Wuhan Protest Benefit Cuts

China.. Budget.. Budget.. Budget..
Then a vision of black tar splashing against multiple places across the country. The internal order of China begins to crack. As its people turn on their leaders.

In the U.S. inflation becomes the new economic problem here and now. Deep, painful cuts are coming to control the issues. Kicking it down the road is no longer an option.

This 2013 World Prediction has happened. It has become the next big problem in 2023. We waited to post this prediction that has plagued all our lives, Because its about to shift, right now. From Inflation comes cuts. Budget cuts, benefits restricted across the board, from the UK, to China, to the US. Cuts.

World Predictions: 7-11-22

Prediction 47: The Next Economic Problem

This World Prediction is happening.

Coming Soon
Eric’s First Class:
How do you connect to the Spiritual Realm,
Begin your Journey

1. The hidden secret in faith and the land holding the key.
2. All the boxes in the Garage must be removed.
3. The Unconscious mind and the Dreams that fuel Connections.

1. Omenology The physical messages, both given and received.
2. The Power of Qi

Its time to show you how this talent operates.

The details are still coming together. But Its time to teach.

Zoom? How big should the class be? How much to charge? The class is looking like an hour but I want to freely talk to all of you so perhaps two hours? Mid March or April? I am bursting at the seams to show you.

15 thoughts on “Wuhan Protest Benefit Cuts

  1. Can the first lesson be free – just to give us an idea of what’s to come. Maybe lay out a teaching plan? Would that be acceptable to you Eric?

    1. The truth of what I am covering is littered throughout all the Truths. Its already here on the site. All I am doing is condensing the material.
      Oh how I wish I won the lotto, I would do world predictions every night, and teach for free, but unfortunately thats not my life, I am trying to give a very reasonable price, I have checked only to find people charge 100s. WTF. I will sort out the details. But may I recommend checking out the Truths:

      1. The wrong people win the lottery.

        Ask Spirit what to charge. Some people do charge hundreds for classes.

        Maybe do one class a month for $100? This is economical.

      1. So you are going to teach us how to connect to the spiritual world?
        Would these classes be once a week or month?
        I am very much interested in joining your classes

        1. I am going to give you tools that allow you to connect to Spirit. Probably once a month. In my head I have three classes so far, the first is to connect to Spirit and then another class on what to do with that. We would have to have a separate class just to talk about Qi.

    1. A more appropriate question would be, did China just miss starting a war with us?

  2. Off topic but your 1-20-21 prediction jim will pass looks like it will happen soon

  3. Hi Eric, looking forward to the classes, but have question: Could you please clarify #2: “boxes in the garage”? Thanks.

    1. The concept is that the garage is your mind, the boxes your thoughts, and to properly communicate to the Spiritual realm those boxes must go. The garage must be empty. So they can fill it with their messages.

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