World Predictions 3-29-20

Let’s start with Coronavirus update, I am very sorry it’s not good news. However we are still holding on to the 3 month time span, where the virus begins to fall flat.
I had a visual of huge fire sweeping across the US, so many became sick. The fire was like a massive wave striking multiple places. In the fire was a thin man walking with the fire who had a skeleton head. At one point he stood on a bridge.
You called it a hoax, held out on preparing for the worst.. failed to test timely … and now its coming… the US now the epicenter.

I had a visual of the president talking with reporters. Over a short time he became angrier and angrier, then the visual shifted and you see the president throw in the towel.

In other news:

Earthquakes? Spirit pointed to India they actually said Delhi, and California. The impression this time was LA area.

I had a visual of a massive landslide hit the water causing a Tsunami or large wave.

I had a visual of military men getting dressed, preparing large weapons, packing bags and heading out. “Bring um home” . Sounds like a rescue operation.

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  1. Well that’s unsettling for multiple reasons, but at least it’s only 3 months – or less than 3 months by now.

    1. 3 months to flatten the curve, not 3 months for it to be over. Other psychics are saying this as well. I’ve heard 2 of them say the rest of this year is gonna suck. One person said the schools will not reopen until next year.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker,

        Oh, ok. I was just thinking of when it said it would fall flat around 90 days back in late Feb.

      1. Eric I love you work. The Part when you said
        “I had a visual of military men getting dressed, preparing large weapons, packing bags and heading out. “Bring um home” . Sounds like a rescue operation” – It sounds military men or women who are deployed seem to have been trapped or stuck somewhere. There story might be heard just how the story black hawk down was told

        1. Thanks, I unfortunately don’t know who they are trying to save, most of my family and my grandparents have military backgrounds so I enjoyed a bit of positive news.

  2. “Raid.. Raid.. goes horribly wrong.. bloody and violent” — this was on 2-22-20. Not sure if it is related to the military prediction here or not.

  3. OMG, Eric!!!! Getting really scared now!!! Going to the dog park is frightening…everything is!!! Following orders from the CDC doesn’t seem like enough…..any suggestions? Take care of yourself, Eric!!! You have been thru enough already!!!😞

    1. zenyatta1,

      Just keep things in perspective because over a billion animals died (along with insects and trees/plants) in the Australian wildfires. I know some humans may think we are somehow more important than animals, insects, tree/plant life, etc. — however that is false because we are all connected. A life is a life is a life.

      By the way, I am in no way endorsing apathy towards this.

  4. Eric, do you think the tsunami is in reference to the Caribbean/Jamaica quake that’s been predicted? It can’t be related to the India quake based on location, and also unlikely related to L.A. That Caribbean quake should be coming up in the next week.

      1. In regard to the President throwing in the towel do you think the vision refers to the President giving up the fight on Corona Virus or giving up the fight against the bad guys

        1. I honestly am a bit confused with the message. If I were to guess, he literally walks away from a news conference. Or gives up on communication with reporters.

  5. South Korea is looking like the gold standard during all of this. Both SK and the US received their first COVID-19 case on the same day in late Jan., but it was SK who immediately began testing after their 1st case.

      1. Do the spirits still think he’ll leave office? (I really hope so, but I’m trying to prepare myself in case he doesn’t.)

      1. Eric,
        Could the skeleton head on the bridge symbolize someone who is evil? Some experts recently warned that extremists might try attacks to add to the chaos, but hopefully not.

        On the other hand, could the skeleton represent someone who is very badly damaged by the virus?

        1. I took the skeleton as Death. The virus spreading like wild fire. The bridge, maybe a cross roads?

          1. I believe the skeleton man is representing Corvid19. They commonly use monster figures to describe things. ISIS was a massive spider so huge that a dark figure rode it like a horse. The prediction of Zika was an overgrown bug the size of a football who went around biting people. Now they can use the skeleton man to describe future events.

            1. That, makes sense! I’m sure keeping track of all their symbols can get overwhelming. Thank you for giving so much to the world.

            2. That’s nasty to look at. Just reading it makes my skin crawl. Man. You have my prayers.

      2. I’m thinking the bridge is a symbol of death, as in crossing over. A lot of people refer to “the rainbow bridge” in regards to death. The man with the skeleton head could symbolise the many people crossing. Thank you for all you do from NZ.

      3. ‘The Bridge’ is the title of my next Blog to be posted next Sat/Sun and refers to the moving from the age of Pisces, that we’re leaving behind, to the age of Aquarius. The inference from my Spirit Friends is that all things relating to this past age is now being tested/removed as we move across to the new. Also, my Spirit Friends are saying that around mid year, around May/June, a shock event will bring the world to the reality that we all, personally, have got to start listening to the ‘Voice Within’. We are entering a time like never before and the sooner we become at one with our personal Guidance, via meditations and listening to Truth, the better we will be able to handle this stunning time. As usual, I will give a link here next weekend. Hope you don’t mind me putting this here Eric. Pete

  6. U.S. is facing a shortage of “personal protective equipment” — PPE — because the White House sent almost 18 tons to China. This happened in February, AFTER the president had been warned about the impending danger to the USA and while he was still calling it a hoax to downplay it:

    “U.S. sent 17.8 tons of masks, respirators, other PPE to China in February”

  7. In the uk we seem to be nearing the peak with the virus , do spirits think Europe will get it under control before it gets worst for usa as we are already around 2 months in and spirits said 90 days is that 90 days per continent?

  8. The coronavirus stuff definitely sounds scary, but hopefully we can limit the damage by staying inside, washing our hands frequently, and working from home. Fauci warned that thousands could die from this, but if we’re all careful, maybe they won’t. Stay safe everyone!

  9. Hi eric once again thank you for all you do i was trying to remain calm and hold hope but i am very terrified this virus has got me panicing and it dont help when people tell me all these conspiracies about how governments will try to control us and all that stuff wish this would end

      1. I know you’re not trying to be funny and just reporting what you’re picking up from Spirits, but that made me laugh!

  10. So all of the world will have to stay inside until June and people will die and continue to die and all the scientists of the planet cant do something to stop it?

    1. I don’t think it’s that dark. The US was never apart of the original message. The original message pointed to China and Europe as getting hit hard with an epidemic. There is even another prediction that talks about just Europe. Now they are amending that to include the US, noting it will be hit very hard.

    2. The majority of world leaders are conservatives running conservative Governments. In the main, their priority has been the economy over protecting people …. to be fair, they had no idea how serious this virus would be … Scientists, and those of similar professions were either ignored, or their reports played down. Even now, some Governments are looking to save their economies at the expense of their people. Pete

  11. Eric, just like you I receive messages from spirit from time to time in my mind’s eye and completely random. I remember in the beginning of 2019, around January, I received an intuitive message with a plague mask and after that message I have developed some serious symptoms of this now so called ‘virus’. The doctors thought I had a pneumonia, but no medicine was effective for me. Fortunately, my health improved after I went to a spiritist center here in my community… go figure.

    China lied all the time, don’t trust the numbers on TV. 21 million cellphone signals disappeared from China in the last 3 months…
    I don’t believe this outbreak was natural, I believe it was created by the Chinese Communist Party for depopulation and to take down other countries’ economies.
    They installed the caos and now offer you solutions, as they were the pioneers managing the outbreak.

    This situation is way more serious than all governments are telling us (I live in Europe), please stay home and be safe. We can only count on ourselves right now.

    Much love to you and all the people in need!
    Thank you for what you do.

    1. I agree with you about the numbers coming from China.

      I’ve also heard that they have had the Coronavirus is labs for years and needed to see how it effected humans to be able to come up with a vaccine so they released it. That’s why it became so widespread so fast. Take that for what you will but I’m inclined to believe it.

  12. Is canada going to be hit hard as well? Our numbers are lower than other countries but It is still growing fast.

  13. hey eric. Other psychics believe that in november/december a second more severe wave of covid will come do you reckon this will be the case? and do you think the measures New Zealand (early nationwide lockdown) took will minimize the impact here? Its even worrying travelling to the supermarket for essential supplies

  14. Massive gratitude to you Eric and Spirit!
    Thank you for the guidance and messages to keep us all informed and up to date.
    Eric I look to you and spirit, God and the angels for divine information and divine guidance every day.
    I know I am scared but I am trying to take everything one day at a time.
    Praying for all and everyone we get through this horror as best as possible.
    No words can express my endless thanks and massive gratitude for you Eric.
    Thank you for being here, and your generosity of heart and caring. Prayers for all .

  15. Is the tsunami related to the earthquake prediction you made just above it? I was living in the Orange County area up until October when me and my partner made a move to just south of San Francisco. During the past two years I lived in Huntington Beach I kept getting flashes and visions of the townhome tract I lived in being flooded. My partner and I also had visions of Los Angeles being on fire when the flight we were on landed in LAX where we saw it was like each individual house was on fire so you could see the grid layout with the fires. I do wonder if this vision I had will come to pass. I had felt for years that we were being pushed to live that area so we finally did.

  16. I work with a Emg Dept Doctor group. They told us we will work from home 90 days, at the least. Thank you Eric for confirming!

    1. From the world’s point of view, the American President, who represents America to the world, has told far more lies in four years that China could dream of. Yes China has not been telling the truth concerning this virus, and neither is Trump at present. The world needs honest, truthful and genuine of Spirit leaders. I can’t name one nation currently with one of those sadly.

  17. Hi Eric, Trying to physical distance. Staying in for the most part. Like I said, think I had it extremely early on. But Im not sure so staying in. I hope you and your family are ok there. I hope your issues stay away for this epidemic. If you need to go to a place less infected, don’t forget you have friends all around the world and across the country. And you have a friend here. I do hope you stay well out of the hospital. Don’t forget to reach out if you need anything and I am sure this is echoed all across this board!! I appreciate you very much and know you get messages and to share them you care and also care so much about humanity. You walk the talk.. Appreciate you so much. And thank you,.Just want you to know how much you are appreciated and so thankful I found this site..

      1. Yep, really mean it! We all have to help each other always but especially now. Be safe!

  18. Thank you for sharing and warning us early on. Could you please ask about the future of the US economy and stock market?

    1. I hear what your saying, but considering all the death, the earthquakes coming, tsunami, it’s unlikely they will want to make that a focus. But I will mention it. Sorry

  19. Eric a big miracle has happened a woman from middle East went to Church and she saw Virgin Mary try to convince Jesus Christ to stop coronavirus but Jesus didn’t want to listen to her because the people don’t pray and cause of our sins and finally after the woman said to Mary to not abandon them and finally she saw Mary and Mary said that she won and Jesus will give mercy and he will stop coronavirus and she give some advices how you will be saved from coronavirus.Mary said you have to make 1 cross in every door and window on your house and on your forehead by oily oil if its readen by a priest

      1. Thanks if you want to post my comment on your blog do it I have no problem

  20. Eric, just wondering if you’re picking up anything on our World Internet going down (for approx 10 days) soon, amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic ? Or, Coronavirus was in 3 viles, in Wuhan, and someone attempted to steal but accidentally dropped one ? Or, what will happen on 10 April in US ? Ref: Psychic Louise Jones

  21. Which the news coming out of people who have survived and now beginning to test asymptomatic positive, it’s really beginning to seem like natural selection, are you hearing anything like this? Like I understand it could be our(human) faults That got us into this mess but was this a plan of the natural design? It’s like a creepy horror movie.

      1. Sounds like we are our own worst enemy.

        Bible says we are to have God’s perfect peace about decisions.

        A security expert taught me any decision based out of fear is always the wrong decision.

      2. I wasn’t familiar with the song so I listened to it I could see A obvious observation, Jonny being replaced with Donny which would correlate with the selfishness theme in the lyrics or it could just be showing that this pandemic is bringing out that in the people in our country. What of the last lyrics “god is a American” is it literal And we are being tested or a euphemism for us thinking we are the best? Are you feeling a Wild West or anarchy kind of feeling? A loss of civility?

  22. Hello Eric, God bless us. Im from India. You mentioned Earthquake in Delhi. Can you give a time frame also. India is in lockdown so if it’s bad it will kill lot of people. Please pray and help.

  23. You once said that Trump would be caught doing deals that would bring him down. Is he profiting under the table from selling the stockpile of medical equipment we supposedly sent to China? Is the self-dealing prediction about the virus response? He is accusing nurses of selling masks on the black market and he always projects.

  24. Hi, Eric. I am not sure exactly when, but I believe you predicted that it would come out that China had been lying about their death rates, and that the world would be angry. I have read several accounts about the number of urns being delivered are estimated at 10, 000 within two days. Here is a link, but several news outlets have started carrying the story.

  25. Eric,SWC,

    Southern Italy 🇮🇹
    Italy Risks Losing Grip in South With Fear of Looting, Riots

    As Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte fights to hold Italian society together through a crippling nationwide lockdown, the depressed south is turning into a powder keg.

    Police have been deployed on the streets of Sicily’s capital, Palermo, amid reports gangs are using social media to plot attacks on stores. A bankrupt ferry company halted service to the island, including vital supplies of food and medicines. As the state creaks under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic, officials worry the mafia may be preparing to step in.

  26. “FBI warns of potential surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans amid coronavirus”

    “Three Asian American family members, including a 2-year-old and 6-year-old, were stabbed … The suspect indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with the coronavirus.”

  27. ‘That’s just not true.’ GOP Gov. Hogan contradicts Trump claim that testing problems are fixed

    Asked about testing on Tuesday morning, Hogan said states were “flying blind” without access to enough tests.

    “Without the tests we really are flying blind, we’re sort of guessing about where the outbreaks are and about what the infection rate and the hospitalization rates are,” Hogan said.

  28. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:::Let’s start with Coronavirus update, I am very sorry it’s not good news.

    U.S. coronavirus death toll eclipses China’s as it climbs to 3,669 in nearly two months after the outbreak hit

    🔷The U.S. death toll stands at 3,669 as of late Tuesday afternoon

    🔷The outbreak hit America two months ago, and has left more than 180,000 sick

    🔷China’s official death toll stands at about 3,300

    🔷Worldwide, more than 800,000 people have been infected and 40,000 died

  29. Pretty despicable:

    “Red states like Oklahoma and Kentucky are receiving more medical equipment from the federal stockpile than they asked for, while some blue states get a cold shoulder in ways that will cost lives”


  30. Going back to earlier what I was saying the other day; this virus has really shown just how corrupt the Capitalistic system is and the monsters it created considering the news articles I have been seeing.

    I just wish it didn’t have to be a virus to do that for people to finally realize it.

    I’m not a psychic, but I’m predicting after this is all over there is going to be a lot of lawsuits, and court orders concerning the corrupt elite in some major countries.


    I’ve been thinking about this lately, but I’ve become increasingly frustrated with just how frail and weak we are physically as a species concerning this virus. I don’t know what the spiritual world expects us to do in situations like this.

    It would be nice to have positive news for once because the world really needs that right now.

  31. “Harvard expert: US would have a ‘very different situation’ with earlier testing, lockdowns”

    “If we had gotten our testing together, if we had gotten our hospitals ready… and gotten a lot of our lockdown orders going much earlier, we clearly would have had a different situation,” says Dr. Ashish K. Jha of the Harvard Global Health Institute. ”

  32. “Exclusive: The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming

    “In 2017 the military identified a novel influenza disease as “the most likely and significant threat” which it anticipated would lead to a shortage of ventilators, face masks and hospital beds.

    “The Pentagon warned the White House about a shortage of ventilators, face masks and hospital beds in 2017—but the Trump administration did nothing.”

  33. a while back there was a prediction about the skues once full are now empty that referenced an attack.
    is this maybe about coronavirus impact on flying? is it possible the virus is an act of terrorism?

  34. Eric,SWC,

    6000 people on stranded cruise ships 🚢

    Coast Guard: Cruise ships must stay at sea with sick onboard

    April 1, 2020 GMT
    1 of 6
    Cruise ships are docked at PortMiami, Tuesday, March 31, 2020, in

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The U.S. Coast Guard has directed cruise ships to prepare to treat any sick passengers and crew on board while being sequestered “indefinitely” offshore during the coronavirus pandemic.

    The new rules outlined in a memo are required for ships in the district that covers Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Puerto Rico. They also come with a stiff warning: Any foreign-flagged vessels “that loiter beyond U.S. territorial seas” should try first to medically evacuate the very sick to those countries instead.

    Many South Florida cruise ships are registered in the Bahamas, where hospital capacity is limited and people are still recovering from last year’s devastating Hurricane Dorian.

    The rules, which apply to vessels carrying more than 50 people, were issued in a March 29 safety bulletin signed by Coast Guard Rear Admiral E.C. Jones, head of the seventh district. All ships destined for U.S. ports were already required to provide daily updates on their coronavirus caseload or face civil penalties or criminal prosecution.

    Dozens of cruise ships are either lined up at Port Miami and Port Everglades or waiting offshore due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most have only crew aboard, but Carnival Corp., which owns nine cruise lines with a total of 105 ships, notified the SEC on Tuesday that it has more than 6,000 passengers still at sea.

    Federal, state and local officials have been negotiating over whether Carnival’s Holland America cruise ships, the Zaandam and Rotterdam, would be allowed to dock at Port Everglades this week. But the company’s Coral Princess is coming, too, with what that ship’s medical center called a higher-than-normal number of people with flu-like symptoms.

    Carnival said three of the 40 ships that were at sea when it paused its cruises last month are expected to arrive at port by week’s end. In addition to the ships arriving in Fort Lauderdale, other ships are approaching Civitavecchia, Italy, and Southampton, England, spokesman Roger Frizzell said.

    Two of four deaths on the Zaandam were blamed on COVID-19 and nine people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Carnival’s maritime chief officer William Burke told Broward County commissioners at a Tuesday meeting. The company said more than 200 have reported symptoms. More than 300 Americans, with about 50 Floridians, are on Zaandam and Rotterdam. Four children under 12 are on board.

    DeSantis maintained Florida’s health care system is stretched too thin to take on the ships’ coronavirus caseload, but he said he would accept the Florida residents on board.

    For most people, the virus causes a fever and cough that can clear up in two to three weeks without hospitalization. Older adults and people with existing health problems are more likely to suffer severe illness and require oxygen to stay alive.

    Under normal conditions, a ship can call on the Coast Guard to medically evacuate people too sick to be cared for on board.

    Now a Coast Guard flight surgeon in the seventh district will decide if a transfer is absolutely necessary, but the cruise companies then would be responsible for arranging on-shore transportation and hospital beds.

    “This is necessary as shore-side medical facilities may reach full capacity and lose the ability to accept and effectively treat additional critically-ill patients,” the memo said.

      1. Eric,
        Why?….He has a promote a tough guy image…
        Imagine …In the states? No
        What a bully!

          1. Eric,

            Threats so far…(he apparently promised food, that has not been available after 2 weeks)
            And protests are looming…hence the crackdown

            As Virus Spreads in Philippines, So Does Authoritarianism: Duterte Threatens Violence Amid Lockdown

            the Philippines, authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday he’s ordered soldiers to shoot to kill residents if they resist a strict lockdown on the island of Luzon. His order came after residents of Manila’s Quezon City shanty town staged a protest, saying they’ve gone hungry without food promised when the lockdown began more than two weeks ago.


  35. Hello

    I am not a clairvoyant but I keep geting the feeling that by April 20 – end of April the virus will end. What if the 90 days are meant to be end of April as the virus really started to escalate in mid January?

  36. Eric,SWC,
    Update ✔️
    Presymptomatic spreaders

    A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that those infected with the novel coronavirus can spread it for one to three days before showing signs of the illness

    — such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath
    — hence making them “presymptomatic” spreaders.

    The findings further emphasize how infectious COVID-19 is and why containment measures may be difficult.

  37. Eric,SWC,

    Coronavirus cases worldwide top 1 million; 10,000 deaths in Spain

    The global number of confirmed cases has doubled over the past nine days, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

    “In the next day or two, we will reach more than 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, and 50,000 deaths,” World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Thursday.

  38. Eric,SWC,

    Malaysia 🇲🇾

    Malaysia’s indigenous people flee into forests to escape coronavirus

    KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – After blocking the entrance to their village with logs, half the people of Jemeri fled into the surrounding forest in fear as the coronavirus spread in Malaysia, infecting the first indigenous ‘Orang Asli’ person.

  39. “Trump administration ended pandemic early-warning program to detect coronaviruses

    “Two months before the novel coronavirus is thought to have begun its deadly advance in Wuhan, China, the Trump administration ended a $200-million pandemic early-warning program aimed at training scientists in China and other countries to detect and respond to such a threat.

    “The project, launched by the U.S. Agency for International Development in 2009, identified 1,200 different viruses that had the potential to erupt into pandemics, including more than 160 novel coronaviruses. The initiative, called PREDICT, also trained and supported staff in 60 foreign laboratories — including the Wuhan lab that identified SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

  40. This is why the House wants a 9/11 Commission style inquiry into possible Covid19 medical supply corruption:

    “I do not understand the federal government collecting taxes from us, using that money to buy medical supplies from the private sector, then giving the supplies to the private sector so the private sector can rip off states that have to purchase the supplies with more tax dollars.”

  41. President sending multiple shipments of 100% of aid requested to red states he won in 2016 but bread crumbs to blue states he lost:

    “Massachusetts only received 17% of aid requested and Maine 5%, while Florida will receive its 3rd shipment of 100% of aid requested. We’re investigating if the Strategic National Stockpile is distributing aid based on Trump’s personal preferences.”

  42. U.S. ‘wasted’ months before preparing for virus pandemic

    “A review of federal purchasing contracts by The Associated Press shows federal agencies waited until mid-March to begin placing bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, mechanical ventilators and other equipment needed by front-line health care workers.”

  43. Eric,SWC,
    Canada 🇨🇦
    OTTAWA (Reuters) – The number of Canadian deaths from the new coronavirus rose by more than 12% to 674 in a day, official data showed on Sunday, and Quebec officials opened a probe into the deaths of 31 people in a seniors’ residence.

    The public health agency said that by 11:00 eastern time (1500 GMT), the total number of positive COVID-19 diagnoses had risen to 23,719. The respective figures at the same time on Saturday were 600 deaths and 22,559 cases.

  44. Eric,SWC,
    Update ✔️
    🇪🇸 Spain

    Spain to keep coronavirus restrictions under review as some companies prepare to restart
    The country’s overnight death toll from the infection rose for the first time in three days on Sunday, to 619, health ministry data showed, bringing the cumulative toll to 16,972. Confirmed cases increased by around 2.6% to 166,019.

    Tough lockdown measures have helped bring down a spiralling death rate that reached its peak in early April. New deaths reported on Saturday were the lowest in 19 days while the increase of confirmed cases has roughly halved from a week ago.

  45. “The WHO’s response to COVID-19 has not been perfect but if Trump had heeded its advice it could have saved thousands of American lives

    “Now Trump is blaming the WHO for his own negligence & cutting off funding

    “The result could be more preventable deaths”

  46. Hello Eric. I was watching the Today show this morning and they mentioned the nurses are providing a “bridge” for patients who are passing of COVID-19. They mentioned that nurses have taken on the role of being the intermediates between (bridges) their passing patients and their families because the families are not allowed to be with their loved ones as they leave this life. Many of them are providing a special conduit via phones, video, etc. to be in the place and stead of the family members that cannot be there in person to say goodbye. When I heard this I thought of the bridge in your prediction, but not something negative associated with the skeleton man, but rather a bridge of love. Yes passing is scary (like your vision of the skeleton man), but these kind souls as nurses are bridging that gap to walk with the patient and provide love and comfort where they maybe would have otherwise walked alone. Anyway, this thought just came to me and I thought I would share with everyone. Blessings of health to you…and all of us. May we use this experience to remember our blessings.

  47. Eric,
    Ref:::had a visual of a massive landslide hit the water causing a Tsunami or large wave.

    British Columbia

    Slow-moving Old Fort landslide reactivates, forcing evacuations near Peace River, British Columbia

  48. “Bring um home”:

    “United States intelligence officers and Special Operations forces in Afghanistan alerted their superiors as early as January to a suspected Russian plot to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan.

    “Two officials said the information about the bounty hunting was “well-known” among the intel community in Afghanistan, including the CIA’s chief of station and other top officials there, like the military commandos hunting the Taliban. The info was distributed in intel reports.”

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