Predictions: 7-23-18

I had a visual of a plane crash. The inside of the plane was hollowed out. The debris was everywhere.

Then it shifted to show a visual of the old plane crash the one in Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

“In minutes”

Spirit is comparing a new plane crash with the Malaysia plane crash, either the plane crash coming is attacked or shot down, or perhaps it has ties to Russia? Or Malaysia?

In big bold words was “Major Earthquake”  (I need to verify details.)

16th is marked


‘Massive explosion.. I.. L.. its coming soon.”

“Pillars at the corner or base”

I had a visual of a dangerous Hurricane starting to form.

So now I will ask the questions: Major Quake? Hurricane? Details of IL explosion? and any added details to this plane crash, in that order. Hopefully we can get details for all of these events. 

Though unconfirmed, I was asking them to explain their last message about “Timothy McVeigh” . That might be related to the explosion. 

101 thoughts on “Predictions: 7-23-18

  1. I’m still going to pray that this dangerous Hurricane won’t hit Florida. I’m not sure the state isn’t even ready for the mega Cat 6, let alone get every single person evacuated in time. Just the thought of a mega Hurricane hitting the state and wiping it out clean really send chills down my spine.

      1. The last time the supposed “mega one” was going to hit around the area last year in October, a bunch of potential ones either shifted dirtection at the very last second or completely broke up and vanished.

  2. As Timothy Mcveigh was the ‘Oklahoma bomber’ does that mean the possibility of another type of home grown terrorist act?

  3. Is the explosion related to the bridge predictions? The pillars /corners of the base sounds like it could be.

    Any idea of the location of the planet crash?

      1. Sorry for jumping in. There was another old prediction which specifically said the frame is the target. It was about the bridge being destroyed and SF I believe.

      1. Eric in an old prediction I remember Spirit specifically saying the plane comes from Australia. Do happen to remember that one? I can look for it.

        1. They have a new prediction that actually says AU will be attacked. It will come out later today. I am unclear if its related to the plane. I will try and find the prediction you are talking about.

      1. Fair point. Only thing that makes me question that is the reference to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down with a missile by Russia over eastern Ukraine. Maybe the inside of the plane is filled with passengers but is then hollowed out by a missile attack?

  4. Like I said earlier today, I had a premonition dream/vision of the CNN red letters (they were large, like the “Hollywood “ sign in California. In my dream, I saw major, intense shaking of the CNN logo – 3 to 4 Times w/ a pause of a second or two between each shake. Like I said on another post, either there will be a major earthquake or we’ll all be shaken up by breaking news.

    1. The CNN sign look like that outside the CNN center in Atlanta. (Google image search it). Though I can’t really imagine a major earthquake in Atlanta. But if the sign is the same one you saw could it be something f happening at the center?

      1. Hi Nicole, Your theory did occur to me last Eve – yes, the sign looked like the sign in front of the Atlanta complex. But, I saw nothing but the shaking sign of CNN so I did not see any context such as a building. I hope there’s not a home grown terrorist who like McVeigh, is planning on bombing the media because of the ‘fake news’ accusation from our President and others. Or, there could be a shake-up at CNN. When I awoke, I felt it was something BIG. An earthquake came to mind first, linked to California, but it could be an earthquake in Atlanta, NYC, Washington DC and anywhere else where CNN is located. I have no doubt something shattering is about to occur.

      2. Lia- I’ve been picking up something huge occurring, too. Though the more I think about it I actually am doubtful that if it’s something physical happening it’s at CNN in a Atlanta – that’s only a couple of miles from my house and I have driven by it twice the last few days and haven’t picked up anything myself- I can’t imagine I wouldn’t be getting a hint of something super big in my own backyard. I do feel like there’s a major earthquake coming, and maybe a few other huge things – possibly involving Trump?. Timing is tough but a few premonitions I’ve had have been coming back around the last couple weeks.

      3. Sara- I’ve had an earthquake one that seems huge that’s shifting between San Fran and New Zealand (similar to Eric’s). The Trump stuff I don’t feel comfortable posting details of online but what I will share is one piece involves what appears to be Pence being sworn in as President in a rush (non descript room surrounded by SS agents). I’ve been seeing the Trump stuff since before his inauguration so no idea timing but it keeps coming back around. I have had similar premonitions to Eric on airplanes and that flashed back the last few days (those have been happening intermittently for almost two years also so again no idea on timing). I have had a premonition about a fire in Salamanca Spain (I just posted details on Eric’s new predictions because I’m intrigued that now he’s getting something on Spain fires). They were early this year but just suddenly started remembering them this week which often happens just before an event I had a premonition about actually occurs. There is also a premonition I’ve had about a shooting at a hotel (I think in New York near Broadway) that I just started remembering again, also. (Also an older one). I’ve been trying to work hard on boundaries so I’m more in control of when I pick up things that aren’t my personal guidance (so it’s with intention in professional readings rather than constantly getting info about random strangers or friends or world events), so I don’t pick up as many world events as I used to (because usually those hit me randomly, not intentionally).

    2. Or it means CNN will bite the dust..
      There ratings have bottomed out….
      May even re-organize…. maybe a shake up of the entire network.

  5. I live an hour out of Chicago…one post on another psychic site had the address of the john hancock tower in IL….also trump tower is downtown Chicago too.

  6. I was just a kid when the OK city bombing happened. It was actually my 13th birthday. I don’t remember much about it but I think it was “home grown terrorism.” Maybe that is pointing to something similar or another office bombing relating to the government somehow.

  7. Maybe the IL is Illinois and the explosion is the Sears Tower or the Chicago Board of Trade.

    1. Interesting Raymond .. Board of Trade can be a target specially with all the trade war Trump has been creating with other countries.

    2. There are so many buildings in Chicago to target, does anyone know if there is a specific federal building? But your right Sears tower and Hancock tower would be targets for some horrible terrorist.

  8. From your predictions from 1/27/2018 “Chicago.. explosion.. 1” and also this prediction for “Massive explosion.. I.. L.. its coming soon.” and “Pillars at the corner or base”, if these might be related to your 7/21/2018 predictions, “Timothy McVeigh is returning.” could this mean that another homegrown terrorist or possibly someone with a fertilizer-type bomb might be coming to Chicago IL? Since McVeigh hit the OK City Federal Building, could this imply a possible link to the Federal Building Plaza in Chicago? The Dirksen Federal Building houses the US Courthouse with 30-floors at 219 S Dearborn and the Kluczynski Federal Building with 45-stories at 230 S Dearborn in Chicago both have matching black pillars on their street level foundations, and stand across from each other along with US Post Office building and the modern orange metal Calder Flamingo art piece in the Federal plaza. A 3rd building across the street at 77 W Jackson Blvd is the 28-story Metcalfe Federal Building built in 1991 which also has similar black pillars at the base. I don’t recall that you’ve seen any visions of flamingos, but all these pillars could match your predictions, if the pillars prediction is related to the IL explosion prediction. Interesting history, the federal plaza buildings finished in 1964 and 1975 were built at the site of the original Federal Building from 1898, which suffered 1 bombing on September 4, 1918 which killed 4 and injured 75. A 2nd bomb attempt was thwarted Oct 31,1921. We are approaching 100 years from the 1918 bombing, not that it would be any coincidence. Could “Chicago.. explosion.. 1” refer to 100 years or 1 century?

  9. Just appeared on the USGS: Magnitude 5 quake has just hit WSW Gold Beach Oregon. Nothing on the news yet. It is 10.30pm East Coast Australia.

    1. It’s morning now, and since I reported the that first quakes last night my time, there have been 11 separate quakes off the coast of Oregon, mostly centred in the same area. The highest recording being (original recordings) 3 at 5.9 through to 5.6 and 5.2, with 8 other quakes at between high fours to low threes. I’d suggest we keep an eye on this area.
      Oh and just in, a 3.4 was reported as felt in Edmond Oklahoma.

  10. I also just noticed that CNN is in Chicago, IL, across and in view of Trump Tower as of March of this year. Yikes!

  11. I was trying to relate to the McVeigh prediction, combined with my dream of CNN shaking. Sorry for any confusion, related to connecting what others here were saying about Chicago, Illinois.

    1. Liam — Hopefully that’s not the case because I’d hate to see the president react the way I’d expect him to react if the building being bombed is a CNN building.

      1. Yes, my thoughts as well. On the other side of the coin, what if the Trump Tower were to be the target? (Buildings like CNN nearby would shake). Now that would be possible given Trump’s long list of enemies. Hope this is just conjecture here because either way, it would be devastating.

      2. *Or any where else for that matter – whether in IL or not and whether it be CNN/Trump Tower or not.

  12. Eric,

    Any info on the Newport prediction? I thought I posted last time it might not have gone through but in work at fashion Island which is literally an island surrounded by business buildings. Any connections?

  13. timothy mcveigh bombed
    a federal bldg so maybe the
    pillars at the base points to another
    federal bldg. the architecture of
    old style federal bldgs is usually greek
    revival style with columns and

  14. I just had another thought – CNN stands for Cable News Network . Maybe the whole cable network is shaken by a cyber attack and goes down? Hope not, but it just came to mind.

  15. Just thought I would post this about Eric’s Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes on 4/29/2018

    His link includes several predictions. It is Wednesday 7/25 and there is unrest on the west coast

    “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
    I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

    Predictions on 11-8-15 San Francisco Earthquake In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
    The 25 will be lost to this.”

    1. Just saw that listed on 7/24/18 there were 5 EQ’s from 4.3 to 5.6 off of the coast of Northern California.

  16. The plane crash of Flight 17 happened when Russian rebels shot it down, thinking it was Ukrainian. (This was during the Russia/Ukraine conflict).

    Maybe the spirits are saying a plane gets shot down as a result of a similar thing. Syria is a war zone, with tons of different groups there, to me it sounds likely a plane could be shot down over mistaken identity…..though they might already be a no-fly zone, I’m not sure.

    Or, like Eric said, it could mean a deliberate attack. The “hollowed out” part reminds me of a phenomenon that sometimes happens in plane crashes–sometimes, if a hole is torn in the side, the pressure can suck out anything inside. Maybe whatever happens to this plane involves everything being sucked out, hence the hollowed-out look.

    Eric, the two dates that were marked–the 16th and 28th–which predictions go with which dates?

    1. Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet a few days ago because it came too close to their border, but it was able to land back in Syria.

  17. Eric,
    Using the search engine, I typed in “plane and bridge”, and once of the predictions the popped up was one you made December 16 2016. I’ve posted it below.
    Parts of it seem to match with the recent visions of a plane, the possibility of a bridge incident (pillars at the corner or base), and someone planning a bombing.
    But again, it’s an old prediction.

    “In San Francisco.. the bridge.. bombing.. the key is to let the people of the city know what is coming.. ” — Spirits Voice
    I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice
    I had a visual of a man folding his clothes in what looked like a hotel room then there was a massive explosion that ripped through the walls. “In the national capitol”

  18. Eric,SWC,
    Mexico ,Air crash..

    Ref::I had a visual of a plane crash. The inside of the plane was hollowed out. The debris was everywhere
    (Hollowed out? No deaths?)

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Dozens of people were injured when a packed Aeromexico-operated (AEROMEX.MX) Embraer (EMBR3.SA) jet crashed right after takeoff in Mexico’s state of Durango on Tuesday, but authorities said most were not seriously hurt and there were no fatalities.

  19. Eric,
    Ref::Spirit is comparing a new plane crash with the Malaysia plane crash, either the plane crash coming is attacked or shot down, or perhaps it has ties to Russia? Or Malaysia?


    Syria 🇸🇾
    Russia plane…shot down
    Russia says Israel indirectly to blame? (This is an add on report by Russians)
    As it was acknowledged earlier reports Syria was solely responsible.,,

  20. Eric,
    Red::Spirit is comparing a new plane crash with the Malaysia plane crash, either the plane crash coming is attacked or shot down, or perhaps it has ties to Russia? Or Malaysia?

    Russia accuses
    However Syria shoots down plane
    Russia wants to blame Israel.

    Russia’s military on Tuesday said one of its aircraft with 15 people on board was shot down by Syrian government missiles and blamed the Israeli Air Force for pushing its Il-20 jet into the line of fire of Syrian missiles.

      1. Jules104 & Star48: you BOTH are good at finding links and sharing perspectives! I appreciate your input.

  21. Eric, plane crash in the sea off of Jakarta. No survivors. Carrying 20 Ministry Officials and their families on vaction. Could this prediction be referencing this by saying it was similar to what happened with the Malaysian airplane flight 17 crash. It also marks a “Major Earthquake” coming, the number 28 and 16…an explosion, Chicago I L, and Timothy McVeigh.

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