World Predictions: 7-11-22

7.. The next large earthquake.. Mexico

Natural Disaster

China.. Budget.. Budget.. Budget.. Then a vision of black tar splashing against multiple places across the country. The internal order of China begins to crack. As its people turn on their leaders.

Gio Political

Our new site is arriving, a humble one that reflects the Spiritual Realm, a palate designed like an old newspaper that pays respect to the past that brought us here. For over 10 years we have predicted the future. Do you see there is something there? Because now we reset this site with a very different idea. I want to be the fountain of boundless Spiritual information. I want to be a spout of everything the Spiritual Realm has to offer. Not just the world predictions, but solutions. Let the great heaven I know shine through here and now. Let them inform us with knowledge, truth, information.. everything they have to offer, a spout that will flow daily. Let me be your fountain of information. Let me allow the Spiritual Realm to flow here and now. So here we begin again.

Tea and Biscuits with Spirit:

Many of you hold on your wall a sacred picture of a King breaking bread at a table with others. Consider breaking bread with your neighbor today. Consider that all your problems can be solved at a table together. Consider the picture is a message of what you need in this moment of division.

61 responses to “World Predictions: 7-11-22”

  1. Vicks Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    I have a question. Will you give us the address to the new website please? Also, I pray for Mexico as I still have family there.
    Thank you for sharing all that spirit has to share with you. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now. I am always so in awe of what spirit shares with us.
    Thank you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are slowly removing the old site and replacing with this new one, you don’t need to go anywhere, you will just slowly see changes. The big one today. Later we will recreate the pages.

      1. Annabelle Hector Avatar
        Annabelle Hector

        Hi Eric, I’m loving the great new look – our very own Spiritual Newspaper direct from heaven – and you are the wonderful editor! Saying prayers for the world and for your health, you are doing a fantastic job!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That sums it up!

  2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Can everyone comment yet! What a mess, very sorry about that. We are still working on it. But I would love you all to test the devices and make sure we can talk again. Sorry for the error.

    1. kim Avatar

      I don’t get any updates to my email anymore. I’m just finding my way around the new site but it didn’t seem like I could make a comment unless I do a reply – like this one. Other times I can – or it might just be me trying to figure it all out lol

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        The email situation is getting fixed now. We have been testing that. Yes you did not get them for a short time. It should be fixed with this last post. Did you get that? We are in the process of setting it up to where I can talk specifically to those getting the emails, so there is a bit or reconstructing.

        1. kim Avatar

          Yes! I got the email. It’s working for me now. Thank you!

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            Thank god your scared me for a second.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Comments. Still getting all updated. Give it a day or two, if you can’t comment then let me know. The engines are next for coming online. Search engine, and different language button.

  3. DKH Avatar

    Good morning, I just wanted to make sure I could comment. I am here often, but rarely comment.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for being a fan. What a mess right? My techs blew it a bit, how do you forget adding a comment section. Yes. We seem operational now.

  4. Itk Avatar

    Hi, Eric! I finally found this responses section: I had already thought it would no longer be included. I think the visual layout of the predictions is just great – so easy to read (the right typeface against the best possible background color).

    1. hielina222 Avatar

      I am so happy that we are allowed to comment!!! I think the new website design is great.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! Oh no I would never do that. You are the ones that will eventually bring change to the world. The conversation between us all is paramount.

  5. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Hi Eric, the new layout looks good. The predictions are clearer and classified accordingly. I am concerned with the prediction about China. When is this breaking down of internal order predicted to happen and what is it leading to? Is it finally leading to a sort of democracy? Been following the repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang as well as their incarceration and labour exploitation, hope they will be freed and be compensated. The road ahead for China seems painful?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      China.. they will have the same chaos, the same upkeep of violence as the US just did. But protest, anger, rage. The people are upset over ‘budget’?? There is also another prediction that talks about the rise of a religious fanatical that brings trouble to China. So we are expecting that orderly China to shift to something more chaotic. Outside of that the leader of China will become ill and will pass sooner afterwards. Change is coming for China. Their rise on hold.

      1. Shakugan Tan Avatar
        Shakugan Tan

        Hi Eric, I wonder if the mass protests last Sunday in Henan China is related to your prediction about budget?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I will ask. The image was very wide spread. Is there a Budget crisis??

          1. Shakugan Tan Avatar
            Shakugan Tan

            With China, no one really knows as most of their news are censored. Only positive news are reported and negative news are hidden. What happened to the Henan banks seems like shareholders of the bank had manipulated the bank executives and drained the banks of money for fictitious loans. In effect transfer of wealth from poor to the rich (IMHO). Have a good day Eric, always appreciate your predictions and insights.

          2. Hope Avatar

            There are reports of people protesting (and police responding aggressively) due to a bank freezing peoples accounts.

  6. Rhona2 Avatar

    Hi Eric
    Wishing you well and all the very best for the new format and your health ..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  7. Rhona2 Avatar

    I did comment but it didn’t post
    So this is a trial ..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its a mess is what it is. The boo boo is we had two options, shut down the site to rebuild or layer the new site over the old one. We layered but it leads to horrible glitches like shutting down our ability to comment. Hopefully the next rollout won’t be as bad. “Tea and Bisquits” Page. But we will wait for all new predictions first.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I see it here.

  8. Rhona2 Avatar

    Sorry all it seems when I went off the site and reloaded my comments posted.
    Hopefully will post straight away now

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thats because they are fixing it while we are talking, but it does seem to be fixed.

  9. Sara Avatar

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3 testing! I hope this posts.

  10. Alicia Avatar

    Hi Eric, don’t stress xx We all understand creating a space like this takes some time and effort and glitches or correction can be expected. Patience is a virtue is what always sticks in my mind. For us long termers on your site, we aren’t going anywhere, happy to wait and watch the lovely changes you are making. Sending much love prays and support to you and your family. I hope your healthhas improvedx (Oh and years ago you gave me a reading and everything we spoke about has come to pass, bar one as my youngest son isnt fully grown yet so we will wait to see on that one haha)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That was a very nice message thank you.

  11. MrsBee Avatar

    So glad there is a comment section! I was worried that had been removed altogether.

    I did comment (twice) on your ‘Eric’ update wishing you well, unfortunately both comments didn’t show. Hope this one works.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It works! I could never do that. Its YOU and everyone else that will alter the future. The conversations here are paramount.

  12. petemedium Avatar

    WOW top layout Eric. Well worth the wait. Well done mate.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  13.  Avatar

    you expected earthquake in 7 days ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No. I think the 7 is July or the magnitude. It is an incomplete prediction. One I hope they return to with a date. Historically speaking these predictions are split in two messages. I am unclear why the second part hasn’t dropped yet. Take a look at the Alaskan Earthquake as an example. Its confusing structure. Looking at my work is like putting puzzle pieces together.

  14. Steve Avatar

    Quite a significant change Eric, not against it, but will just take a little time getting used to the fixed pitch courier type fonts rather than the more visually flowing non-proportional fonts.

    Your predictions on China are very challenging. The Chinese Communist Party Culture is incredibly strong, with strong repression on any form of dissent and independent thought, with Hong Kong, Tiananmen, coercion on Taiwan, South China Seas, fishing fleets off SE Asian countries, electronic surveillance all being clear examples of how strong the CCP is. The Party is a career choice. Commitment and loyalty bring many rewards that in turn serve as inspiration for each generation. Love or hate them, they have to be admired for how they are bringing focus to their nation. Bringing the country up to having a general living standard equivalent to any Western country over a 30 year time frame is an amazing feat. Indebting all these nations with financial ‘gifts” so that they will eventually be forced to host Chinese military bases is just a brilliant Strategy for world dominance with no lives lost through conflict.

    Predicting the downfall of China is akin to predicting the replacement of the US Government by a One party state communist system.

    I’m not out to undermine the veracity of the prediction, just pointing out that the new world that you are predicting is a major change to the world order, changes that will really shock all of us readers. After the effects of Climate change arrive, along with the Famine, nothing will be the same in any case.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Steve. I don’t think thats what they are saying. My work is a hard read, but you have to read all the China predictions to see an image of change.
      The leader of China is going to fall very ill. The order starts to waver. Money dries up? People are put on budgets? Then the people seem to fight back. But that doesn’t mean an end to their leadership, just a challenge. Think of the US Capitol attack, was it an attack of leadership, yes it was, but the US continues, the government continues. So perhaps call it a distruption to order in the east. But all of this is a precursor to an old prediction. The blue hat figure. A monster of monsters. But he comes a bit later.

      1. coland1 Avatar

        Is this blue hat/turban monster the one you referred to that comes into power via a coup at a time of East v West alliances and tension/war?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          He is a nut. I mean he makes Osama look like church boy. A religious fanatic. It was my impression he sets off the nuclear weapon. That was the impression. Now with Red Rising and that new prediction. ?

          1. coland1 Avatar


  15. Tirin Avatar

    “What you need In this moment of Division”

    I tried to get my family to see my side of things concerning certain political figures, but its like talking to a brick wall, they sometimes said some very nasty things where I can hear it whenever they watch a certain news channel that agrees with their bias, side of them I wish that didn’t form over time.

    Its affected my behavior toward them in not a good way, so I’ve been trying to tune it out, but it can be very hard because I don’t want my family to be filled with all that toxicity. Dealing with division at home is not very fun.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thats it. Yep. We really stopped break bread with one another. We stopped talking to each other. We replaced it with our machines, the one typing right now. We shifted towards ‘ourselves’ and that is burning us all now. We lost our connection with each other. It was never politics. It was the recipe to the best cookies, or helping mom put up a TV. Family is first to them. Family is everything and our failure to make it paramount is in their opinion what’s wrong with the moment. Have you noticed division is rising everywhere. We need to get back to our base.

      1. Tirin Avatar

        I’ll keep trying, I’ll try another approach later.

      2. Danilo Avatar

        Hello! Testing 😀 love the layout but on the phone it’s still a little messy with the website boundaries when scrolling. Keep up the good work!!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  16. mary Avatar

    testing, testing 123 Thanks for all that you do Eric: Glad to see you working after your health scare…be well!!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you

  17. Chris Avatar

    Where you click to comment please?
    I am writing this from the leave a reply section.
    Is this the correct way or have I just not noticed the comment lead?

  18. Gloria Avatar

    Hi, Eric, hope you’re doing well, just testing this goes through! On the last site, we could see how many comments were made under a post, so you knew to open it up if there were more than the last time you looked. Is that going to become a feature again? It saves having to open a post every time to see if there are any new comments. Otherwise, good job!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will check on that.

      1. Itk Avatar

        Again a Russian cruise missile airstrike killing civilians, including children:

  19. adventuresofashton Avatar

    Read this, and then the following post was the first on my twitter when I exited the blog. They may not be as financially sound as one would imagine.

  20.  Avatar

    two large earthquakes occurred in Mexico on September 19 and 22.

    the 19 is the first most powerful earthquake ex aequo since the date of the prediction

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Where in Mexico? I missed that, ouch I partially live in the neighborhood.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you I will post soon!

  21. […] China.. Budget.. Budget.. Budget.. Then a vision of black tar splashing against multiple places across the country. The internal order of China begins to crack. As its people turn on their leaders. In the U.S. inflation becomes the new economic problem here and now. Deep, painful cuts are coming to control the issues. Kicking it down the road is no longer an option. This 2013 World Prediction has happened. It has become the next big problem in 2023. We waited to post this prediction that has plagued all our lives, Because its about to shift, right now. From Inflation comes cuts. Budget cuts, benefits restricted across the board, from the UK, to China, to the US. Cuts.World Predictions: 7-11-22 […]

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