Prediction: Airplane Crash

I had a visual of a large airplane nose diving towards the ocean or large body of water.

“The plane will crash into the sea.. in two”

In two could be in two days, a timeframe around the 23rd, or they are talking about October 2nd. There was a slight implication of a Canadian connection, however that part was unverified. 

This prediction most likely has ties to:

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  1. I’m very concerned about the Canadian connection. My husband is planning a business trip on October 2nd between two Canadian cities, and our nephew is a pilot with a Canadian airline. I would really appreciate any further details, not that any plane crash wouldn’t be a tragedy.

  2. I wonder if the plane crash is related to Hurricane Maria or what’s left of Hurricane Jose….planes are probably avoiding those storms, but if a plane did somehow get caught in them, it could cause damage.

  3. Especially long flight coming from a tropical place? Flight going to Canada? Engine malfunction? Prayers that this does not occur.

  4. Eric could you be more specific on the location of this plane crash? My dad is going to visit me on that week and I’m worried as hell right now..

  5. This scares alot of people leaving it so open to interpretation with only vague information. Flying is nervewracking enough without the thought I may be boarding a plane that will dive into the ocean. You need to be more specific if you’re going to put a potential plane crash out there without a location or date.

    1. “Despite big-budget Hollywood films’ depictions of plane crashes, flying is actually the safest mode of transportation. In fact, the odds of a plane crash are one for every 1.2 million flights, with odds of dying one in 11 million. Your chances of dying in a car or traffic accident are one in 5,000.” — You don’t see any of Spirit’s predictions concerning car or traffic accidents (at least none that I know of), which are far more prevalent and likely to happen to you. So I wouldn’t fear or be scared of this. Plus, if you’re scared or fearful of dying then doesn’t that mean you question Eric’s abilities or question the fact that your life goes beyond your death? IMO, because of Spirit Eric’s provided plenty of evidence that death shouldn’t be feared since there really isn’t an end.

    2. This, in part, from my latest posting at:
      “I believe it’s the assumption that Spirit Guidance is all seeing and all knowing, handed down from the belief that They are God’s representatives, a God Who knows all, that has us assuming we are 100% protected at all times.
      If that were true, then at least one psychic medium or one who communes with God/Spirit/Jesus etc would be know for his or her total accuracy. Historically, even the Roman Church’s recognised interactors with God’s Messengers, Canonised Saints, only got it partially right.”
      Are we only getting a poorer form of information from the Highest of Guidance because we, as a majority collective of humans living in the physical world at this one time, are so carnal that it interferes with out interaction with Them?
      “Our world currently would be the most selfish, atheistic and carnal it has ever been for a very long time. We are racist, sexist and egocentric as a people to the point that if a disaster happens in someone else’s country, we’re not interested to the same degree as if it had hit our home country.”

  6. I have to agree with Karben – we all appreciate what you do and its because you are so accurate that this is scary news. I really think it is better not to share this type of prediction if it can’t be more specific. It generates great fear in me as well. Also, I believe each soul has its own contract – perhaps it is their time and should be left alone. Just my humble opinion…..
    Also – Canada might be related to waters off the Canadian coast, not any particular city or airline. Praying this prediction is averted…..

    1. Just an FYI we all choose to follow Erics predictions. You can choose not to follow. Sometimes things aren’t clear to him. He’s just reporting what he’s seeing. Sometimes things are wrong or slightly off. One thing I’m learning is when it’s your time, it’s your time. There’s nothing you can do about it. Just live life and enjoy what you can of it before you can’t enjoy it anymore. Maybe it’s not going to happen just yet and that’s why he hasn’t received much more detail? Maybe it’s only meant to show the validity by happening and not being prevented.

      Any new develops Eric on the Florida hurricane? Anything new on Maria or is she leaving the East Coast alone?

      1. One to two million people can be in the air at any given time. These predictions can affect alot of people. We know he’s just reporting what he is seeing and we also know when your time is up, it’s up. I have no doubt Eric is correct, at some point there will be another plane crash, but a plane crashing into the sea in two?? Not enough information.

        1. Your on a path in a canyon there is a rattle snake in the brush next to you, meanwhile others are walking towards you, do you warn them? You don’t know if the snake is going to cross the path or not, you don’t even know exactly where the snake is. But the rattle says it’s close very close. do you warn them? I will leave all of you to decide your own opinion, but I will warn you every single time.

      2. I agree too. If you’re that easily made that fearful about the prediction of an event where the odds of you being personally affected are so incredibly slim then why would you follow any prediction site? Why would you put yourself through the extra stress? I think when you have this strong a gift, you have a responsibility to share whatever you learn.

        1. Responsibilities is a wonderful term to sum it up. It would rip me up inside if I kept a tragedy to myself and then that tragedy happen, the guilt would be extensive. With that said there have been times where a prediction was made and then Spirit told me not to post it. I have to believe a force that ancient knows what there doing better than we could. I assure you Spirit weighs the cause and effect of what we do here.

    2. I’m wondering if you may also be suggesting that Government weather officials only broadcast warnings when they feel they are fully sure of where cyclones/hurricanes will hit, or earthquakes and volcanoes will erupt, or meteors will strike?
      I believe our fears are our responsibility, not the ones giving us the information. Our human life is terminal, but our spiritual life is ongoing. Concentrating on the former at the expense of the latter, simply increases the chances of us leaving this mortal coil earlier than intended, in my humble opinion.

      1. It’s funny to me that people want to read what you have to say but they don’t want to actually Hear what you have to say.
        I think you’re doing a wonderful job keep up the good work .

    3. He can’t not post a prediction just because it hits a nerve with some people lol lol!! This is so self absorbed!! What about the earthquakes? Should he not post those predictions because some people may have a fear of earthquakes? Every bloody prediction is a warning of something big about to happen, hence the site being called world wide predictions. Seriously, if Eric’s hard work scares you personally, don’t visit the site. Or atleast ask yourself, “how self absorbed am I acting right now?”, before posting comments like that.

      1. Wow!! Hit a nerve. Not coming from a self absorbed place at all. Yes, some of the predictions scare me, but what compelled me to comment was compassion for the people who posted how frightened the airplane prediction made them. So I was just making the humble suggestion. I trust Eric’s response. It’s his site and his work.

  7. This world is scary place right now, I appreciate any advance warning that Eric could give us, I don’t think it would be right to hold back knowledge due to people’s fears.

  8. My anxiety has definitely been higher the past couple days….I feel like something’s about to happen, but I don’t know if it’s the plane crash, or if I’m picking up on general-anxiety about earthquakes and the hurricanes, or if there are other things to be concerned about. I’m not psychic, but thought I should mention it.

    Anyway, everyone stay safe.

  9. I am guessing the prediction on 2017/09/14 could have been referring to the ” backlash” that was coming to Eric… I find it so sad that a man can work so hard to help so many people and people will still sit there and be criticized. If he knew when/ where /how the plane would go down I don’t question for one second of any day that he would not give everybody all of the information. I completely understand why it would be scary to get a prediction like that before boarding a plane. As it’s hard to predict precisely what plane etc. maybe people shouldn’t check this when you are about to travel. Unless of course you’d be willing to change your plans. I mean no disrespect I just didn’t feel if the prediction was correct that Eric would speak on this. I’m sure we all collectively appreciate more than we can say how much Eric cares and is trying to help us! God bless everyone

  10. If any of you are really that worried about flying on a plane or for a loved one who will be travelling you can always call Eric for a reading,..but I have to say that it shouldn’t strike fear into your heart every time you hear a negative prediction because the odds are so very low you will be in that particular situation. Perhaps more details may be forthcoming very soon about the situation that will give you reason to feel safer. In any case you have the power to decide to either live with fear that isn’t necessary (since you don’t really know what will happen for sure) or life your life in the now without dwelling on imaginary fears for the future. If you develop your own intuition, as Pete Medium writes about in his blog, you might learn how to tap into your own guidance from your soul or your spirit guides and learn to trust your own sensory powers.

    1. “If any of you are really that worried about flying on a plane or for a loved one who will be travelling you can always call Eric for a reading.”
      Excellent idea LLG26.

    1. I don’t believe so, I would have to look it up but they have used the verbiage ‘in 2, in 8 in 10’ on other predictions and it was about timing. Does anyone remember an old prediction that said that? In researching it we could figure out the pattern. If you remember let me know everyone.

      1. i posted this in wrong post so am reposting
        I think on 10-22-15. (Maybe 10-22-14 i cant remember exactly but i started
        going thru these last nite)
        mentions earthquake 7:00
        and 25 lost in 3 to 4

    1. I’m having trouble believing this…the NibrI thing. Don’t see it coming….probably just to create a paranoid to distract from something the top secret may be working on. Who knows. Another thing that the Spirits have not said anything about that. Could be a hoax.

      1. And the second “sun”….hummm

        Today weather is hot and shiny in Dallas. Nothing unusal.

  11. The fear of dying is normal for most people, it isn’t just the fear of you dying, it’s the fear for those you leave behind.
    I think it’s easy for us to say plane crashes are rare compared to car accidents, but if it were you or your loved one getting on a plane I suspect each of you would be worried and have some anxieties about this.
    While we are all here with the same goal, to help alter these predictions, we are all human as well and that means we all have fears for ourselves and our love ones. I don’t think it’s fair to make any judgment on those who are scared they or their loved one may be harmed or killed during a prediction that Eric makes.
    I don’t live in California and I have no family there, so the earthquake predictions don’t have that visceral reaction as much as it would if my family was on a plane that had some connection to Canada or any other airline that is mentioned in a prediction. Perhaps many of you are okay and at peace that your time may come and you wouldn’t fear these things, but the average person does and will fear them.
    Again it isn’t about not following Eric just because some of his predictions may cause anxiety and stress, we follow him in hopes of changing the outcome. I believe a little empathy and understanding of what people have posted about their flights or their loved ones’s flights could go a long way on this blog other than trying to explain it away.
    Your doctor could tell you that you have cancer and have a 90% chance of beating it, that doesn’t mean you still wouldn’t be anxious or worried about the outcome. I’m stunned by the reaction of people on here simply because some people are afraid…

  12. Karen, beautifully said. Very surprised to read so many sanctimonious and judgmental responses. All I can say is it must have hit a nerve. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the work Eric does.

  13. I recently had an unusually vivid dream about an Alaska airlines plane exploding after taking off at too steep of a climb angle. It was weird that I noticed/remembered the name of the airline. That’s not the level of detail I usually get in my dreams. Anyway, reading your prediction of an airline crash that might be related to Canada reminded me of this. However, in my dream the airplane exploded and the debris landed on land, not sea.

  14. airfrance makes emergency landing canada damaged engine. theres maybe ya canada connectìon

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