Lost Continent discovered Under Southern Europe

Is this what they meant by their description of a massive land mass falling away? Was Spirit using the locations as just reference points of places that did not exist just yet? One thing that is interesting it would explain the initial reason why the continents broke apart, one mega volcano eruption.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-7-19 I had a visual I was looking at a current world map. Then they showed a map from a very distant past showing that Greece at one time use to be a much larger land mass, almost twice its size. Then it shifted again to show an entire region buried under the ocean in pieces. 

I am still working on the details on when and what exactly happened to dramatically change the landmass which is now Greece.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-13-19 I had a visual I was in a distant past looking at different regions of the world. From Rome, showing individuals holding swords dressed in old garb looking up to the sky filled with smoke. Israel had columns of smoke from a distance. Then it shifted to show Greece where everything turned black with smoke, lava was a raging river on the floor while in other parts of the region lava shot up high in the air like huge explosions. . An epic volcano eruption that would crack a portion of Greece’s land, leading it to sink into the ocean. The history of our past. 

Imagine a volcano so huge in size the smoke can be seen from great distances.

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  1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I always thought The Great Deluge caused or contributed to Pangea breaking apart.

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