World Predictions 6-6-20

“From a small simple, humble, prophet he will become one mega star, his surname in almost everyone’s household.”
I had a visual of a statue of Apollo, ancient, chipped, and slightly stained with age. The statue was standing on a brand new floor. That has ties to older predictions: WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-5-19

Spirit again seems to be referring to a religious or spiritual man who builds a new foundation . He or she sets a new course that currently does not exist. Now they are saying his fame is massive. Apollo is most likely a reference to the Oracle of Delphi during the era of Sparta, a time when world leaders around the world consulted the Oracle to see what the heavens had to say.

They have consistently mentioned a new, rebirth of spiritual growth coming. One that presents a totally different course that seems both ancient and brand new. Three separate spiritual leaders are set to change the course of history. The Ambassador, this figure, and a third individual they have mentioned little about.

Oracle of Delphi:



I had a visual of the moon. Then the moon became cartoon like and it begin to shed one tear.

Sounds like disappointment or tragedy is coming for space exploration.

They are drawing black lines through Florida, then circling areas in the ocean.
Ouch. That clarifies that a hurricane or flood is coming. Now I need details. The marker is black, that’s not good.

I had a visual of a police officer riding a bike, he held his side that was bleeding as if injured.
Perhaps a bullet wound.

Sorry everyone Spirit did not approve the “Truth” so I need a bit more time as I start from scratch.

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  1. Is it the current BLM movement that has brought people around the world together speaking out against hate that has lead us to be worthy enough for this Ambassador to arrive? Reading back to your first message of him that he will arrive when we put war aside, and with us all now coming together to support equal love of humanity it just seems fitting.

    1. They actually present it differently. According to Spirit there was an announcement warning everyone Spiritually of the ambassador coming. Even if it is 100 to 150 years away. That in turn enraged (and panicked ) the darkness , and our world is a reflection of their unraveling system as they desperately try to hold onto their 10000 year grip on humanity. Like a cornered wild dog. This prediction talks about another Spiritual who sets a new tone.

    1. No this is someone coming now. It’s the Ambassador that comes after the war. We are moving towards a new spiritual direction, and it’s about to start.

  2. On eric, this touches on many previous predictions…the big thing for me is when is this dictator going to be out!! We need light!! Not more darkness!

  3. Didn’t you say previously that you thought the Apollo man reference could be about you? If I remember correctly, you were the Oracle of Delphi in a past life.

    1. I did, mainly because I was the Oracle of Delphi. The two process and results mirror the world predictions here. They have consistently talked about building a new foundation as well because they aren’t content over the current one. So yes it sounded like me. Now I have doubts, I don’t consider myself a prophet nor am I looking for mega fame.

  4. Florida hurricane/flooding related to recent Eric predictions:
    “J A C K S O N was spelled out, then a voice said ’10 minutes’ (10 days)
    I had a visual of a massive tide hitting a beach front.
    This is a reminder that this older prediction is about to happen.
    Notes on 6-10-15
    I had a visual of a hurricane, it lashed against a land mass, then the visual switched to show massive rain and wind.: Hurricane? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of a city, the spirits told me that the real threat of this storm was any location near the shoreline. The rain raged down with a massive wind. I found myself walking into a café for shelter. I asked a young man eating a pastry
    Where am I? What city is this?
    “Jacksonville Florida.. looks like the storms are back, the break is over. ” the young man replied.
    The hurricane did not last long, as quickly as it moved in, it moved out.
    Spirit when?.. ’31’”
    Remember years ago you actually drew a map of Florida with black lines crossing through mid section? Yikes. Why the heck not? Lets just add hurricanes, earthquakes, asteroids…shoot UFO’s to the mix! (Kidding of course). Sigh.

    1. Didn’t that unfold with Matthew? I do recall Jacksonville getting flooded, completing that prediction. I think this time it’s South Florida that’s going to get hit by two hurricanes in a row. I could be wrong on that.

      1. @anonymous yea sounds familiar. So many natural disasters I lose track! But yes you may be correct with Jacksonville, FL and southern Florida. Wasn’t there a shooting there too making national news? I distinctly remember Erics drawing of Florida map with black lines. 🙁

  5. «Before the appearance of Apollo, The Oracle of Delphi belonged to many other deities such as Gaia, Themis and Phoebe. Gaia gave the Oracle to her daughter Themis, and she in turn to Phoebe. From Phoebe the possession of the Oracle passed to Apollo.
    The succession of worship at Delphi from Gaia to Apollo reveals the conflict between the old and the new order, between the demons of the Earth and the gods of Olympus»

    I believe the important message here is the change! “from the old to the new world” through huge changes, “from the bad to the good” “from darkness to light”

    1. Popi, by the end of the year, they will find a city buried, that will cast more light on the Oracles, their where other places as well….

  6. Will this prophet emerge now or sometime after that evil monster of the 2030s horrible rule?

  7. Could Mercury be linked to Mercury Retrograde time frame coming up on June 12th…

    1. What’s Mercury Retrograde? I’ve heard the term before, but can’t recall its meaning.

      1. It’s an astrological moment that according to astrology represents a time of mis communication, arguments, or lack of connection. It’s also not a good time to make contracts or start a new venture.

  8. hey Eric. I think more than one hurricane will hit Florida, raging hurricanes, is the right word to use. people, need to realize, that the weather, is getting so much worst, The country American, will look so much different 20 years from now, due to massive amount of water, that isn’t going anywhere, but people don’t believe…..even as it is happeneing now. I want to put out their, that a species of traverlers, from space, WILL BE a BIG help, with the world. a lot of teachers, in the future, will be taking help and information from THEM! but this part, spirits, have not really shared this with you. People, have no idea, how weather, will change the land masses, I was wondering, WHY the spirits did not approve the new truth? if you write, what they say, why won’t they approve it? remember, that information changes rapitly, in the spirit world, due to humans, free will. I had a dream, that THREE hurricanes, were in the ocean, all heading to Florida, of course free will and time, do change, minute to minute, but I saw, moble homes flowting in the waters. also to mention, another hurricane/storm like sandy, where even the statue of liberty, is sitting in water, but I don’t know the year, that will be. thank you for all you do!

  9. Eric! I am watching the Netflix documentary 13th (on history of how our criminal justice system got where it is right now) and they are talking in it about how the big corporate lobbyists push on “reform” is to let people out of prisons on parole but essentially put tracking devices on them so they are only allowed to go certain places. The documentary is not brand new but when it was made a couple years back foundation was being laid with ALEC (who writes half our laws in this country). Apparently it’s being pushed hard by the companies who would make the money off the monitoring.

    Watching this I immediately thought of your deer tracking messages!

    With everything going on in the world perhaps this concept is going to pick up steam to supposedly “appease” people who are angry. (From the documentary it sounds like a very evil profiteering plan but I am sure these people could spin it as a win as they have many many many other horrible policies they have pushed in the past).

    Just food for thought that this may be the deer thing you saw?

  10. Always look forward to reading the “Truth’s” you post. As always the timing will be right.

  11. Will this ancient yet new spiritual movement replace the world’s religions as time goes on? I think I remember an older prediction about a new religion being created. It also seems this prediction might be decades if not a century or more away, like with the ambassador, because it’s mostly the younger generations who identify as spiritual more so than religious and are more willing to be open to change and new movements/ideas.

    1. It is the beginning of something so yes it’s not going to unfold quickly. Take over? I don’t know if that is the way I would describe it. Religion seems to have two or three ways the majority of us connect to the heavens through our beliefs. A new way is coming and it will become the way of most people.

  12. I read a stadium-sized asteroid is supposed to whiz by earth this week. Could that be what happens to the astronauts?

  13. Eric will the violence continue for very long? Will the Ambassador do away with the violence? Are we going to have dark times for very long before he comes? How will we know he is the ambassador?
    I’m not for “tracking” people but it probably be better than keeping them in prison and not reforming them only punishing them when they could make contributions to society instead of learning nothing and come out more criminal due to the treatment in there. I don’t know what the answer is to that one. But it seems that prison isn’t the answer, better to have a education program and mental health treatment, as most prisoners never received what they needed because they lacked access to mental health and also faced taboos due to mental illness, and some of the drug offense people where in fact self medicating to deal with depression, abuse, growing up in a turbulent household etc. Undiagnosed ADHD where people have poor impulse control anyway and a cerebral cortex that isn’t fully mature and go to jail at 16 for adult crimes is not taking into account these kids are about 12 mentally! There is a lot of mental illness in that population that medication could treat. These kids never get the help they need. A lot of them African American unfortunately as Ive seen these kids not get screened and if medicine is given to them in an unstable household sometimes its diverted. So the education systems should be more on top of this, it would save lives in the long run, prevent crimes and prevent people from going to jail too. And have police encounters. Police also should be taught about mental illness more. They wouldn’t be so willing to hurt an person whos just doing the best they can ! Just a thought.

  14. “I had a visual of a police officer riding a bike, he held his side that was bleeding as if injured.
    Perhaps a bullet wound.”

    Its worrisome that the cop riding on a bike being targeted by a gunshot or something then it changed the course to what’s come next. A riot or what?

    I’m against violence and looting. killing is not the option. Praying for peace.

  15. Eric,
    Ref:::They are drawing black lines through Florida, then circling areas in the ocean.
    Ouch. That clarifies that a hurricane or flood is coming. Now I need details. The marker is black, that’s not good.


    The fourth named storm of the Central Pacific hurricane season strengthened into a hurricane on Wednesday and may impact Hawaii by the weekend.

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