeo-Ukrainian call.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at a far right terrorist bombing taking place soon in New York or some other American city considering the political and social climate that is occurring right now….

  6. James Avatar

    your prediction seems to slowly be happening for wellington new zealand.
    1. b….b found in car two weeks ago
    2. air traffic control down nationwide a couple days ago.
    3. b….b threats close roads a couple days ago.

    i pray we will be okay. this is a worry.
    u talked about plane at…k and b…b in your predictions. this is scary. a real worry.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow I hope not. I really hope not.

  7. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    Trump may become increasingly unstable as the Impeachment investigation continues. Trump tweeted tonight that the Democrats are trying to carry out a coup against him. Some of his supporters are claiming he is being undermined from within by the so-called “deep state”. All of these type of statements are meant to upset people and get them riled up in defense of Trump.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Yes, Trump’s rhetoric is worrying. I hope there’s no violence. It makes me sad to see America so divided, and I hope Trump leaves office before he does too much more damage.

      On one hand, I know Trump supporters are really frustrated with political corruption, and I get that, but I just can’t understand why they believe Trump is any better. He’s just as corrupt. Asking Trump to fight against corruption is like asking an ISIS commander to fight against jihad.

  8. Trevor Avatar

    Militia groups have already voiced their support online and say they are in agreement with our president’s civil war rhetoric.

    Unlike this president, the previous presidents who faced impeachment never tried incitement to violence as their deterrent to being impeached. This is very dangerous and I expect the rhetoric to become worse as more damning info comes out on him.

    The Pelosi/San Francisco bombing prediction makes me think it could have something to do with impeachment.

  9. Cassandra Apollo Avatar
    Cassandra Apollo

    The politicians need to be reminded, they work for us, we do not work for them. Whatever happens in the future, they brought it on themselves.

  10.  Avatar

    There was a ww2 bomber that crashed into a building at an airport

  11. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    Hi Eric and SWC, not sure if this connects but there was a plane crash in New England,outside of Hartford CT. 13 died and the plane was a WWII B-17 Bomber

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      The body of water doesn’t fit but Oct 2nd does

      Could there be two?

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I was thinking the same thing? Are they saying Bomber as in the plane?

      1. iamtot Avatar

        Could possibly Eric. Very sad news.

  12. James Avatar

    another new separate b…b threat wellington has occured today. closing main train station and trains.

    1. psychic chris Avatar
      psychic chris

      Nothing was found and trains are running back to normal hence on a reduced timetable, im sensing this was another hoax but still it needs to be taken seriously especially as New Zealand adapts to its new environment post 15/3

  13. James Avatar

    maybe this is how the elite communicate to each other through made up events on what is actually to occur in the near future.
    or if u read between the lines on headline news. u can then figure out their communication style and method.
    just a thought.

    1. psychic chris Avatar
      psychic chris

      have to admit some of the stuff the Newshub/Stuff “news” websites publishes is utter nonsense and i wouldnt beleive any of the crap they spew out.

  14. James Avatar

    Wellington will be first city targeted for ‘disruption’ in worldwide climate change protest

    god lots going down for wellington.
    a real worry.

  15. Kali X Avatar
    Kali X

    Some odd thing going on about Trump that people haven’t noticed for 3+ years, I don’t know whether it could be the truth or not:

    Apparently he was doing drugs on “The Apprentice” or least according to one of the tweets.

    1. Kali X Avatar
      Kali X

      Weird, I don’t know why the link is missing but here is the Twitter Ref:


      You might have to scroll down a little to find it (It’s the Cinco De Mayo picture)

  16. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::explosion underground
    Huntington Beach
    “As they went to open up an underground electrical vault where there was supposedly the issue going on, there was an explosion,” Lopez told KTLA-TV. “They reported a minute or so later another explosion and they called for help.”

    Witnesses told KNBC-TV there were two more explosions, which sent flames into the air.

    *One event worker told KTLA she smelled what she thought was gas shortly before the blasts.

  17. star48 Avatar

    Found this on internet and FB
    About a alert on Oct 19 ?
    Real or false I do not know..

    US Marines Ordered Activated For 19 October “National Emergency” Date Signed: 10/3/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 550/19

  18. Cody Avatar

    Scandal.. another one.. Russia.

    “Two Giuliani Associates Who Helped Him on Ukraine Charged With Campaign-Finance Violations”

    “WASHINGTON—Two Soviet-born donors to a pro-Trump fundraising committee who helped Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to investigate Democrat Joe Biden were arrested late Wednesday on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules, including funneling Russian money into President Trump’s campaign.”


  19. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::Civil war you say? The violence is coming. The violence is coming soon.

    Bolivia 🇧🇴 Chile 🇨🇱 Ecuador 🇪🇨
    Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Lebanon 🇱🇧 etc..
    Protests have flared around the world in the last few months. Each has had its own trigger, but many of the tactics and underlying frustrations are similar. Governments, economists and ordinary people are taking notice.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      South America is definitely boiling. I believe there is an old prediction about it.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Eric, “Chicken Soup boiling hot”, they said it was a World Prediction…

  20. Cody Avatar

    “MLB Ump Says He’s Buying Gun, Threatens Civil War If Trump is Impeached”


  21. Cody Avatar

    “Capitol Police Investigate ‘Moving Boxes’ NRCC Sent Democrats After Impeachment Vote”

    “The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), ‘dedicated to defeating Democrats and taking back the House in 2020,’ reportedly sent Democrats packages after House lawmakers passed an impeachment process resolution on Thursday. The so-called ‘moving boxes,’ given the timing, were seen as suspicious, and Capitol Police were called to investigate.”


  22. Cody Avatar

    ‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

    “Mark Villalta said he‘s stockpiling firearms in case Trump’s re-election is not successful: ‘Nothing less than a civil war would happen,’ he said, his hand reaching for a holstered handgun. ‘I don’t believe in violence, but I’ll do what I got to do.’”

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