World Predictions 6-6-20

“From a small simple, humble, prophet he will become one mega star, his surname in almost everyone’s household.”
I had a visual of a statue of Apollo, ancient, chipped, and slightly stained with age. The statue was standing on a brand new floor. That has ties to older predictions: WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-5-19

Spirit again seems to be referring to a religious or spiritual man who builds a new foundation . He or she sets a new course that currently does not exist. Now they are saying his fame is massive. Apollo is most likely a reference to the Oracle of Delphi during the era of Sparta, a time when world leaders around the world consulted the Oracle to see what the heavens had to say.

They have consistently mentioned a new, rebirth of spiritual growth coming. One that presents a totally different course that seems both ancient and brand new. Three separate spiritual leaders are set to change the course of history. The Ambassador, this figure, and a third individual they have mentioned little about.

Oracle of Delphi:



I had a visual of the moon. Then the moon became cartoon like and it begin to shed one tear.

Sounds like disappointment or tragedy is coming for space exploration.

They are drawing black lines through Florida, then circling areas in the ocean.
Ouch. That clarifies that a hurricane or flood is coming. Now I need details. The marker is black, that’s not good.

I had a visual of a police officer riding a bike, he held his side that was bleeding as if injured.
Perhaps a bullet wound.

Sorry everyone Spirit did not approve the “Truth” so I need a bit more time as I start from scratch.