Tropical Storm Dorian

This is the first major storm during hurricane season and is expected to strike Florida. Unfortunately we never completed the details of this prediction.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 7-16-19 My focus continues on New Zealand. I am still working on a date. However they now have new messages, a major hurricane is expected to strike Florida and surrounding areas. Both messages are a focus moving forward.

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  1. Susan Steffen Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    Chile Mega Quake: We did have a large quake on the first of the month. I am bracing for one on the 30th, at the end of the month, just in case. Your prediction was for one at the end and the beginning of the month.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe that might be it. They did not know for sure if it would happen at the very end or very beginning of the month. It happened at the beginning. Thankfully without much damage but I will ask.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I hope that the northeastern area of Florida is sparred from the worst.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hopefully it fizzles out.

  3. Shannon Avatar

    Dorian is aiming right at me right now. A little nerve racking. I don’t wish this on anyone!

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      My thoughts and prayers are with you that this spares you and your loved ones…from a fellow Floridian. We will be ready to help!

    2. Lia Avatar

      Hi Shannon, I hope you have somewhere to go and be safe. Based on what the weather forecasters are saying, and what Eric predicted here in July, you should have an evacuation plan! Do you have somewhere to go?

  4. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    Is there a truth coming soon? Just wondering…
    Hope you are healing and feeling better.

  5. Kim Avatar

    Hurr8cane Dorian expected to hit Florida as a Category 4 and Oregon had a 6.3 Earthquake reported this morning at 11:07 am ET
    This is on CNN

  6. star48 Avatar


    Update✔️..possible Cat 4

    Hurricane Dorian is set to strengthen to a Category 4 and batter Florida with 130MPH winds on Labor Day, as forecaster warns it could be one of the worst storms to hit the state in 30 years

    🔷Hurricane Dorian, currently a Category 1 storm, is forecast to escalate into a Category 4 as it crosses warm Atlantic waters and is expected to make landfall on Florida’s eastern coast by Labor Day Monday
    🔶As of early Thursday morning, Dorian is in open waters blowing at 85mph, 150 miles northwest of San Juan
    🔷Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Virgin Islands Wednesday at 2pm EDT, causing power outages
    🔶The National Hurricane Center predicts Dorian could hit Florida as soon as late Sunday or early Monday
    🔷Gov Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency as Dorian was upgraded from a tropical storm to a hurricane
    🔶Officials urged residents to prepare for a Labor Day weekend strike and stock up on week’s worth of supplies
    🔷The Florida Department of Emergency Management tweeted a lengthy checklist of supplies to have on hand
    🔶Dorian caused some flooding and damage across the Caribbean earlier this week
    🔷It was expected to hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday but passed to the east of the territory, leaving it unscathed
    🔶President Donald Trump shared a warning to Floridians Thursday morning saying: ‘It will be a very big Hurricane, perhaps one of the biggest!’


    PUBLISHED: 00:08 EDT, 29 August 2019 | UPDATED: 12:11 EDT, 29 August 2019

  7. Shannon Avatar

    Thanks for the kind wishes Luna tic and Lea. Are you in the path Luna tic?

  8. star48 Avatar

    Category 2 almost 3

    Hurricane Dorian was upgraded to Category 2 strength late Thursday and was expected to continue gathering force over the holiday weekend as it heads toward Florida.

  9. rhona2 Avatar

    Prayers love and light to all in Florida in the pat of Dorian.
    my sincere thoughts are with you ..
    stay safe .

  10. star48 Avatar

    Nearing Cat 3

    Dorian is expected to become a major hurricane Friday as forecasters are warning Florida residents that there is an “increasing likelihood” parts of the state will face “a prolonged period of hazardous weather conditions” early next week.

  11. star48 Avatar


    Planning for 7 days power outages

    Gov. Ron DeSantis urged Floridians to “make preparations” for a seven-day power outage after issuing a state of emergency for all 67 counties as Hurricane Dorian gains strength on its path toward Florida.

  12. star48 Avatar


    Update..✔️✔️150 mph🚨🚨

    Hurricane Dorian is slowly making its way across the Caribbean as a dangerous Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds, with the Bahamas and southeastern coast of the U.S. in its sights.

  13. star48 Avatar


    King tides the same time!

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