Vacuum Bomb Dropped

No one man should have the power to ruin so many lives. Humanity you should strongly consider fixing that problem- Micah

The bastard used it, I can’t stop crying. This prediction has happened. I have no words other than silence in prayer. The prediction:

World Predictions 1-29-19 Russia unveils a new weapon.. a weapon that is intimidating.. that will turn on them. I had a visual of soldiers injured or dead laying on the ground.

It should also be noted the World Predictions 1-29-19 has a list of events. From the Tongo Volcano Tsunami to Trump. But one event has not happened yet on 1-29 and thats a California Earthquake. I think we have one coming very soon.

46 thoughts on “Vacuum Bomb Dropped

  1. My friend told me that she saw all the sick cancer children hiding in subway with IVs in arms. I mean this is a monster. And now a vacuum bomb! Beyond ghastly! Does this start WW3? He needs to be stopped! Doesnt he have children he loves? Family? He’s pathological to say the least!!! I keep getting sad and feel I can’t help the way I should. Wish I was younger and could shoot straight!!!

    He won’t use nukes on them will he?? Please tell me no!!!

  2. That Military Bastard Shoigu has no heart, it sickens me he was once a Buddhist turned Catholic.

    What a damn hypocrite of faith to still continue what he is doing.

  3. In order to stop what is now happening and what will happen in the future we must understand that we are all in this! The blame is on all the countries who agreed to NATO interventions everywhere and the deployment of forces as well! Russia is also a huge problem as they feel squeezed and everyone should consider this! Plus all this its not at all good news that Germany builds a huge army again! A lot of financial interest everywhere! We really must rethink where and to whom we can rely our future and our hope!

  4. A scripture comes to mind. We are truly living in the End Times.

    What are thermobaric vacuum bombs? Russia accused of using weapon against Ukraine


    Russia may be using thermobaric vacuum bombs in a “bunker-busting” role to destroy Ukrainian defensive positions — but the oxygen-fueled devices can also inflict a brutal death on casualties by sucking the air out of their lungs, an expert said in a new report.

    “They used the vacuum bomb today, which is actually prohibited by the Geneva convention,” Markarova said after a meeting with legislators. “The devastation that Russia is trying to inflict on Ukraine is large.”

  5. Germany will never be a threat to Europe again, TW. They have learnt their lesson the hard way, but since the fall of Afghanistan last summer to the Taliban, it became very clear that Europe sadly needs to rethink their defence policy radically. We cannot rely on the US every time a crisis happens. Russia is the problem and many prophecies have pointed to them being the aggressors the next time out. Germany doesn’t get a good fate at all. Putin is clearly having a psychotic breakdown for all the world to see. If he was joe soap he’d be in the psychiatric ward by now. And the West will never trust Russia again for a long time to come. We’re at a crossroads now
    Perhaps this crisis now might help to prevent a bigger one later. Or at least minimise the effects of WW3.
    And the future tyrant, could it be a Muslim? The flag of the ottoman empire was red, maybe after the chaos in Russia, could we see a resurgence of the caliphate which many Muslims seek to restore. Saudi Arabia as the main catalyst for the conflict. They are the only country with Algol in their natal chart. Algol has always been in prominent position during all important nuclear tests. I read it from an Australian guy who did political astrology. Very interesting but the man has sadly passed away a few years ago.
    We should have done a Marshall plan with Russia and the eastern bloc when the USSR fell. A prosperous and democratic Russia with good relations with the rest and it’s sphere of influence in central Asia could have been a buffer zone to contain China, who are the bigger threat now. It’s still communist but using business as their main weapon to further their ambitions. Because of their own culture they act and think very differently to the West.
    But we all screwed up at the time.

    1. There are two future tyrants. The blue headed tyrant, something about a hat?? A sort of Osama Bin laden, he is a radical, but its more like a major cult. Then this creep. A full on dictator that take control of the “Red” nation. Believe me I will be screaming at the top of my lungs if I see either.

  6. How concerned do we need to be about this flooding Eric? When is it due?
    Also even though it is far I’m worried about this Nuclear War. Is there any country that will not be involved in WW3? Which part of the world can we move to be safe.

    1. The way it was explained is there is a dramatic shift coming. Huge fat water storms that drench everything and drown it. Its something just now rising. It just happened in Australia, that we predicted. Honestly I plan to take it piece by piece as time passes. Do each prediction separate. Brazil is going to be hit really hard.

  7. Hi Eric, I think the CA Earthquake and Tsunami are related. I happened to look through your old posts when I saw this (linked to this and others linked to those) and it lines up with what I’m sensing as well. I think 3-4 referenced in your posts a lot is March 4th, or somewhere in the next few days (I saw you can feel it too). I can understand how timing is very difficult when time isn’t exactly linear with spirit. I hope everyone stays safe with this and everything occurring in Ukraine. I hope we continue to resist the darker path I’m still not certain we’re set on, not yet. Very tense times.

    1. Yes there is a pattern. I haven’t figured it out yet, but its like we are seeing windows of different times, they are reporting everything they see in their window of this moment: Trump, Russia, Tsunami, and !!!

      1. Thanks Eric for finding out. We are lucky for torrent of information. Wish we were on the good news side right now and living in the peaceful time period.

        I was thinking about this, we had the Spanish flu after/before the other world wars. Covid now then a war? Anyone else see a pattern or do you think it’s a coincidence?

        People with aggressive COVID brain?? The Spanish flu after before the world wars? Now COVID before WW3?

        Watch the old films on history channel and decide war is just too stupid. Deadly.

        I’d like to ride on the “peace train” myself.

        Heard that song the other day and would like to blast it on a speaker in the square everywhere. Put a radio in Putin’s bedroom that plays only that song!!! Get it stuck in his brain!!

        So a stream of peace train for all!!!

        1. Thanks for mentioning the war and Spanish flu, I also noticed this. Repeat patterns of human ignorance and stupidity… hope we finally stop this nonsense.

          I’m on the PEACE train with you 😊❤

  8. Hi Eric. Did you have any visions about the future of countries neighbouring Ukraine particularly Poland? Moldova? The countries are welcoming many people fleeing Ukraine and are fine so far, but will they remain safe or will they also be invaded and everyone flees like they did from Ukraine? I have a lot of my family in Poland and live here and we are worried the war will spread here and we don’t know where to escape.

    1. Alex, my heart pours for your position. Poland is very much apart of the list of places we predict. There are places we don’t. So if that threat was there I would predict it like I did with Ukraine. What I can say right now is Putin, like a tantrum throwing child, plans Cyber attacks against those that ‘turned on him’ I question if that fits Poland? More importantly the plan Alex is to walk into the room of Spirits and ask “What is coming Next” This way everyone gets answers of what we need to be concerned over. Hope that works.

      1. Please ask about Latvia too! There are hundred thousands of brainwashed Russians that live in Latvia that would welcome Putins “liberation troops” with open arms. Putins propaganda TV channels tell that Latvia also is oppresing Russians etc bla bla bla – such lies! Latvia has always tried to help Russians in Latvia.

      2. Thanks for your reply Eric. Poland already had a cyber attack after Ukraine did (but it did not succeed). It was on the government websites but it was stopped. Ukraine had a cyber attack which was not stopped a few days before the invasion. I think Poland (and most countries) have turned on Putin by helping Ukraine so we hope that will stop him (if most of the world is against him).

      1. Ok but if in Europe that means that it will spread in all Europe, even to the Northern European countries. Time to buy a good air conditoner.

  9. Eric, are Finland and Sweden in danger from Russia? It has been verbal aggression to us but will here come military attacks? We cannot think joining Nato or Russia invades us like Ukraine?

  10. Certainly, Russia has done that all the time.. and their military planes may break our air space..

    1. We have tried to get along with Russia, because we had to; over 1000 km shared border! Now we could´t accept this unlegal war, gave sanctions.. We get back threats…people in Finland are very scared now. Also military attack could be possible.
      A lot of people escape to Finland from Russia.

  11. And yet when America was dropping the vacuum bomb in Afghanistan Eric remained silent

    No surprise there with this fraud

  12. A meditation for world peace

    May all conflict resolve
    May all suffering end
    May all fear dissipate
    May love and peace prevail

    In every way, for everyone

    May these words be heard

    Sharing this. Author is Jay Shetty

      1. You are welcome! I didn’t write it Jay Shetty did. He’s a pretty cool inspirational author and puts things on line which are great for all people; especially young people. Videos to watch which make you think. Pretty cool guy

  13. What are Putin´s real motives? Has he lost his mind or only taken off his masks? Did he only want to take Ukraine, not more but got more resistance than expected, or did he want to create larger war and this chaos?
    Media and social media are under total control in Russia, people do not get thruths!

  14. Ps. Does Putin hope WW3, seems like he do not want the peace? He wants to destroy Europe and West? He enjoys all this hell and chaos, it was his plan?
    How there can happen revolution in Russia.. police and army controls all, and social media is closed, media under control!? You will get 15 years in jail if you speak truth!!!

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