World Predictions: November 3rd

Previous predictions on topics: THE NEXT US PRESIDENT? The military man.
WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-21-20 Florida

Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president. When seems to be the larger question.
The number 20-0 might be symbolic. When I was in college the game would end if the score reached 20-0, implying a landslide. Or are these number specific to the moment. .
I had a visual of the year 2022, there were new voting booths, new machines, new procedures. All reflecting an issue unfolding in now. Then I had a visual of doubt in specific locations about the elections authenticity. The doubt leads to loud voices on both sides questioning what to do.

I had a visual of a stage, empty like a stadium stage. Then it turned black. I could hear screams from the audience. “Such a tragedy for the Ks (or Kay’s?)”

Eric— Some believe I have a J.D. Salinger personality. You never see pictures or videos of me. My name is always in the smallest print. Am I hiding? Bea is the one who pointed out I should explain myself better. No, I am in no way like Salinger. I have to protect this household. We watch several foster children, and some of their parents are career criminals. So choices are made to limit my exposure and to avoid any household exposure utterly. Now the plan is to switch from fostering to adopting. Those decisions will be made in the coming months once the judge’s hammer comes down. Once these boys have the Leigh-Pink name, I have every intention of going 180 degrees. I will be open to interviews and media galore. Family is always first, though. I live by the word I preach.

There is black gum on my shoe that just won’t end. Seriously that gum has been there way too long. This gum is my health woes. However, for the first time ever, we might have found a solution. I am hoping!

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  1. Thank you Eric for your updates, your amazing. I get visions too and see a storm hitting FL too. Also saw another tsunami coming before Jan 2021. Do you see this? I kept seeing so more floods coming before the year ends. Crazy. God bless you my friend!🙏

  2. I hope the adoption is successful!

    I thank God you are recovering.

    I thank you for being you.

    God bless you, everyone who comes here, & our loved ones.

  3. Dear Eric. You and Spirit are Golden Blessings to me! To us!
    I am so grateful for you and Spirit sharing your love, caring, wisdom, teachings, lessons, and predictions.
    Sending you Blessings for great health and happiness,
    Much appreciation forever for everything!
    Thank you God, Spirit, Angels and Eric. 🙂

    1. The only “Military One” I can think of is Admiral William McRaven- but it is most probably someone else who i am not thinking of.

      1. I think of Tulsi Gabbard or Jason Kander. But it sounds like spirits are pointing to male.

          1. Tammy Duckworth is apparently part of the Biden team, after she was interviewed for the VP slot, she said she’s “on the team”.

            Biden has been in government since the early 1970s and he knows absolutely everyone. My bet is there are military people he’s working with.

            1. Hi!
              Great choice with Tammy Duckworth.!
              She is such an amazing and great Patriot and she would do so well representing our country.

              I also agree it may be someone who has already been interviewed vetted, and probably already in Joe’s soon-to-be- cabinet.

            1. He is at the top of my list. The initial prediction presented a cowboy hat. Then they stopped talking about the hat. Him being from Texas puts him first in my opinion.

      1. My thought as what if the military leader takes over when the whole govt system is doomed to avoid the Civil War or WW3. Who is the nobel military leader? Is it the man or woman?

  4. Will your life/household still be in danger from these career criminal parents once you go public? Prayers for your recovery.

    1. The boys we currently have don’t have parents that are a threat. Once adopted we don’t plan to continue fostering. There would be to many. Historically though it has popped up. We had to take one child to a distant school to protect him from his angry father.

  5. By “20-0”. Are you saying Biden will win all the states like a clean sweep? 50-0? Landslide? I’m confused because the message on the picture and what’s written under is slightly different. Could you clarify?

    1. Something happens to spin this in such a way that eventually we have a completely different leader. A person with a heavy military background. Which is absolutely unheard of. The good news is they seem him as Nobel. That’s different. Until that time they point to Biden as the ‘leader’. We also still have the old prediction of Trump quitting. All of it is so odd.

  6. GOP trying to steal the election and trump ensure that there is violence gonna take place, but the military figure is one we should question about is he/she a person who has a family member who has been in the military or he/she in the military, who knows eric but great work also please ask them about gematria

      1. PREDICTIONS 7-17-17 — “The Russians will hack yet again.”

        PREDICTIONS 9-10-17 — “Electoral college.. manipulation.. hacking.. cunning swipe.. security farce.. people from one district moved to another and visa versa to alter the win without eliminating the voter… each individual still counted.. the speaker will know.”

  7. thank you Eric, for finding the time to post this… As you know, you are protected, you were give the info, a while ago, when you will pass into spirit. SO, untill then, Walk in Confidence!, DO what you came back here to do! the Angels are there, for you to call on, THEY are there, when needed. you must send out messages to people, who will depend on them, when everything around us, start to unravel. people, need that direction, remember, your assignment, which was agreed upon, by you as well as others. BUT, be true, to your work, Go with the flow, and do not let YOUR doutbs, interfear with the messages. Thank you as always for what you do. ..power and fame, changes SOO many people on earth, LET people, and the children, ALWAYS be your grounding… the children, are the voices, and someday, thousands and thousands, will be receivers, for spirit, and then, their will be no longer a vail, that seperates, the two worlds….i am trying to put this out right, so Hopefully, you know what i mean. Thank you for all you do!

  8. Eric, there is an indie pop and rock band from the Northwest of England called The Ks.
    They have a UK/Ireland tour coming up and play in Ireland on April 01, 2021. As far as I can tell they tour mostly in the UK though.
    Could this be who Spirit is referring to?
    Also very happy to hear the doctors may have a solution for your health issues.

    1. Hi Jules 104! Eric- Could this be the Dublin cookies predictions?
      Praying for year health Eric. Prayers to Florida too, the whole southeast for that matter.

      1. Hi R2D2, Thanks, yes that was my thoughts also. Actually on their touring schedule for the show they have it mentioned Dublin as the place they are playing.

  9. Trump attended a military high school.
    Biden and Harris don’t have a military connection.
    Perhaps that is it ?

    1. Trump was sent to military school for being a naughty boy, and is a draft dodger from a family of draft dodgers. Eric has been clear it is someone who has had a substantial military career, probably male and probably a Republican. That doesn’t match any of the current Presidential or VP candidates.

    2. Unfortunately that is unlikely. This was clearly a military person down to their temper. They also had pretty much the full backing of the military. None of our current candidates have that. It’s so odd and unfitting to the moment?

  10. Any thoughts what “50” could mean? Crazy thought reading the prediction that does not look remotely likely with any logic of what things look like right now…. Biden wins 50 states in a landslide election (which would definitely lead people to question the results in some places). (Then Trump is trying to sue to overturn it but seriously dude?)

    There’s unrest about it.

    Taking it further but even more unlikely… Biden is sick (?? I hope not!) and/or there’s so much division spinning out of control that before the Electoral votes are counted he releases his electors and tells them to vote for someone else: “The Military one” : A neutral, moderate non political person not affiliated with either party that can help heal the country and bring us back together? It’s outlandish to imagine except if anyone on earth would put the unity of country over his own ego of being President it would be Joe Biden so maybe he would do that. Who knows?????

    This stuff isn’t at all my own prediction just a crazy thought in reading this prediction of what it could mean and how this prediction could happen.

    1. If the Electoral College fails to select a president, the vote goes to the House of Representatives. If no president is selected by Jan. 20, then the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (or whomever is elected Speaker by the next Congress) becomes president.

      If the House votes, it is one state, one vote, not by representative. So California’s vote is worth the same as Wyoming’s. It is unclear which party would have the edge in this case but awarding the presidency to the party which lost in the electoral college (not to mention the popular vote), would rip the country apart.

      Sorry if I got any of the procedure wrong here; this is how I understand it. If the president-elect cannot become president, it will become a very messy situation, notwithstanding all the current unrest.

      1. Stephen you are correct IF the electoral college failed to elect a president, however if something happened to the winning candidate (or they released their electors) BEFORE the Electoral College submitted their votes to congress then legally the electors would be free to cast their electoral college vote for someone else. It’s a wild theory that that could happen (I can’t really imagine it happening in the real world), but on a legal basis that is actually part of why the electoral college exists.

  11. Hi Nicole-
    Just reading your post, I was also thinking that either Biden wins 50 states in a landslide?????
    Or…. Biden gets 50 % of the national electorate and Trump gets less….maybe in the 40’s of the electorate?

    1. 50 states is not possible. If you look at Nate Silver’s (the most famous polling and elections analyst) web site,
      there are many diagrams showing the probability of winning each state and the maximum for Trump and Biden. At most Biden can win 38 states and Trump can win 36 in the best possible scenarios for each. As for Biden getting 50% of the vote, it is possible if the election is close. Third party candidates receive about 1 to 3 % so Trump would get 47% in this case. The electoral college would be very close. But Biden’s average support is now at 52%. So it would imply polling error in Trump’s favor.

          1. Actually, I changed my mind about the “50”. I think it refers to Democratic Senate seats. Here is a prediction in the Washington Post of 50 Dem Senate seats.

            Washington Post Prediction

            In this case, it is 50 Dem, 48 GOP, and 2 undecided because they are run-off elections in Georgia.

            1. Hello Stephen and Yes I think what you post is probably right!
              the ’50’ referring to the Senate seats-
              I was thinking of the Senate seats but I forgot about the 2 undecided-
              but now rethinking it, yes it seems very possible with the 2 undecided seats. Angus King in Maine is Independent and caucuses with the Dems. And Bernie Sanders- Independent Vermont- who will caucus with the Dems too.

              1. Stephen, your 350 electoral votes explanation sounds very possible too! 🙂 Thank you for your sharing and explanations.

                1. The 350 votes sounds very plausible. I didn’t think 50 states was likely under any circumstances other than explaining why people would be so strongly questioning why are these results this way in certain places.

                  450 electoral college votes isn’t technically statistically out of the question either in a landslide. (Way more likely than 50 states)

            2. I wonder if Biden 50 20-1 means Biden wins the Presidency, Democrats with 50 senators, and 20 house seats gained one lost. Or something like that. Entirely within the realm of possibility. We shall see.

              1. Hi Iforgotmyusername! I think your comment sounds very plausible. I am thinking that Biden wins, that the Dems get 50 Senators and Repubs get 50. and the Dems take Pennsylvania at 20 electoral votes? Kamala is the tie-breaker. This is a fascinating prediction by Spirit and I can’t stop trying to decipher it.

                1. I don’t know where Angus King in Maine (Independent) – who usually caucuses with the Dems and Bernie Sanders- also Independent and usually caucuses with the Dems- I don’t know where or how they fall into this equation? If 50 means 50 Senators, are they included with the 50? or in addition to the 50? ?

  12. You had a “2” reference in September, Eric. Tomorrow is the 2nd. Maybe the “Ks” meant the Florida keys? I thought the “red” reference to south Florida meant possibly that the area was flipping from blue to red. Then you mentioned black. Black to me means violence or rioting. Whatever happens tomorrow or this week, and whoever eventually wins,I am just gonna give it all the God. He’s the winner in my outcome. Thank you for updating and referencing your old visions too.

  13. Another thought – could the Military figure in THIS prediction (maybe not the others) represent the military being required to remove the current President? (I.e. he refuses to leave peacefully and the military must enforce the results of the Election). I’ve read that that’s what would happen if he refuses to leave after he loses.

    1. Let’s say Biden wins the election and Biden is still president-elect on Jan. 20. Biden automatically becomes legal president. The Inauguration is just a formality. In this case, Trump, if Trump refuses to leave the White House, is now an illegal trespasser who will be removed by the Secret Service.

      If the president switches out the Secret Service with guards loyal to himself personally, it is a different story. In that case, yes, the military might get involved. This is all a hypothetical discussion, however.

      1. if somebody wins they do not get automatically be president on jan 20.

        First the outgoing president needs to sign a paper that formally ends his mandate and powers.
        often this happens about 15 minutes before inauguration of the incoming president, somewhere in the congress building.

        Second the incoming president needs to be confirmed and acknowledge by the chief justice of the supreme court, through a swear-in ceremony.

        If this all does not happen, because a president refuse to retire. it is a coupe.
        That is when the Impeachment proces can come into action

        1. I do not think that’s correct. Acknowledgement by the chief justice and signing the papers are formalities. The end of a president’s term automatically happens even if those things do not happen. If there is no president-elect, the Speaker of the House becomes president.

          We need someone who’s a constitutional lawyer to explain.

        1. well Eric, since we know that the Donald is not going out quietly,
          In case the results are doubted, the world gets basically a Gore – Bush show 2.0 but far more less civil, to put it that way.

          more fights in courts, more drama on tv from both camps, recounts of ballots, lobbying in the electoral college by any means necessary.
          bribes, threats, intimidation, blackmail, dirty laundry,

          i think this is a pretty good realistic picture of (american) politics

    2. I wouldn’t look to much into the “military” message. Trump is called the loud leader, the vulgar leader, Obama was called the hubris one. It’s just a reference point.

  14. My guess is Biden wins in a landslide of all fifty states and Trump will try to steal the election by the way of accusations of fraud and push for recounts to convince the Supreme Court to hand the vote over to him.

    I’m still scratching my head at the military individual. It must be someone that none of us will see coming.

    1. Trump pretty much announced today he’s going to have his lawyers challenge the election results, and that’s not the first time he’s said it.

  15. Tropical storm Eta (they are going to run out of greek letters if this keeps up) might loop around after hitting central America, and run perpendicular across Cuba, according to Tropical Tidbits yesterday on YouTube. Haven’t looked at today’s forecast.

    Running across Cuba could head it straight north up the Florida landmass.

      1. It’s already a category 4, according to some weather bloggers. Hasn’t hit Honduras yet. Expected to do a sharp turn over Honduras and start heading northeast.

  16. Eric hope you are feeling better and I am excited for you that there may be a solution to your tiresome illness. Fingers crossed.

    There is a lot on Americans shoulders regarding this vote, the rest of the world has a keen interest in the results.

    What ever happens may the best man win and the loosing side be gracious and accepting of the result. More than anything I hope the result is conclusive so the the American people can heal their divides and move towards the future as one.


  17. I read this prediction and think back to 2016 when spirits sent you the message that the “donkey wins twice”

    I’ve been wondering for years if they were showing you this election back in 2016.

  18. Always hoping people will find a way out of the “dark night of the soul” and reach the sunny shores of their well-Being. Its part of coming into Awakening into tge Truth of who you really are and why you are here. In regards to the “K’s”, another Intuitive has advised that they saw a potential timeline where Kanye West suicides himself but before leaving takes out women in his life with K – as you know the Kardashian sisters and him are on stage as social media personalities. Hope this prediction does not need to occur at all. Sad.

      1. I hope not, I love my KPop, especially BTS who try and spread love to all. I hope they stay safe.

  19. Eric, prayers for your health and adopting the boys! Yeah I always think of health problems like gum on bottom of shoe “or something else” lol. Its been tough for you. I do hope you have found a solution finally. Dont get too famous though…you leave us all behind, lol. But seriously, let your light shine for the world to see when you can!! Best wishes on all of this!

  20. Like i already posted earlier:

    “What was not blurred in my visions and didn’t mention in earlier posts, was a future president who sides with the military, and even wants to wear a military uniform.
    This man is in his 40’s and not known to the general public
    This president is not party related or party sided.

    He will likely activate death penalty in all states of america. but also enforces equality etc in all states of america. thus taking from both parties but put the people and the country first.. not politics or lobbyists.

    This president is Appointed by Congress, not elected. he will finish the term of a previous president.

    Potus 45 will not have his 2nd term finished.
    Potus 46 is an acting president, means temporary. and is female.
    (No Pence or Biden in the picture)
    Potus 47 is the Military loving male one, perhaps a high ranking JAG, appointed to finish a term then elected a term. makes 7 years.

    And this is where it gets blurry for me.. potus 47 does get another term.
    but the way he gets the term, depends on the worlds consiousness and choices.
    either he will get it by extreme popular vote or has to stay for the sake of the country during a war.
    all terms added: i see a clear 7 years and a blurred another 4 years. which makes 11 in total. longer then most potus.

    last thing on this military Potus that i clearly saw:
    He will not be sworn in, in the White House or on the steps of Congress.
    The timing? during sunrise or sunset in a February month.
    i do not know if this is in 2021 or later.
    But in this room/hall are present, a west wing staff, the joint chiefs of staff, an officer with the football, the chief justice of the us supreme court and the only 2 familiar faces to me.. Melania and Barron Trump.”

    According to a lot of Mediums… the difference is:
    Potus 45 will not win 2nd term but tries to fight and stay for 2nd term.

    Potus 46 is a temporary president who gets the mandate on or after january 20th, until Biden is sworn in.

    Potus 47 would be Biden, but as Biden is hiding an illness in plain sight, he will not finish his first year/term.

    Potus 48 then logically would be Kamala Harris. but most mediums see either another election or that the first official female president does not come before 2028.

    And then there is the Military President somewhere in the picture.
    I have seen many names on this site but my guess, which i also made earlier. is retired admiral William McRaven, former head of JSOC/Navy Seals.
    but he is not in his 40s but 64, still much younger then the current candidates.

    1. If things go really sideways, Nancy Pelosi could be 46.
      But things would have to go really sideways, and I hope they don’t.

  21. My first thought for the “K’s” was “Karens.” Stereotypical middle aged entitled white females, likely to support the current occupant of the Oval Office. But that wouldn’t be international.

    1. I say this as a middle-aged white female with many dear friends named Karen. We’re not all like that. 🙂

  22. I had a visual of a stage, empty like a stadium stage. Then it turned black. I could hear screams from the audience. “Such a tragedy for the Ks (or Kay’s?)”

    Could this Ks refer to Kansas, the Free State. which will turn into a not so free state full of riots, civil war, covid and deaths after November 3rd?
    Or is it here where the Elections will be disputed?

  23. Eric! Thank you so much for the update! Do you see a lot of unrest, rioting and violence coming post- election?

      1. To clarify.. we’ll have isolated domestic terrorist attacks, not nation wide chaos and violence? Thank you!

  24. I’m definitely concerned by the possibility of violence or unrest in America. Best wishes for peace, understanding, and compassion for people on all sides!

  25. “20-0”

    Pennsylvania is a swing state that’s being very closely watched this election. It has 20 electoral votes. I wonder if Spirit is saying Biden wins Pennsylvania.

  26. Let’s play “guess who this is”..

    The election is fraudulent… unless I win.
    The news are fake… unless it’s flattering on me.
    Everything is a hoax… unless I tweet it.
    Nepotism is bad… unless it’s my family.
    I’m rich … but you can’t see my taxes.
    I’m smart … but you can’t see my grades.
    I’m successful… but my businesses have failed.
    I’m generous… but I cheated my charities.
    I work harder than anyone else … unless you don’t include my golf trips and “executive time”.
    My staff is the best.. until I fire them or they get sued, then I barely know them.
    I’ve had a health care plan for years.. but I don’t want to show you that just yet.
    I’m innocent… but I make sure my people cannot testify.

        1. Reagan was the eldest person to assume the presidency at 69 years and 349 years old on his first inauguration in 1981.

          He held the distinction until Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

          Reagan was the oldest president at the time he left office at the age of 77 in 1989, when he was just 22 days shy from turning 78.

          Former vice president Joe Biden would be the oldest sitting president if elected in 2020.

          The Democrat would be 78 years and 61 days old on inauguration day in 2021 – eight years older than Trump was when he was sworn in.

  27. Could the military one be Cal Cunningham of North Carolina?

    He is running against Tom Tillis for Senate.

    He is also currently a Lt. Colonel in the US Army Reserves & has a Bronze Star.

  28. I believe the thief’s are China trying to get Biden the votes to win, because China knows Biden won’t be like trump when it comes to China

  29. Wisconsin says there’s no way they are announcing a winner tonight

    Michigan needs until Friday

    Pennsylvania isn’t coming out anytime soon, either

    Per officials in those states

  30. With doubt you ensure chaos

    Trump on Twitter (Twitter has flagged Trump’s misleading tweet):

    “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Poles are closed!”

    Reminder: Despite what Trump said, votes are not being cast anymore – they’re just being counted.

    1. Biden’s tweet responding to Trump’s tweet:

      “It’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to declare the winner of this election. It’s the voters’ place.”

  31. Trump begins by saying, falsely, that “a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise” his supporters. Dems are simply trying to get all the votes counted.

    Trump also tells supporters he’s winning or has already won states that he clearly hasn’t already won because they are still toss-ups with many votes still left to be counted

  32. I usually have odd dreams with A spirit being. one time he took the form of my dad, and I’m in horse carriage with him , he then proceeded to tell me a massive number of deaths was arriving , and started to cry streams of blood. ( I told my real life dad this and laughed lol, he takes none of what I say seriously 😅) . Usually the eyes seems to be the focus in my dream.

    This last time I saw what looked like a sleeping donkey, on my lap. It woke up and slowly lifted its head and started to turn towards me. His eyes again were speaking, and looked straight at me. I was scared…I immediately felt the urge to run because this donkey was about to run with rage….again the eyes are the focus here 🙂 .

  33. About the military one as president.. Several “if’s” here..
    If Biden wins, and for some reason Kamala can no longer serve as VP, then Biden appoints “the military one” as VP. And the final if.. Something happens where Biden cannot finish his term. Then the military one becomes president.
    ..Just pondering a solution to the puzzle.

    1. Biden will not finish his term, this week alone he made several mistakes, switching people and names.
      he has to think and focus longer before he do something or say something.
      all clear possible indicators for a form of dementia.
      i have seen it with several of my late grandparents.

      when diagnosed with dementia, the life expenctancy is between 1 to 20 years. with an average of 8 years. depends on which form and severity of the dementie the patient has.

      not to mention the pressure and hard work the job of POTUS asks from the person in office.

  34. Dangerous Trump campaign email sent to supporters says:

    “I warned the nation”

    “Dems are trying to steal the election”

    “I’m asking my fiercest and most loyal defenders, like YOU, to FIGHT BACK!”

    By the way, mail-in ballots were cast before the election but are being counted after election day in battleground states because GOP state legislatures refused to have them counted earlier. Counting these votes isn’t illegal.

  35. The “50” is looking like it’s about the Senate, still not sure what the 20-0 might be.

    1. “The Brooks Brothers Riot”: During the 2000 Florida recount a GOP mob stormed the Miami-Dade Elections office and stopped the count. They claimed it was a “spontaneous act” by “local Cuban American activists.” They were actually paid Republican DC operatives

  36. Recap:

    1) Trump spent months spreading lies about vote by mail so his supporters wouldn’t use it.

    2) Then Republicans blocked proposals to allow mail ballots to be counted quickly.

    3) Now Trump claims the counting of valid mail ballots is fraud.

    4) Enough. We will count every vote.

  37. From outside of the US it looks like you no longer have democracy, you have a wannabe dictatorship. Time to rethink your constitution and electoral system?

      1. No offence was intended, sorry, I’m in New Zealand and have a lot of American friends here who are very stressed with what is happening in their home country. An outside perspective sees things very differently and the world is watching what appears to be a very confused and volatile USA at the moment. I hope everything calms down for you all.

        1. Thanks, but you have weight. No place is more peaceful and sweet on this planet, Ardern seems very empathetic. Empathy and Grace is in short supply here with our leaders. I am sorry, my emotions got the better of me. I studied the Constitution in college, so my admiration to the first real document that help start modern democracy is huge.

          1. Understandable, and it was written with good intent, but do you think it could do with a refresh for more modern times? Yes, we are indeed blessed in our country, with a great leader who has lead us through these hard times.

            1. The electoral college is tough to say. It’s design to give everyone a voice. If we didn’t have it our massive populated places. The mega cities would control all. It allows farmers and rural area a say in a massive population, Is there a better way, I am open to hear other options. Perhaps something slightly different

              1. We have MMP (Mixed Member Proportional) in New Zealand, I’m not sure how it would work in a country as big as America.

              2. Eric, we have a similar situation here in Australia where the majority live around the coast and traditionally liberal voters or Australian Labor Party. But we have a hugely underpopulated country where hundreds of thousands of acres are just one family.
                So we devised Electorates. These are geographically defined areas, separated for State/Territories and Federal elections and are represented by a single elected Member of Parliament.
                These geographically defined areas are determined by the independent Australian Electoral Commission based on a set maximum and minimum number of registered voters per said areas.
                This works for us because all adult Australian citizens must be registered
                to vote. The AEC therefore knows in advance what areas to determine for how many people.
                Electorates in Australia – Wikipedia

        2. @Gloria

          An outside perspective sees things differently because one does not have the full picture.

          Are your American friends expatriates? If they are, did you really expect them to say positive things about America?

      1. What I meant.. it is the question only about Trump and his mafia…
        everybody can see that also just now around the world.

    1. I can see what Gloria means by dictatorship ….with regard to stop the voteS from being counted. I’ve personally never seen a president so blatantly attempt voter suppression. Filing lawsuits to stop votes from being counted isn’t exactly democratic behavior.

  38. Cody- I wasn’t sure….you are a Trump hater right? Lol. Obviously you can see you are using Eric’s site to spread hate and malicious content.
    Eric- I thought you were aiming to be fair and square about the posts here? Extreme left is getting unattractive by the minute.

    1. Treat others as you would want to be treated. That’s here among us. Has Cody violated that rule? Has he said something cruel to someone here? The notion that leadership cannot be questioned or criticized? I will not allow cruelty among us here. We have plenty of cruelty from leadership.

    2. R2D2,
      I don’t think Cody was supporting Alex Jones’ words in his comment, i think he was just reporting what he saw in the news. I took it more as a news bulletin than anything else.

    3. @R2D2

      Alex Jones hinself says he is a far-right conspiracy theorist. So how is Cody spreading hatred?

  39. The YouTube channel( Mystery decoder) Just put out a new video about Nostradamus predictions of the presidential election. It seems to fit what you’ve been saying Eric. The military one maybe coming in because of Civil unrest, caused by the election.

  40. I have no idea who the military one might be but I hope we get to see him soon. There is no Joy or victory in this election other than NOT having to read trumps tweets and seeing him continuing to belittle everyone he disagrees him.. The man lacks character, compassion, and empathy.

    Interesting stuff we’ve learned: more people voted for trump this time around, Hispanics are more American than anything else, and progressives overtook a good number of seats in the house and senate. Other lessons are that Trumps personality hurt him just as much as COVID did. My conclusion is that a great many of us are looking for alternative options, perhaps this great military leader that will represent everyone fairly.

  41. Just giving everyone a warning. Below is a link to an article about two Qanon supporters who were arrested with guns in Philadelphia near a vote-counting center. No one was hurt, thankfully, but people in this group have expressed interest in committing violence if Trump loses.

    The election’s still too close to call right now, but I wanted to remind everyone to be cautious, whichever way the votes go. There’s bound to be anger and fear on either side, more than ever we need to be alert and keep our eyes open. If you hear anyone, of either political preference, plotting violence, please report it to the authorities.

    NOVEMBER 23: All swing states election results are certified by this date

    DECEMBER 8: ‘Safe harbor’ deadline which means the statutory deadline for resolving disputed results. If the states have followed correct procedures, whatever the result is on Dec. 8 stands, even if one side still disputes it

    DECEMBER 14: Electoral college electors are chosen and sworn in

    JANUARY 5: Georgia run-off elections for two Senate seats, determining who controls the Senate

    JANUARY 6: Congress certifies the Electoral College votes

    JANUARY 20: At midday the new president is sworn in and assumes all of the powers of commander-in-chief – including the ability to direct the Secret Service and U.S. Marshals to remove unwanted White House guests

    And if Mr. Trump does not leave the presidency and the White House,
    The 25th Amendment can be invoked by either Mr Pence and Majority of the Cabinet
    Or by Madam Speaker Mrs. Pelosi through Congress to set up a commission, or a joint committee,
    Their conclusion of an Unfit sitting President however must be formally agreed upon by Mr Pence.

    1. @Justin

      You talk about Pence & the 25th Amendment. Wouldn’t it be Kamala Harris instead of Mike Pence?

      1. Well… if 25th is executed before Noon on Jan 20th it would be Pence.
        after Noon on Jan 20. the 25th cant be used on trump i think since his presidency and mandate has ended.
        Then simply a removal order from the then president (presumably Biden) would be enough normally.
        But then we are talking about trump… you never know what his 156 IQ mind has in mind.

  43. The new military leader: Dan Crenshaw-Congressman ex US Seal? In his mid 30s right now. Republican/Texas. Wrote a book/s. Calm demeanor. Power house ticket if combined with Tulsi Gabbard (Dem party though).

    1. I don’t like either one of them. Too Trumpy. Any of the other generals including Mad Dog Mathis would be preferable.

      Also Gabbard belongs to a cult.

      1. Hi! Thank you for your post. Totally agree with your sentiments. Very disappointed to see Crenshaw supporting the Trump agenda and the nonsense conspiracy theories, especially about the election. And whoever the Military One turns out to be, Kamala Harris deserves the achievement and honor to stay in her spot of VP . She was voted in by the people and she has every right to remain as VP and stay there. Regardless of who the Military One turns out to be.

      2. Hi! I Totally agree with you! In every way.
        Just my opinion but Mad Dog would be a wonderful President, as would Admiral William McGreven. They are both true Patriots in every way and would serve our country well. Maybe it is someone younger?

        And Kamala Harris STAYS right where she is, as VP.!
        She has been voted in legally and the VP post is rightfully hers.
        The VP position is a crowning, glass-breaking achievement and Honor for Kamala and she deserves every accolade and applause.
        Thank you again for your post 🙂

    2. He is at the top of my list. His manners and noble swagger fits . Then the first prediction implied a cowboy. They retracted soon after and pointed directly to his military service. But he is from Texas.

      1. Eric- Thats what I felt intuitively…how your prediction comes across. You know what else? He’s rapidly coming up. That seems to fit too. Initially I thought McRaven, but the age part doesnt fit. The cowboy hat fits both of ’em. Crenshaws demeanour comes off like a lullaby. I really don’t know much about him folks but people are already pushing 2024-that fits prediction too. The small table discussion part of prediction.
        Anyone else have suggestions who the military guy is? America is ready for a reboot!!! Really excited for this prediction to unfold. I sometimes wonder did the collective consciousness make the needle move to such a drastic, weird circumstance for such a prediction to come to fruition? Pray hard for our great country!!! We need it more than ever now.

      2. Eric- I think the retracting was to focus on his military merit not so much he’s a cowboy from Texas. Maybe why spirits redirected you. Why you ask? Crenshaw born in the UK! 😇 Now elected in Texas. Who knows. Trying to figure out who it could be.
        Praying feverishly for the change and reform this country needs!!!! Desperately putting love and light in the ether. Many, many scared Americans now. Unfortunately I sense other predictions will unfold soon….terrorists acts-domestic and/or abroad. My opinion – FALSE flag!!! What appears to be rioting for one reason is actually a larger agenda. Global elite unfolding as we speak….beginning with the announcement of the new US President. Praaaaayers!!!!!!!! I also believe God is waking us up in masses. (No offense to those who don’t believe these are MY opinions. Thank you Eric for allowing us to safely voice our opinion). Don’t we love freedom of speech without cruelty, judgment and persecution? God Bless America!

      3. Hello Eric and Spirit ! Big congratulations are in order to you for your amazing accuracy in your currently unfolding predictions.
        Just one added point I remember about the Military One as next President prediction.
        If I recall I think you predicted he was going to come onto the scene out of the blue “at the last minute. “ and he was going to be an Independent? I may be wrong about that . Maybe the prediction said he was Republican . I don’t know why I keep thinking you predicted something about him being independent? I could be mistaken.
        Hope you are feeling better and back to 1000% ASAP 😃💖

        1. Also. Eric I..wanted to ask a quick question. When this Military person comes in… whoever it is… however they enter the picture t…I am assuming that Kamala Harris will remain as VP. She was voted in by the majority of the people, She deserves all the honor and historic achievement of staying as VP. I don’t think the prediction mentions her leaving , I was just wondering if Spirit saw her remaining as VP, With this Military person taking over the role as the new President . Thank you 😀

  44. BREAKING: the NBCNews Decision Desk has seen enough. Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania and the White House, defeating President Donald Trump.

  45. Hi Eric,

    Hope you are feeling well. I have a couple questions in regards to this post. I’ve seen you mention a Republican being president many times recently, but Biden is a Democrat so I’m confused as to why or what may be going on? Secondly, we are clearly seeing that a polling issue and the authenticity of our election is being questioned from Republican parties, so does that mean that Biden or someone affiliated with that party or affiliated with the likes of that party compromised the results? Would like clarification from spirit before even attempting to form thoughts on the matter.

    Sending love & light

      1. Maybe Mark Milley or Mark Esper as the military one but neither are from Texas . Very strange but interesting.

        1. Hmmm David- maybe those 2 are too old for prediction??? Who knows. 🤷‍♀️. But I am excited!!! Just hope the military man leader is before 2024!!! Sometimes Erics predictions are years off (Big Florida hurricane prediction is from years ago and that may unfold this year.) His predictions are coming waaaay sooner so lets hope and pray 🤗. Whoohoo. Staying optimistic. Day by day.

    1. I wonder the same.. democrats win, why there would be a republican president! Will they find some fraud in election? Real or manipulated?

  46. Could 50 be.. in 50 days afther November 3rd something is confirmed or happening that is related to Biden?
    50 days after would be December 23rd

    I might be mistaken but did Eric or someone else here talk about a prediction that is around the christmas time frame?

  47. The pandemic didn’t kill Trump’s reelection chances – Trump’s reaction to the pandemic did.

    He could’ve leveraged it to lead Americans thru looming hard times, but instead insisted that it’d be over by June and encouraged his base to “liberate” states trying to slow the spread.

    Trump’s pollster told him 70%+ of voters in states being targeted by the campaign supported mandatory mask wearing in public…including a majority of Republicans.

    Them Mark Meadows said, “The base will revolt.”

    Trump: “I’m not doing a mask mandate.”

  48. “Such a tragedy for the K’s”: I don’t know what ‘K-pops” means, but reading those words suddenly brought to my mind, at least, what happened to JFK, MLK, RFK… three outstanding democratic leaders on the American (and also the world’s) ‘stage’ who offered so much hope for most Americans and so much promise for a better and stronger democracy and all the good which that can entail — all assassinated during the 1960s; basically, one after the other tragically taken out. As a ‘conscious’ teen-ager in 1963 and throughout the rest of the 1960s, I remember the decade very well, indeed, including the live, breaking news coverage that suddenly interrupted a science program we were watching on a TV in a classroom when JFK had just been shot on Nov. 22, 1963 and rushed to a Dallas hospital; Saw LBJ being sworn-in on Air Force One with Jackie Kennedy still covered in her husband’s blood. Then seeing Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby who suddenly lunged forward from the side, the gun going off in his out-stretched hand, Oswald’s face contorted in pain, all caught on an on-going live,TV news coverage a couple days later when Oswald was being transferred in a crowded prison hallway. This nation was mourning, all too often, during the 1960s, but that particular decade also began an intensely accelerated, major shift in human consciousness that was necessary, was inevitable,but is hard to describe and which I am grateful to have witnessed and experienced. JFK, MLK, RFK were caring leaders with truly democratic hearts and minds. They desired to protect the vulnerable, relieve their suffering and help them reach their highest good. God bless, protect and preserve the lives of all such good leaders, always.

  49. “The Next President; The Military Man”: In President Biden’s Cabinet, the 6th person currently in the line of presidential succession is a military man, serving as The Secretary of Defense, the Retired 4-Star General Lloyd J. Austin III. Born in Alabama and raised in Georgia, he is an African-American man of 67 years of age. He has been described by retired Army Major General Paul Eaton, as “Steady in the saddle.” and “A man of the highest integrity.” (This is just a little information for Eric or others who may not know of General Austin. Thank you, Eric).

    1. I don’t think it plays out that way. The military man will come out of nowhere like Wilson or Obama. One minute you know your leaders and then someone you just don’t know pops up.

      1. Thank you, Eric. It seems I misunderstood the wording of the prediction posted here on Nov. 1, 2020, with the longer title that included the words, “The Military Man. The Next President” Also, just a few minutes ago, I accidentally came upon another older prediction that you had posted here on Sept. 20, 2020 which is simply entitled, “The Next President?” and that one I think I understand better because it appears to me that you are clearly saying that the military man will be a good person, not someone to fear, (such as my fear of someone like Michael Pompeo ever winning the presidency). So glad I just came upon that one and for your reply above. Thank you very much.

  50. May I add that just as the decade of the 1960s ushered in and propelled a huge, clear and beneficial shift in human consciousness, we now, once again, continue to be experiencing another major shift which though technically had begun for America by early November of 2016 during its presidential elections, became clear to many people on Earth by early 2020, during the start and continuation of the global pandemic. The previous major shift of forward and ascending consciousness that took place in the early 1960s and lasted to nearly the end of the1970s was ultimately squashed, if not outright killed, by powerful political forces empowered by ‘dark money’ and large- corporate and other anti-democracy interests that saw as a serious, existential threat all of the organizing, forward Movements taking shape and flourishing in those two decades concerning the environment; spirit/mind/body health; natural and organic food preference, growth and production; human/civil/ women’s rights; animal’s rights; etc., etc. By the 1970s, one could see in many places, areas, regions of America (and in the geographically smaller democratic nations of the world,as well.), white and black folks socializing together, dancing together, organizing together, romancing together, marrying and having children together. Many men were feeling secure enough to let their own glorious hair grow longer if they so desired; to feel free to outwardly express their own natural ‘yin’ side. Many men were noticeably making the effort to show women that they were genuinely valued, respected, appreciated as strong and equal human beings in direct response to the rapidly growing and highly visible women’s Movement. Meanwhile, in the shadows a growing minority assemblage of powerful opposition forces, fueled by foreign and domestic, very wealthy individuals in the private sector as well as in government who wielded influence and political clout in and upon the USA, particularly. The difference now, in 2021, is that this newest major shift that has been taking place is impacting everyone everywhere. It’s much more difficult now to squash and kill off the collective will of so many more people who have a current technology at their disposal that makes it far easier to instantly organize, alert and resist smaller, but organized and extreme wealth-empowered factions that regards climate, environmental, human and animal rights’ activists and sympathizers as an enemy to be vanquished for just about any price and at any cost to climate, environment, people and animals — tragically,as human history bears out, not unexpected behavioral responses of human beings with sociopathic and psychopathic mental and spiritual disorders. It seems that we are periodically being shown that we must keep on ascending. Up, Up, Up…🌟💛

  51. Just learned that Michael Pompeo is planning to run for president in 2024 and has formed a group of right-wing conservative ‘Super Pac’ members to help him (cheat) to win. God forbid. Also, Pompeo has a rather strong MILITARY background. He graduated from the West Point Military Academy and ultimately became an Army Officer. Uh-oh.

    1. Thank you, Eric, for your reply, up above on June 16th. the day after I wrote the above on June 15th about my grave concern re/ Pompeo ever becoming the president. Relieved and grateful to know the military man would be someone highly and broadly respected and admired.

  52. Republicans literally breaking the machinery of voting necessary for free and fair elections:

    “Republican efforts questioning the outcome of the 2020 presidential race have led to voting system breaches that election security experts say pose a heightened risk to future elections.

    “The effort by Republicans to examine voting equipment began soon after the November presidential election as Trump challenged the results and blamed his loss on widespread fraud, even though there has been no evidence of it.”

  53. “Mesa County, Colo., Clerk and Recorder — a Republican — was hit with a lawsuit from the secretary of state’s office, alleging she and her deputy ‘snuck someone into the county elections offices to copy the hard drives of Dominion Voting Systems machines.’

    “An elections supervisor embraced conspiracy theories. Officials say she has become an insider threat.” –>>

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