World Predictions 10-18-19

I had a visual of the ground shaking, people scrambling for safety, a cracking sound, then spirit pointing to north California.

They haven’t let go of this San Francisco, Bay Area earthquake, they said 11, then 17, this new message has no timeframe. Either they are missing the mark on timing and this earthquake is about to happen or it’s a major event in November. It seems like there is sense of urgency and this earthquake might be coming soon. I will try to ask for timing again tonight.

The president unravels, unhinged, in front of all to see.. to a reporter.

I had a visual of a famous person with a mask. The mask was painted with such beauty. Then the mask was pulled away and behind the mask was something very ugly. “The famous one’s true self revealed.”

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35 thoughts on “World Predictions 10-18-19

  1. Has Spirit given a scale for this SF, Bay Area quake?

    As for timeframe, I wonder if it’ll be before the FL hurricane in late October (I think I have that right about the hurricane prediction)?

  2. About the earthquake in california/san fransisco is it gonna be a 6Magnitude or bigger than the LA earthquake 7.1+Magnitude

  3. I wonder if the “Famous Person” is Nancy Pelosi. She called Trump unhinged and he called her unhinged, while even a Democrat Senator there said Trump was not acting different than any other New Yorker that he ever met. Pelosi was the only woman there in the meeting, and beauty has always been her thing, but she seems to be playing an ugly game against the President. We shall see.

    1. I guess it could be anyone famous, a movie star, a celebrity, or a world leader….it always saddens me when a well-liked figure turns out to be a horrible person or an abuser, like Crosby or Regis Kelly. Besides the abuse they’ve done, they also really let down the public who liked and trusted them.

    2. “Famous person” could mean anyone of any gender in any field or country. I can’t imagine how/why you interpreted it so narrowly to signify your personal-favorite political target.

    3. Susan Steffen — “THE PRESIDENT unravels, UNHINGED, in front of all to see.. to a reporter.”

    4. Susan Steffen,

      We know the other prediction clearly says the president will be unhinged, however the “famous person” prediction could be anyone famous (e.g., I’d consider celebrities to be more famous than politicians).

  4. 5.3 today in Alaska and 4.7 in Oregon last night. I just read where there is a dispute that a fore quake indicates a larger one is coming. I would think that since tectonic plates are connected that there has to be some prior indication of a coming quake along a fault line. Just speculation on my part. I pray that people are prepared.

  5. the ring of fire is acting up again in the past few days. I just saw that a techtonic plate shifted a bit on the San Andreas fault in Northern California.

  6. The ugly person could be a lot of people. It could be a politician, an athlete or anyone from Hollywood. People put them on a pedestal that they often don’t deserve. They do a good job of managing their public persona, but they often lead a private life different from the one they show us.

  7. I am thinking the famous person with a mask, the one who has such beauty, is really Ivanka. She is beautiful but she is dishonest.

    1. It could be any attractive famous person, including non-Americans perhaps a film actress or actor famous in India or China.

      1. Yes that was my thought. Please remember there reach isn’t always about the US. Even I have a tendency to assume it’s about the US only to see the prediction unfold somewhere else in the world.

  8. Eric, did you have a chance this weekend to narrow down the dates Spirit is saying we’ll have an earthquake?

    1. Still working on the date, they have clarified some of the confusion on why it’s scattered. From what they say it starts with a moderate earthquake, but then soon afterwards (days?) there will be a much larger one. I am still determined to narrow this down.

  9. Hi Eric! I remember several years ago reading of bad storms before Halloween possible in a large city. Can anyone locate the older prediction? It was in pumpkins season.

    Dallas was badly damaged by multiple tornadoes and quickly surprised the metropolitan unexpected tornadoes but thunderstorms.

    1. @ Lossie2020 The prediction is dated 8-10-14. Referencing hurricane hitting center or mid swath of Florida. A search tip…when I wanna look up a prediction with a key word or phrase I put it in the search engine on his website at the top. In this case the magnifying glass symbol or icon top upper right. I did this search real quick so there may be more than one “pumpkin” reference listed. Hope this helps!!! Saw a Dallas tornado pic…scaaaaary. Wowsers. Prayers out to the community. Serious stuff.

      1. lossie2020, R2D2 — There’s predictions going as far back as 2013 about a large hurricane hitting the center or mid swath of Florida in October, not sure if those predictions have already happened though.

        1. Hurricane Matthew was accurately predicted with several of these older predictions, last year the one prediction that was incomplete was one mega hurricane that worked its way up the US coast line, then it shifted to show Halloween candy.

  10. When reading the part about the earthquake, I saw a wide opening in the Earth. Then saw fire in the opening.

  11. And heard the word Ash when I asked about location. I found this: Ash is a former settlement in Madera County, California.[1] It was located on the railroad 1.5 miles (2.4 km) northeast of Tillman,[2] at an elevation of 203 feet (62 m).[1]

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