World Predictions 11-20-20

Coronavirus update, China stain, earthquake and a riddle I can’t solve.

I had a visual of a map of China, then to the left was a black and brown stain growing and expanding. Then the stain shifted to a set of waves on this liquid brown ooze shifting so hostile.

Then they showed several Chinese people, their eyes turned black.

”Evil will sprout up from your 1984 actions China, an evil filled with so much venom.”

The ground is shifting under my feet, that implies an earthquake coming very soon and most likely California or the earlier prediction about Australia and New Guinea. I plan to ask for the details. San Jose? It’s all spidey senses right now but yesterday was that message of 0.0

Coronavirus: I had a visual of a graph showing rising numbers, again and again, then at one moment like a roller coaster hitting its plateau. it just dropped. Then it shifted to show a rollercoaster ride just fall. Then a voice from behind me on the coaster said “Science prevails.”

The message below is one of many personal messages that have become puzzles to solve. If you’re interested I would love to hear your interpretation. This is a message of what’s coming next for me. The last time I woke up and walked outside in a vision it was a vision of an epic storm, I specifically remember screaming up at the sky saying ”that better not be for me!” My health woes followed.
I will have more riddles in the coming post.

I had a visual I woke up. I walked outside and there was endless rows of purple lavender. The trees had purple leaves. I walked and walked but it didn’t change, if anything all the purple grew much thicker as I walked. I remember thinking this should be ending right? But it became so purple. There was a full moon above making everything look very beautiful in the twilight and a breeze swaying it all back and forth.

A full moon represent our work here. Our goal is to reflect the light from heaven and the moon is used for that symbol. They consistently show a full moon as a reflection of accuracy. The Coronavirus prediction had a full moon attached to it. So too did the Alaskan earthquake. A symbol of complete work.

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  1. benmadigan Avatar

    “The traditional meaning of the colour PURPLE is that of spiritual fulfilment, and it is associated with nobility and power.PURPLE is used to inspire and motivate us to put our creativity into action”

    Read more about the meaning of purple in dreams

  2. justin Avatar

    alrighty, seems spirits are spitting predictions lately.
    Lets analyze your post.

    about China and 1984,
    i did a quick searce and found that China and UK signed a treaty on December 19th 1984, regarding Hong Kong after the British Rule would end in 1997.
    One Country, Two Systems.
    Which would allow Hong Kong to be independent and stay a western society until the treaty expires in 2047.

    as we know, for the past at least 2 years China has tried to gain more control over HongKong and deWesterized it. which caused riots, civil war, protests, and deaths.

    another thing that popped up was a comparison between Orwell’s 1984 and today’s China.

    But the prediction is talking about Left of China, which would be India, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, etc
    Hong Kong is in the South of China.

    Earthquakes: there have been quite a few predictions regarding the big one in california, florida, australia etc.
    but i remember there was a prediction about Greece having an earthquake in the end of this year.
    yes i know there was a flood and tsunami but that is not an earthquake.

    Science prevails is basically the vaccines and improved treatments.
    And better understanding how covid works.

    Now regarding your dreams:

    To dream of a storm represents a situation that is noticeably turbulent. You are noticing yourself experiencing turmoil, rage, or anger. You or someone else may be very upset about something. It may also reflect a chaotic situation. The current state of a situation or relationship feels like it’s “up in the air” or that anything could happen. Feeling the potential for everything in your life to get terrible.

    To dream of expecting a storm represents feelings about potential conflict or arguments. You may feel that telling someone something unpleasant is going to cause a fight or cause serious problems. Anticipating trouble.

    Positively, a storm may reflect rapid change or progress. Caring about nothing or no one else as you move forward in a situation.

    To dream that you take cover in a storm represents patience or solitude during an a noticeably unpleasant or chaotic situation. Waiting for someone else’s anger to settle.


    To dream of lavender flowers represents appreciation for honesty that allows you to feel completely carefree or neutral. Feelings about family life or safety that allows you to accept yourself the way you are. Appreciation of being completely insulted from danger or worries. Enjoying or appreciating a neutral situation.


    To dream of the moon represents an area of your life that is becoming overpowered or strengthened. Situations becoming more hectic, dramatic, or noticeable. Something in your life is becoming more fertile or obvious. An area of your life is proving itself.

    Positively, the moon may represent unusual luck or very positive unusual outcomes. Larger forces seem at work in your life right now. Heightened exciting romantic activity or overpowering romantic feelings.

    Negatively, the moon may reflect chaos, madness, or a worsening of problems. Feeling that a situation is out of control or that something dangerous is going overboard.

    To dream of moonlight helping you see represent feelings about being given hope from an unusual, chaotic, or hectic source. Feeling that someone is doing something dangerous to help you behind the scenes. Highly unusual advice or help during a big problem.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks. I believe it’s Orwell. I am a huge fan of his and they know it.

    2. LM Avatar

      Greece had a very large EQ on 10/30, it was a 7.0 and caused major damage in both Greece and Turkey, so I think that prediction has happened. Here’s some info:
      The ones that haven’t happened are the big California quake, the one in Australia, and the one in Jamaica (or somewhere near there). I don’t recall a prediction about Papua New Guinea but they are prone to big quakes so that wouldn’t surprise me.
      Glad to hear spirits see an end in sight for covid!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I keep thinking of the gulf.

  3. justin Avatar

    I forgot Purple


    The color purple in a dream represents neutrality, or powerlessness. Something that is uncaring, unbiased, or totally powerless.

    Positively, purple can symbolize having no bias, or situations that are open. This will usually be represented by lighter shades of purple.

    Negatively, the color purple reflects powerlessness. You are totally unable to respond, react, or do what you want. Impotence in some form. This will usually be represented by darker shades of purple.

    When you see purple in a dream it can represent a negative situation that has been “neutralized” by a positive situation, or a positive situation that has been neutralized by a negative situation.

    The symbol for purple is metaphorically based on the mixture of blue and red which is waking life create purple when mixed. Since blue symbolizes positivity and red symbolizes negativity you get neutrality with purple.

  4. Cody Avatar

    “Coronavirus live updates: Pfizer to seek emergency vaccine approval; U.S. infections reach grim new heights”

  5. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Lavender is used for its calming effects.

    The color represents repentance, royalty, a mediator, kinship, wealth, & the priesthood.

    People here might enjoy this webpage:

    Meaning of Colors in the Bible

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        You are welcome!

  6. Etta Avatar

    The color purple represents DEMs & REPs realizing they need each other to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      This one is a personal message.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Does the color purple have a personal meaning? Have the spirits used it for anything before?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Not really, I do burn lavender with sage and myrrh during my work

  7. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    There were 2 Mall shootings in America. One on Atlanta, the other in Milwaukee. Are these attacks coordinated?

    1. Sara Avatar

      It’s probably too early to know anything for sure, but the one in Atlanta sounds like it could be the result of a dispute. Here’s a link to that article:

      As for the one in Wisconsin, they’re still searching for the shooter. Fortunately, so far none of the injuries appear life-threatening.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker


        Thank you.

        Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Shannon Avatar

    The crown chakra is violet. Maybe it will blast open and increase your intuition to another level (if that’s even possible-your gift is so impressive now).

  9. R2D2 Avatar

    Waking up and walking out to the color purple intrepretation- fully connected spiritually. Everywhere you walk you see the color purple and it keeps getting thicker (in color). The more you walk this path the deeper your in or spiritually in sync. Everywhere you go now you are connected spiritually, this is your future. Interesting you “woke” up to it. A shining, bright star. To be in this mode…your health will be good….maybe in an instant…poof….healed.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  10. Rev Avatar

    Eric, please take care of yourself with extra care! At least in the near time.
    Those puzzling personal messages you mentioned give me the feeling of death.

    I mean: they are saying that it’s a complete work. Your work is complete (or to be completed soon). Means you are done. Your purpose here is done.
    Since what you are doing now is something that is tied with your very life, isn’t the word “complete” = “end of this life, time for the next iteration” = death?
    Sure it may sound like a great thing to you, returning to the folds of your Friends. But for people you will leave behind, ain’t that be a sad thing?

    Best wishes.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will thank you

  11. Sara Avatar

    Evil begets evil. Also still have the Uighur terrorist attacks prediction, resulting from how China has treated them.

    1. justin Avatar

      i forgot about the uighurs, when i hear about them its almost always linked to news about turkey etc.
      Looked up where the biggest group of uighurs lives in China and that turns out to be on the Left.
      in the Xinjiang Provence in North West China to be precise.

      it could be a mess with 10 million uighurs against chinas military if that ever happens

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think this goes back to another prediction. The monster is coming.

  12. Trevor Avatar

    Do you think the full moon in your visual represents a particular prediction that has already or is about to be completed, or do you think it represents all of your completed work?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I took it to be a message pointing to work. I work late hours, I burn lavender

  13. Nicole Avatar

    That personal message sounds to me like being I at an “in between” time with something in your life that feels like it should be changing or progressing but it isn’t. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s nice- but not progressing as quickly as you feel like it should. But I think the message is saying to enjoy the beauty of this time and relax and not stress about it feeling like it’s taking “too long to progress” because there is light reflecting in your life and God’s hand is in all of it.

    Do you have any idea when the science prevails in COVID and makes that huge drop in cases? That part of your prediction made me quite happy!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The original prediction talks about this lasting for a full year, perhaps a bit over a year. Then it would hold as a smaller threat till late November 2021. So I am expecting to stay on track. February and March is when this exploded. I am expecting March or April for it to head another direction. I am sure more details will follow.

      1.  Avatar

        So their won’t be no vaccine in march or April 2021

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I took it to mean the vaccine comes at the beginning of the year and it takes till November to rid ourselves of this

      2. Nicole Avatar

        Thanks Eric!

  14. Job Blue Avatar
    Job Blue

    When you spoke of walking outside to purple leaves, I immediately thought of where you (and I) live…San Diego. Every March-May the Jacaranda trees are completely purple! Its everywhere and the trees are so full of the blooms that the extra petals coat the sidewalks making them purple. Most every street in the neighborhoods of Mission Hills, Bankers Hill and Hillcrest are lined with rows and rows of Jacaranda Trees. Lavender is also in full bloom here, as well during the same time, and many of the streets are also filled with lavender on the corners and in almost every yard. In front of our house is all lavender that grows year round but is in full bloom thru spring and summer. So maybe what is coming your way has the meanings of what others said above but is also giving you an exact season of when to expect it. Starting in late March/early April.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I agree, it fit our house very well, all those trees and bushes.

  15. Ila Avatar

    Regarding China. I think the people are becoming unhappy and might push for Change sort of like a grassroots movement. Regarding your lavender dream. I think it indicates a change for the positive in your life but you need to step out and move forward.. What is holding you back? The change will improve your anxiety level and help you sleep better at night. I believe it also indicates a positive change for those around you and the world ” age of aquarius” by the Mama’s and Papa’s playing in my head

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It seemed very positive.

  16. Cody Avatar

    “Counties that complied (w/ mask mandate) had a net 6% *decrease* in the seven-day average of daily reported coronavirus infections by Aug. 23.

    Meanwhile, the 81 counties that opted out… experienced a net *100% increase* in the weekly average of cases.”

    This isn’t difficult.

    “Mask mandate in Kansas helped slow the spread of COVID-19, CDC research finds”

  17. Avatar

    There is a prediction about bell view a long time ago. there was a shooting in bellvue wisconsin over the weekend that befan as a bomb threat

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks I will take a look.

  18. R2D2 Avatar

    Regarding earthquake- there was a prediction that said ” after Thanksgiving….2…3…”
    I wonder if its northern California on December 2 or 3rd. Think there was a northern California prediction that said “2 bulbs” indicating around Christmas (bulbs ref) and the date would be the 2nd or 3rd. I thought southern Cali still had an outstanding one too. The “Borrego” sounding one. 🤷‍♀️ which we thought may be Bodega Bay. Wondering where “3 is the key” comes in too?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is actually a prediction going out very soon that is a California earthquake. I am working on a specific location.

    2. iforgotmyusername Avatar

      Anza-Borrego is a place in California.

      A quake there is likely (near the San Andreas) but would not be that destructive as it’s not near the big cities.

  19. Trevor Avatar

    The irony of US cases going down due to science prevailing is that in so many other countries science has already prevailed because those countries embraced the science of mask wearing, social distancing, etc. in order to get their cases/deaths down to zero or close to it.

  20. Tetrisnet Avatar

    Eric, Have you seen the Ionospheric charging map of our World (about an hour ago) … the charging in their words “goes ballistic “!! Earthquakes : Red/blue areas are under high charge and black/white is extreme! There is a page on Facebook by the name of : EMP Electromagnetic Precursors for Earthquakes.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks I will look.

  21. justin Avatar

    a bit of potential good news for the future.

    The holy grail blood test that checks for FIFTY types of cancer: Groundbreaking technique will be trialled on 165,000 NHS patients next year

  22. Cody Avatar

    All lives matter?:

    “Germany will consider Israel a European country and give it early access to the vaccine. Palestinians will not be part of the deal.”

  23. Cody Avatar

    American capitalism:

    “Wall Street and finance workers could get COVID vaccines before most Americans

    “Lenders, bank tellers and traders in Wall Street could receive a Covid-19 vaccine before those aged above 65 and adults with medical issues”

  24. Cody Avatar

    “Senate Republicans have invited a leading anti-vaxxer to be the lead witness at a Homeland Security committee hearing on Tuesday at a time when the US is preparing the largest-ever vaccination campaign to fight Covid.”

    Anti-Vaccine Scientist Has Been Invited to Testify Before Senate Committee

  25. Cody Avatar

    Former Alabama senator dies of Covid at age 78, and in his last words warns, ‘We messed up’

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