Maluku Islands Earthquake 6.8

This tragic prediction has happened on one of the smaller Islands of Indonesia. There has also been earthquakes in Istanbul and Pakistan in the last two days. The spirits predicted 6.9, the news seem to shift from 6.8 to 6.5. Please pray for the safety of all.

I question whether there is another one coming since they mentioned the word “earthquake” multiple times?

WORLD PREDICTION 9-24-19 – EARTHQUAKE “Earthquake.. Earthquake.. Now.. you only have minutes (days) left.”

629 or are they saying 6 to 9

I had a visual of an earthquake striking an Island.

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  1. Sara Avatar

    The Indonesia quake killed up to 20 people, and caused some damage. (Fortunately, there have been no tsunamis yet).
    Weirdly, according to an article, this quake is 2 days before the anniversary of a 7.5 quake in Indonesia last year, which killed 4,000 people.

  2. petemedium Avatar


  3. star48 Avatar

    Philippines 🇵🇭
    Earthquake off the coast…( no tsunami, mentioned so far)
    M 6.2
    84km SSE of Pondaguitan, Philippines
    02:02:52 (UTC)
    5.688°N 126.548°E..
    76.1 km depth

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