World Predictions 3-29-20

Let’s start with Coronavirus update, I am very sorry it’s not good news. However we are still holding on to the 3 month time span, where the virus begins to fall flat.
I had a visual of huge fire sweeping across the US, so many became sick. The fire was like a massive wave striking multiple places. In the fire was a thin man walking with the fire who had a skeleton head. At one point he stood on a bridge.
You called it a hoax, held out on preparing for the worst.. failed to test timely … and now its coming… the US now the epicenter.

I had a visual of the president talking with reporters. Over a short time he became angrier and angrier, then the visual shifted and you see the president throw in the towel.

In other news:

Earthquakes? Spirit pointed to India they actually said Delhi, and California. The impression this time was LA area.

I had a visual of a massive landslide hit the water causing a Tsunami or large wave.

I had a visual of military men getting dressed, preparing large weapons, packing bags and heading out. “Bring um home” . Sounds like a rescue operation.