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World Predictions: November 3rd

Previous predictions on topics: THE NEXT US PRESIDENT? The military man.
WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-21-20 Florida

Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president. When seems to be the larger question.
The number 20-0 might be symbolic. When I was in college the game would end if the score reached 20-0, implying a landslide. Or are these number specific to the moment. .
I had a visual of the year 2022, there were new voting booths, new machines, new procedures. All reflecting an issue unfolding in now. Then I had a visual of doubt in specific locations about the elections authenticity. The doubt leads to loud voices on both sides questioning what to do.

I had a visual of a stage, empty like a stadium stage. Then it turned black. I could hear screams from the audience. “Such a tragedy for the Ks (or Kay’s?)”

Eric— Some believe I have a J.D. Salinger personality. You never see pictures or videos of me. My name is always in the smallest print. Am I hiding? Bea is the one who pointed out I should explain myself better. No, I am in no way like Salinger. I have to protect this household. We watch several foster children, and some of their parents are career criminals. So choices are made to limit my exposure and to avoid any household exposure utterly. Now the plan is to switch from fostering to adopting. Those decisions will be made in the coming months once the judge’s hammer comes down. Once these boys have the Leigh-Pink name, I have every intention of going 180 degrees. I will be open to interviews and media galore. Family is always first, though. I live by the word I preach.

There is black gum on my shoe that just won’t end. Seriously that gum has been there way too long. This gum is my health woes. However, for the first time ever, we might have found a solution. I am hoping!