World Predictions 5-5-19

I had a visual I was standing on the planet Mercury. On the planet was a large mountain terrain. The colors of the mountains shifted from the bottom layer to the top. Then from inside the ground there was a massive explosion right in front of me. I could see huge raging fire explode outward in all directions while the dirt flew into the sky. Then it happened a second time off to the side, and a third, then a cascade of multiple explosions ravaged the entire ground. The entire planet seemed engulfed in fire.

I had a visual I was staring at a large clock that was counting down to zero. On the clock in bold print was the word ‘WAR”.

I had a visual of certain landmarks all of them from the north east. In hindsight I believe most of them came out of the Washington DC area, however some of it could have been Boston,  “What madness.. a thrill seeking killer”

A surprise candidate.. 3 (or 3rd).. unexpectedly added to the mix.. the military one.. he will become president.

Spirit might literally be talking about the planet Mercury,  just as they talked about water on Mars. Possibly one massive solar flare hits the planet. However more likely is a symbolic message of the Greek deity Mercury. They have consistently used Greek Gods as symbols to reference situations unfolding with my work with Spirit, both these world predictions and readings. Their last message was the Apollo mans popularity will grow, which happened with this site. All of this goes back to my past life as the Oracle of Delphi. A life in which these talents left a historical mark.

 I think the clock is related to Israel? The third candidate? That would imply the Republican side since there is a second person challenging Trump, assuming that is what 3 means? But they never clarified whether or not this was a US prediction or another nations elections. 



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  1. Israel recently held an election, (April 9?) so it is most likely not going to be them.
    But it might be Venezuela. Maduro wants to be president for life. Guaido opposed Maduro and lost, but insists Maduro rigged the elections. The only person strong enough to end the current situation in VZ will be a charismatic military leader. He might be president if he ends the circumstance because Guaido might be perceived as weak. Or, the 3rd party dark horse, might seize the presidency and keep it for himself.

  2. If someone ran as a strong 3rd party candidate in the US that would be quite a surprise. Didn’t you have another prediction about “the military one” being President of the US??

      1. They had also said this military president will be the best one to heal the US after years of division.

    1. Nicole- Yes! Eric did make a prediction when? back in April 2015 or 2016 regarding a US president….cowboy hat….military background or military one. I can’t find it though. So I may have the wrong month. Possible Democratic candidates fitting description:
      1. Pete Buttigieg -Announced April 14, 2019
      2. Richard Ojeda- currently not running or pulled out of race..
      3. Tulsi Gabbard
      *Thanks to my step-mom for the research!
      On 4-11-16 (I think 2016) Eric said a cowboy turns a corner. Fits maybe the first two presidential candidates I listed. I don’t get the vibe its not our country or a Republican candidate in this prediction. But, who knows? I am thinking the people want change and really prefer younger over older. No one wants an old goat running this country. Lol. Just sayin’.

      1. Hmmmm Pete is an interesting take. I didn’t think about that- he does have the military and would be a surprise to ride (and has already been a “surprise” candidate). Not sure what the 3 would be unless it’s a timeframe. Would be stunned if it’s Gabbard myself.

        Not so sure myself it’s not a Republican / someone coming in to run as a Republican if this is about the US. Or a third party. I could definitely see a General or someone who is retired military stepping up to the plate to try to get Trump out in the Primary as an act of patriotism. Personally I always feel like Trump won’t be on the ballot in November one way or another (and I knew he’d win the presidency the moment he announced the first time around… so it’s not a denial thing). The first person who came to mind was Colin Powell, though for some reason since I read the prediction I keep thinking of the face of Stanley McChrystal?? It could be a ton of people if it’s someone from the military vs a politician. And it’s also always possible it’s third party!

      2. There was another prediction that gave the “military one’s” name or last name, my memory is a bit foggy on it though.

      3. As someone who’s from Texas, I’d say with 100% certainty that if this new president is a cowboy-hat-wearing, former military Texan that he’ll be a Republican candidate. I hope it’s not former Navy Seal/Texan representative Dan Crenshaw, who was part of a racist Facebook page and – along with 39 other Republicans – wrote a letter to Trump asking for him to help out a former Navy Seal charged with war crimes by interfering with the military courts. Btw, the Navy Seal murdered a POW by nearly decapitating him after he was already captured, also murdered a little girl at a nearby pond and an old man and sprayed a whole bunch of houses with bullets. I doubt he’s the guy though, defitnately doesn’t seem like the type to bring everyone together.

    2. Eric’s May 2012 prediction is a match regarding a future US president “With a military hat in one hand, and a cowboy hat in another, the military man made political figure will become President of the the United States. History will view him as one of the greatest U.S. presidents of all time”.

      Pete Buttigieg was a lieutentant in the Navy, but I’ve never seen this Indiana native wearing a cowboy hat before. I can’t see any military on the Repubilican side legitimately elected into office right after this Trump fiasco ends, so I pray this vision is of another who arises from the ever expanding pool of Democrats candidates of 2020 (or hopefully sooner).

  3. Eric,
    Is the “thrill seeking killer” in DC part of the prediction about upcoming attacks, or a separate event?

  4. There was another prediction that said “Trump goes to WAR” so maybe that is related. I think the reference was to Africa though.

  5. If the military one is the third one to enter the race, that would mean Trump isn’t going to resign this year and will still be in office when the GOP primaries begin? If this is true, I find it hard to imagine that the military one will be able to defeat Trump in the primaries since Trump’s support from the party and voters is nothing short of cultish, just doesn’t seem that the military one can win them over with the message of unity and bipartisanship if Trump is the opposing the voice running. Maybe after Trump resigns he decides not to run again.

    1. Trump wins re-election. Note I’m not American nor do I care about American politics, it’s just what I’ve been shown. Trump isn’t the bad person some want him to be, just childish politics

  6. On top of bringing us together, hopefully the military one decreases our almost trillion dollar defense budget that for-profit defense contractors have lobbied Congress for and use those tax dollars to fund programs that aid the poor and working class as opposed to the war profiteers and the military industrial complex. Lol, not sure if you could tell the sarcasm because the reality of the matter is that our defense budget will only continue to grow as it dries up funds for needed programs for the poor and working class because many Americans are brainwashed by patriotic jingoism, which allows them to believe that we need this ever-increasing absurd defense budget that we currently have. Sad but true.

  7. Mercury symbolizes both Gemini and Virgo, astrologically…so for Gemini, this would imply the period May 21 – June 21. If Virgo, then it would be August 23 to September 22.
    I’ve seen 8/23 in dozens of dreams for the past 2-years, so if ‘world war’ had to hit in a ‘mercury-Gemini-Virgo’ period, I’d first go with the Virgo date-frame…though a natural disaster in Gemini might lead to a war in the Virgo timeframe….
    Makes sense…I’ve also dreamt of a massive asteroid hitting the east coast of the U.S. for almost a decade now…

    1. Lance, hi. I’m from Chile, South America. I agree with you about Mercury like a month, but what i “see” is that Gemini’s month is the prelude of nuclear war, Cancer’s month IS war… Leo’s month is time to planetary evacuation and Virgo’s month is the hit of a space body. The date you have seen, August 23, it wouldn’t be for the war but for the asteroid…

      It sounds crazy, but … when you are not the only one seeing things… it’s hard do not believe on it.

      Please contact me if you want. I have dedicated a lot of time analyzing psicographies (prophetic drawings) by a famous argentinian painter, Benjamin Solari Parraviccini. He spoke about these things, extraterrestrial helpers, and a new beggining for humanity in Argentina.

      Eric, there’s something interesting about the “third one”. Solari spoke about “three bosses”, and another argentinian prophet said that the space body would hit at 5 years, 5 months and 5 days “from the third of them”. If the date of the hit is on August this year this “third” man takes a considerable time in an important position. I guess that when we see him we’ll recognize him.

      Greetings and good luck

  8. Eric – In the 5-5-19 Prediction it says: “I had a visual of certain landmarks all of them from the north east. In hindsight I believe most of them came out of the Washington DC area, however some of it could have been Boston, “What madness.. a thrill seeking killer”.

    Could this be the same event from the 4-8-19 Prediction? “I had a visual of a man walking with a gun in his hand. “Unhinged.. 5.. Washington.”

  9. “John Bolton says the U.S. is deploying a bomber strike group to send message to Iran but that the U.S. is NOT seeking war.”

    “U.S. is NOT seeking war” — i.e., we’re not seeking war but if our intentionally provocative actions lead to war then so be it. 😃

  10. I remember a prediction about Trump giving another pardon: “Trump pardons ex-soldier convicted of killing Iraqi prisoner” (link:

    When a President pardons a cold blooded murderer who wore the same uniform as me it destroys what minuscule amount of pride I have left for anything I ever achieved while serving in the military. As a nation we should be ashamed, however most aren’t ashamed since most will support a soldier no matter what evil acts he or she commit. Pardoning war criminal soldiers only further proves what hypocrites we are as a nation and that putting on the uniform doesn’t automatically mean “We are the good guys.” Pardoning a war criminal contradicts everything this country is suppose to stand for. After the Mỹ Lai Massacre – in terms of how murdering soldiers and leadership got a slap on the wrist – I’m no longer shocked by American hypocrisy or the complete disregard for law and order. Sick stuff.

    1. Surprise, not surprised. American presidents have a well documented history of pardoning war criminal soldiers while criminalizing soldiers who expose war criminal soldiers for committing war crimes. That’s the American way, which sets a dangerously hypocritical precedent – one in which emboldens soldiers to committ war crimes, as opposed to exposing war crimes, because they know they’ll be pardoned for doing the wrong thing and won’t be held accountable. “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” comes to mind.

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