What We Predicted in 2020

Prediction: “Eric will be branded as the one who predicted the virus of 2020 and all the horror that came with it”

This year sucked! I mean wow even I started to break down with so much horror.

I apologize for my absence. Unfortunately our plans need a readjustment. The truths will come out in January. There is also an announcement that most likely will be pushed back to early January. I am very excited about our announcement. Just a clue it’s all about this one message, the moon, the lavender: WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-20-20

We also have a short prediction coming soon: The Lady will be attacked, Lady protect yourself!” – The ‘Lady’ is a specific person. For instance Lady Bird or Lady Gaga.
Share this post with everyone. Let everyone know what we do here and our ultimate goal of impacting all future tragedies, altering them. Imagine what we could accomplish.

The Predictions of 2020: President Joe Biden, the voting split 50/50, and Pennsylvania (20) and all the lies that followed.


WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

Economic Fallout

WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-19 I had a visual of a red market arrow pointing down, down, down. 

Spirit is confirming an already existing prediction that the economy is going to have rough period. 

“As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control .. things go down hill fast and furious on multiple fronts.”

Covid19 Strikes White House and America becomes Epicenter.

WORLD PREDICTIONS: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 3 The spirits recently said “Coronavirus.. leaks in.. White House “ I assume that means the president and those around him might catch the virus. They have also made mention of “your under attack” which I am assuming is unrelated to Coronavirus . Also Florida is expected to be hit with disarray in regards to the Coronavirus. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS: 9-18-20 I had a visual that I was circling the Washington Monument from above. It was at night. Then I had a visual of the number 2 on a calendar. “Something is wrong.”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-29-19I had a visual of huge fire sweeping across the US, so many became sick. The fire was like a massive wave striking multiple places. In the fire was a thin man walking with the fire who had a skeleton head. At one point he stood on a bridge. 
You called it a hoax, held out on preparing for the worst.. failed to test timely … and now its coming… the US now the epicenter.

Russia Hacks America

PREDICTIONS 2-14-16. A massive breach.. huge hacking.. US taxes (IRS?).. creating a horrible jam.. they are lying.. Devils due, they are very wickedly clever. 

I had a visual of computers running wild, an office drawer opening up but nothing inside. In the distant background was a white, red, blue flag laying across the desk. Russia? Or perhaps they are just using the US colors?

Water on the Moon

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-6-20 I had a visual of the moon. Then the moon became cartoon like and it begin to shed one tear.


WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-14-20 I had a visual of a dot placed between red and blue. The dot was in the red with a small margin. The vote complete and the red prevailed. 
Sounds like the Senate vindicates Trumps final stage of impeachment

PREDICTIONS 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass. Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me. It will cripple his leadership.

PREDICTIONS 8-20-18 “Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”

Racism Flourishes in America

WORLD PREDICTION: ANOTHER POLICE INCIDENT Seriously another one! We are expecting it very soon. 

I had a visual of two police standing side by side. Then below their feet a stain was forming. Then the stain turned black. Then I had a visual of fire growing and growing. “Rage!” 

“Lies.. view hidden.. the cities will burn with rage.” 
I had a visual of multiple files, one buried in the mix. 
Another police brutality incident? Spirit oddly showed one of the police with odd hair.

 A reminder / reference of their prediction about what would unfortunately happen to Jacob Blake. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS: FLORIDA STORM AGAIN 8-10-20 On a separate note they showed an image of fully tactile policeman, or perhaps ICE. Then they showed a black blemish. A black spot. “Filth” Another brutality incident?

WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-19-19 The world has become so “big” with hate. Consumed with hate. 
WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.
PREDICTIONS ON 12-9-15 I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming  back”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

WORLD PREDICTION: SUPREME COURT VACANCY Posted Sept 8: I had a visual of the US Supreme Court building. Then I heard the word “vacancy”. Then Spirit tipped their hat to a titan of our time. No matter what side your on this person brought a force of change with them.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-28-19 Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman. The balance of power shifts towards the elephant. 30th or the 3rd.

Iran Shoots Plane Down

Predictions 3-28-16  “World wide panic.. airplane attack.. bombings.. 1 and then 2”

PREDICTIONS: 7-23-18 I had a visual of a plane crash. The inside of the plane was hollowed out. The debris was everywhere. Then it shifted to show a visual of the old plane crash the one in Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Spirit is comparing a new plane crash with the Malaysia plane crash, either the plane crash coming is attacked or shot down, or perhaps it has ties to Russia? Or Malaysia? In minutes

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-15-19 I had a visual of airplanes on a tarmac. 
“Airplane crash.. now” Then they compared it to an older prediction about French passengers.

66 thoughts on “What We Predicted in 2020

  1. The only Lady in the news is Sidney Powell- attorney for General Michael Flynn, after Trump wished to make her a special counsel to the President and Mark Meadows intervened to block her access to the President. She has evidence of foreign interference in our elections.

    1. Susan Steffen,

      Sideny Powell is a proven liar and a far right QAnon nut. Her so called “Kraken” lawsuit was a laughable joke that was quickly dismissed by a GOP judge due to it being riddled with falsehoods, errors, unfounded gossip and innuendo, and outright crackpot delusional theories with zero evidence.

      And no, she has no evidence of foreign interference in our elections, just baseless claims with no evidence and experts who aren’t actually experts – like every other frivolous lawsuit she’s presented in court since the election ended.

    2. Could the “Lady” refer to the” first lady”? Either Mrs Trump or Mrs Biden

  2. i would say that the Lady is “Lady Liberty” as there is a significant amount of evil actively working to destroy our country. And anyone who believes Joe Biden actually won the election is paying absolutely ZERO attention to facts. In addition, our country is most certainly dead if he is allowed to steal the election. He is the most corrupt politician in our history. The facts are there, do your homework and learn the truth about him and his evil running mate. They will destroy our country if we allow it. Hopefully my message will not be censored as seems to be standard fare these days when people disagree with what you have to say. Stand up for what you believe, we should be able to have open dialogue, especially on topics we disagree with. Anything less is not dignified and is clear censorship.

    1. JULIE,

      You’re right! The facts are: the electoral votes have been counted and Biden won and Trump lost, Biden has more than 270, and zero evidence of mass fraud was ever found in any court throughout the country, which is why Trump lost 59 consecutive post election court cases.

      No need to be a sore loser like the president. Have a great day!

      1. There isn’t zero evidence and that is why we have this issue! We have seen the evidence including surveillance video footage. All we ask is forensic audit of the ballots and make sure legit and ones that aren’t are thrown out. Meanwhile we watch friends and families accounts being suspended left and right just for being a Trump supporter. Yet yall called Trump the dictator and they are doing exactly what dictators do! They are gearing up to go after Trump and his supporters. This is stuff we see in communist countries not here in USA. You seriously ok with all this?

        1. We have real reason for concern. Now that they are able to get away with election theft, will there ever be another legit election? I have voted in EVERY election since I was old enough. I study the issues, even research EVERY judge to see if they are honest brokers. So for people on here who are so obviously uninformed to believe whatever the media says, does not bode well for our Country. Michelle, folks like you and I need to just stay the course. Keep your faith and your family close. Seek the truth. Trust that God has a plan. Pray for the wisdom to recognize your part in it and more importantly to accept your part when it is revealed. My own personal “prediction” is that unless there is a full airing out of the last election, regardless of the outcome, we are all headed for dark days. See, those of us who just want the truth don’t have to be attached to an outcome. But the truth is critical. Think of this…Biden is 78. Average age of death in our Country is also 78. We could very well be “led” by a president who was, herself, unable to garner support from even 2% of Democrats in the primary. Dark days indeed.

    2. Julie,
      But Joe Biden won the election fairly….the reason Trump’s attempts to reverse it keep getting thrown out of court (even by many Republicans) is because there’s no real evidence. Whatever “evidence” these right-wing websites are talking about are constantly being debunked as something made up or taken out of context. If there was a real steal, even a hint of one, those court cases wouldn’t have been thrown out so quickly. Even many Republicans know that there’s nothing but lies behind Trump’s attempts to keep power.

      I don’t say this to argue, I just worry….what you said about Biden and Harris “destroying the country” is exactly the kind of divisive thing Trump wants his supporters to think will happen. Hitler warned Germans of the same thing, he got them all worked up over socialists and communists and anyone he deemed “enemies”, to the point where they excused Hitler’s attempts to grab power as needed methods to “protect Germany”.

      It just scares me to see history repeating itself. Trump is lying and peddling fear and anger to try to undo the election, which is not the action of a democratic leader, but a man who thinks he’s above the law. He’s using fear and anger the same way Hitler did.

      It really scares me that so many Americans won’t see him for what he is….this is a guy who called African/ Hispanic countries “Sh*thole countries”, bragged about grabbing women by the genitals, has peaceful protesters tear-gassed so he could do a photo-op, a man who repeatedly ignores safety by holding mask-less parties in the middle of a pandemic, shoots down environment protections, and supported dictators like Putin.

      1. It really scares us you dont see how Biden/Harris is going to hurt a lot of people. You say all this about Trump but only have hearsay and what you are told not actual research. If you did actual research you would have seen the evidence cause there is a lot including surveillance videos. I also want to point out which side is silencing which side here. Conservatives accounts being suspended and taken down left and right. What is your opinion on that? That is what communist countries do!

      2. Sorry to be so blunt, but Sara, you sound truly uninformed, like you just received your daily email of the talking points for the TDS club. You really should try to be more curious. I feel sorry for you. And Trevor.

      1. Just so we are all clear the thief is not a person. It’s tone, it’s what’s out there on both sides, that feeling that someone is stealing the election and both sides feel that with the doubt sown.

        1. Eric we have seen evidence of the Democrats cheating I have not seen any from Republicans side. That is why I ask if you can ask for that piece of information.

    3. So agree…Im asking Eric to ask spirit’s did they cheat. His predictions state there is too much light that we will see the theif. We have seen it and I believe that is what spirits are referring too but its so vague they are allowing others to believe its Trumps team that cheated and that is NOT what we have witnessed. At least those of us who seek the truth and have been watching it unfold.

    1. And now she, the leader of Myanmar, and her government have been deposed by a military takeover.

      1. Aung SanSuu
        Kyi is still being held by the military. Prodemocracy demonstrators in Myanmar have been shot and killed.

  3. I agree. Lady Liberty is under attack:

    1) Washington D.C. Passes Bill to Vaccinate Children Without Parental Consent

    Tuesday, December 29, 2020


    2) DC B23-0171
    Minor Consent For Vaccinations Amendment Act Of 2019


    3) Open Post: Cuomo says drug addicts in state-run rehabs will receive Covid mRNA vaccines next

    Tuesday, December 29, 2020


    1. 1) Under the legislation, if a doctor determines that a minor is capable of informed consent, they would be able to seek government-recommended vaccinations their parents object to on religious grounds. They also could get vaccinated against the human papillomavirus — which is recommended for older children but opposed by some parents because the virus is sexually transmitted and they object to their teenagers having sex.

      1. Parents are objective because there is plenty of information and testimonies of it hurting our children really bad and some real bad reactions. Not just because we don’t want our children to have sex cause most of us know kids wil be kids and will explore. Doesn’t help with schools now pushing it all down their throats.

        1. I understand the reference and totally agree everything Lady stood for is under attack. However they were referencing a real person with “Lady” attached to it.

  4. Kate Middleton in Northern Ireland is represented by a third title, Lady Carrickfergus.

    1. Okay this gave me the chills. I woke up yesterday to hearing the words “Dutchess of Cambridge!” and for the last week I’ve been getting something about “royals” and feeling concerned.

      I also heard “Catherine!” (sp?) earlier today with no context. No idea these are related but Kate Middleton is Catherine.

  5. Could the military man walking through the rose garden just be a symbol of what is to come? I’ve seen a lot of talk recently regarding military tribunals etc due to international interference in our elections. Could you be seeing the military man in a sense of this playing out and the military making the final decision of who becomes president? Just thinking out loud and trying to reference things that would coincide with current events since the inauguration is drawing near but thought I’d mention it, especially since you had predicted earlier that trump held on to power in 20.

    Thanks for your response and praying that whatever you had going on has been taken care of! We missed you Eric!

    1. It is very confusing. For a long time they predicted the military one. When I asked who the president would be the said the military one. Supposedly he is like Washington or Lincoln. Now when I asked specifically about November 3rd, voting day, they said Biden would win. Clearly a piece is missing here. It is possible that this is a president 4 years away, however I have never seen a prediction that far off. It would be rare. There are some who believe the image forming in the Rose Garden is Joe’s deceased son. Perhaps that’s true. If I know them all will be revealed over time.

      1. In military school uniform, this is Donald Trump as a young student cadet captain.

        I couldn’t find one of Biden.

        1. If you read Eric’s previous predictions about the military one, it is a very decorated officer.

      2. Due to the outrageous corruption within the US government, I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the near future, there is some kind of military-sponsored/military-led coup – a takeover that helps brings some semblance of stability and integrity… and do I dare say honesty? I think it is needed. No country or government is perfect, but from an outsider looking in on what is happening in and to the US… it’s pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

  6. I got a feeling that the “Lady” who is attacked is the FLOTUS. I had read an excerpt of a bok from Ivana Trump that Donald could have a violent temper. Allegedly he pulled out a clump of her hair because of a hair transplant procedure she encouraged him to get. I think she retracted this but the following story makes me wonder if he is capable of abuse and that would be an act that could cause severe repercussions fir his presidency

  7. Audits don’t care about your mass voter fraud delusions:

    2 out of 15,118. That’s how many issues GA Bureau of Investigation investigators found in Cobb County signature audit. Trump claimed major fraud with GA’s signature match – but audit shows 99.99% accuracy – only issue a wife who signed both her & husband’s ballot

    GBI finishes signature audit in Cobb County, finds only two mismatches

  8. Eric,
    I’m concerned that there might be violence against Biden leading up to the Inauguration, or that Trump might do something bad to try to stay in power. Are the spirits picking up anything like that? Hopefully these fears are just my overactive imagination after this crazy year.

    1. Because you are at a psychic site, not a political one, I would like to suggest that all those of us, including Eric, ask our Spirits, Guides, Guardian Angels etc for their understanding on what you have posted here.
      I for one can state categorically that not one of my Spirit Friends could confirm even ONE of your claims.
      I may be wrong, and so I ask you all to offer your Spirit’s reflection on this.
      And maybe Julie could also share with us which Spirits she received this information from? Pete

      1. Pete, you are right. My only point was to bring to the front the bias that is so clear. I don’t believe that Spirit is biased towards anything but Truth. And their is no “my” truth or “your” truth, there is only THE TRUTH. Our feeble human eyes cannot possibly comprehend the overall plan and vision that Spirit can see. So i do get frustrated when biased comments come to light, and my natural inclination is to push back. My humanness and all its flaws on full display. I never mean to be disrespectful.

  9. Eric not meaning to be disrespectful but, could the Lady be SC Senator Lindsey Graham? There are some who refer to him as, “Lady G”.

  10. I hope it is not the vp elect. I also hope it is not the first lady elect. I am sure secret service provide security for these people. Could we influence the outcome by mentally adding a white light of protection for them?

  11. Fact check: There were no counterfeit Fulton County, GA ballots found. Those were emergency backup paper ballots, which Georgia law requires counties to have in case the voting machines go down or some other problem occurs.

    They’re very real, and tracked if they are used.

    Fact check: There’s a lot of people believing “military grade shredding” of “ballots” occurred in the middle of the night.

    The video of Enterprise trucks (totally normal to rent) is in daytime, wasn’t this week, and what is “military grade” shredding? It doesn’t make sense.

    1. So many falsehoods in Trump’s GA election tweet!

      Facts: “They verified signatures before absentees counted. No ‘tens of thousands’ of dead, illegal or non-Georgia voters exist. No destroyed ballots, his lawyers’ incompetence led to delay, it’s reassigned now+Stacey Abrams’ sister is a different court, different case.

      “The President may be the highest-profile low-information voter in history so it’s also incumbent on all of the people around him that fail to give him information about the real world.

      “There’s no single point of failure here, and it’s not for lack of trying with facts.”


  12. Its right on spot for January 6th incident. Think there’s more to unfold? Read from FB as rumor for marital laws. Praying its foiled.

  13. This is kinda making sense. They cheated and too many of us have seen the evidence. Eric please ask if they cheated in this election. I am very curious to know what they have to say. I watched the hearings on the fraud and cheating. That would be the light on it spirit is talking about. There are rumors Trump is going to resign and hand over to military because of the corruption and cheating.. That would make your predictions come full circle as far as Trump resigning and the military one stepping up.. I see the lady maybe being Sidney Powell.

  14. In reference to the 2020 predictions listed above: “The Lady will be attacked — Lady, protect yourself!”, I can’t help now, (Feb. 26, 2021), but wonder if it is possibly the singer, Lady Gaga, who was being warned through dear Eric’s efforts. because yesterday, (Feb. 25, 2021), I read on CNN.com that Lady Gaga was, indeed, attacked — by way of her employee, her dog-walker — having been shot in southern California and her two, beloved French Bulldogs stolen. Early this morning (Feb. 26, 2021), on Cnn.com, I learned that the man is currently in critical condition and her two little dogs have not been returned yet. CNN reported in this news that Lady Gaga is offering half a million dollars with no questions asked for the return of her dogs. Today, Cnn.com reports reports that there is surveillance video evidence “of the horrific attack.” Neighbors had heard the screams of the man, called 911 and rushed out to aid the man. As the man was walking the two dogs, a white or light-colored car had suddenly pulled up and stopped. Two men got out, approximately 20 to 25 years old. One of the men restrained the dog-walker as the other man pulled out a gun and pointed it at the dog-walker who then screamed out, “NO! NO!” and then he was shot, falling backwards onto the ground. The men ran back into the vehicle with the two, little dogs. Please pray, everyone, for the dog-walker to successfully survive his injuries. (The article reports that his name has not yet been released) and for the dogs to be found or returned now, alive and well. (LAPD has detective(s) on this case). Thank you for praying. Thank you, compassionate spirits. Thank you, Eric. (I’m not sure if my email is still working; I hope so).

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