Trump Holds On To Power

I wanted to remind you of this prediction made at the beginning of last year, as it unfolds right in front of us now. The inauguration of the president is on the 20th. Share the prediction perhaps we can all sway this into a different direction.
WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.

Though they did not connect the two, it mirrors yesterday’s post: I had a visual of multiple people holding mini American flags outside the view of a window. Then with horror the view showed inside the building a man loading a rifle or large gun. There was a loud click, he was preparing. 

Does it also mirror a very old prediction Prediction: Assassination Coming I truly hope not. In another old prediction “Nazis” was used to describe the killer.

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  1. Ok. That’s starting to get disturbing. Let’s hope those predictions don’t come true. Is Trump really going to hold on power or is he trying to do so?

      1. I hope peace prevails against all this. Obviously Americans disagree on a lot of things, but when it comes down to it, I think most of them–aside from the extremists–want the same things. Stability. Justice. Equality. Peace.

        Here’s a neat quote: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

  2. Eric. I followed you for quite a while and also informed you that you previous prediction may be wrong. This was what I was referring to…I feel as though you are pandering for followers and your spirit has isguided you i this effort. Like I said, I’m a better psychic.

      1. Definitely want to check that out… Eric, I admire the decorum. More than I’d have.

  3. They should have used the 25th amendment when they had the chance. He definitely made his mark and will be remembered. Just as most insane dictators are.

  4. I so look forwarded to January getting out the way.

    Not wishing the year away, but the fever pitch of conspiracy theories that emanate from the US election are breeding in peoples’ febrile minds like brain tumors.

    This has spread around the world & even here in AU some are talking about how the “theys” have rigged everything.

    Things like the entire US judiciary are part of the “plot” against Trump & therefore, against “freedom”. When Biden finally gets sworn in, my fear is these people will just NOT accept it & react as though there truly is a travesty of “justice” & that a horrible globalist, new world order will be ushered in.

    With this mindset; some people may react like they really are “defending freedom” by “rightfully” taking; what they think is the law, into their own hands.

    January 20 is a Wednesday. If you can; stay home that day.
    Stay safe America.

    1. I feel the same way. I’m in Canada and directly affected by what happens in the US. I don’t pretend to be psychic at all but I have have a vague, unformed uneasiness about the inauguration ceremony; whatever it is, it’s not good.

      1. I come from Africa and our African leaders are starting to look more saintly compared to Trump. He really reminds me of the dictator Idi Amin. Not only that, Trump had the nerve to insult countries in Africa, but now its the USA that is becoming more and more of a banana republic..

  5. Okay eric, the visual I have is TRUMP holding a rifle while he is being taken out of the white house! He is beyond help at this point! I know, sounds crazy!!!! Anything can happen….

  6. Susan,
    If there was voter fraud, if the Democrats had cheated, all those court cases would not have been thrown out. But they were–even my many Republican judges–because there was no real evidence of it. Just baloney made up on right-wing sites that keep getting debunked.

    It’s no different than the days of European pogroms–a town would hear horrible stories about Jewish people “killing Gentiles”, believe every word of it, get all worked up, and then murder innocent people. How many of those rumors about the Jewish people turned out to be true? Absolutely none.

    I don’t know why the right-wing sites make up the things they do, or why someone would spread such rumors about Jews during a pogrom, who knows why people lie or spread rumors. Just look in any high school.

    But Susan, with all due respect, you’re believing things that were likely made up in some crazy man’s basement. Do you really know who are the people behind the sites you look at? Do you really know anything about them? Anyone could make a website and claim to be someone with an “inside scoop” on some conspiracy theory, but that doesn’t make it true.

    Frankly, Trump is the one who’s cheating, considering the way he tried to pressure Raffensberger behind the scenes, and tried to get him to recalculate the votes. If it had been Obama doing that, Republicans would have been furious, so why are many of them accepting that behavior from Trump?

    Please understand, we’re not about hating Trump–we’re scared of him because of the way he attacks our democracy like this, the way he treats other people, that he clearly has no idea what he’s doing. I don’t say any of this to be hateful or upset you…..but he’s not the savior you want him to be.

    1. And Biden isn’t either in fact he us a Dementia old fool. Doesn’t anyone realize what the left is about . Wth is wrong you people.

    2. Why do you all expect us to not beliwhat we have seen with our own eyes on those surveillance videos of cheating. The evidence is there but the courts are rejecting it basically. We that have watched the witnesses testimonies and videos and other evidence are mad. Why will they not allow the forensic audits to help ease some of our doubts? Because they know they cheated! I also notice it isn’t obviously a Trump supporter in prediction fixing to do harm? ANTIFA act just like the Nazi brownshirts. So I take it as antifa is a sniper somewhere if prediction happens. Either way no matter what side hate is hate. Praying for all in these times. 🙏

      1. I disagree with your political statements, but I definitely agree with what you said at the end. Sadly there’s a lot of hate and anger on all sides right now, from the Proud Boys to looters.

        I pray for everyone in these times, too. Aside from the extremists on either side, I think most Americans want safety and peace and justice.

    3. Sara,
      Although President Trump’s conversation with Raffensberger was intimidating at most, it wasn’t illegal due to the verbage he used. He asked Raffensberger to “FIND” the extra votes that he believes are missing. He didn’t ask him to create or falsify votes. See how that works. It walks a fine line, sure, but not at all illegal.
      That being said I see you are all now predicting communism in the future. The main reason I didn’t vote democrat this time. I could see this coming a mile away. The democratic party has been leaning towards communism/ socialism for the last few years.
      Nancy Pelosi just made it a rule in Congress banning the words Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter and Son. You must now address said persons as parent, sibling or child. I accept and love EVERYONE for who they are and I will call you by whatever pronoun you want me to, but this crosses the ethical and moral compass line for me. This is what I didn’t want to happen to my country. I want to vomit just typing that. Now my rights to address my family as such are stripped because someone might be offended? This isn’t my America anymore.
      Democrats never excepted Trump’s win. They have called conservatives every name in the book and accused us of being uneducated, toothless, incest rednecks, all while Antifa runs wild in the streets rioting, looting and burning down cities. All of this built up anger on both sides is down to cause and effect.
      That being said I see you’re always the first to attack anyone who feels differently than you. Maybe just step back out of yourself for once, stop explaining your opinions away, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and hear their argument for once. You can learn so much just by listening. You don’t have to agree, however. I don’t agree with how Trump is acting, but I’m not trying to tell you you’re wrong and shove my beliefs down your throat.
      You have a lot of growing to do spiritually and I would say listen more, argue less. Learn from others.
      When we fight amongst ourselves, the only true winners are corporations and our corrupt government. It’s what they want us to do. If we all came together they would be powerless.
      Happy New Year and wishing everyone peace, more understanding, less arguing! I’m happy to see you back Eric. I hope all is well. I like the new web design BTW 🤗!

      1. Sonoran,
        I don’t mean to come across like I’m trying to attack people, and I’m sorry it’s coming out that way.

        When I hear arguments from people who support Trump, I have this impulse to warn them about him, because Trump reminds me in so many ways of Hitler. Whenever I read about the Holocaust or WWII and the people who died, I wish I had the ability to change things. I can’t change the past, I can’t go back in time to warn the Germans about Hitler, but I can speak out now when I feel there’s another serious threat.

        I worry that my comments probably aren’t helping…’s probably just frustrating people more than anything else. I just don’t feel right about staying silent about things, either, when I feel he’s a serious danger. I’m still trying to figure out how to debate rationally without upsetting someone, to speak up without being too loud about it. It’s hard to find that balance, but I am trying.

  7. If I gather it correctly, are you suggesting there might be Biden assassination on Inauguration day? People waving American flags.. number 20.. fall of leadership.. violence..etc?

    1. No, not necessarily, I am expecting violence as apart of this dispute over the election. They don’t say who is killed, it could be several different leaders. Or a shooting spree. In another prediction they showed blood on the streets,

      1. Dear God! I thought you said 2021 will be a better year.. this sounds like a nightmare.. between new mutation of Covid and more violence due to the change of power.. Praying for peace, light and health on this earth!!!

      2. And Trump supporters do not carry out violence. Its the liberal terrorists getting paid to destroy and attack people. Eric you know this is true

        1. Sadly, there have been a lot of Trump supporters who carry out violence. Here’s a link to an article about it, written in May 2020. There are other articles that talk about spikes in hate crimes linked to people who support Trump.

          I don’t post this to argue, I just wanted to show that violence is coming from both sides. Extremists on each side need to be called out by the moderates, because violence should have no place in the US–not against pro-Trump or anti-Trump people, or anyone else.

          I repudiate any liberal or conservative who wants to use violence, and I hope more people do the same. Liberals and conservatives could probably work things out better if extremism wasn’t so prevalent.

          1. Sara,
            Perfect example. You say you condemn violence on both sides yet here you go uploading the far rights misdoings. You are being so passive/ aggressive. We all can play the blame game here. There’s thousands of videos of Antifa destructing cities, intimidating innocent people eating their dinner, beating up innocent victims, you name it.
            Stop with the division of take it somewhere else. You are part of the problem, not the solution based on your actions.

            1. I’m really not trying to be passive-aggressive, I only meant to show an example of right-wing violence because I felt like it was being ignored in the first post. I don’t support either the Trump supporters who commit hate-crimes or the Antifa members who’ve started riots. That’s all I meant to say.

  8. Eric,

    It just occurred to me that the prediction that stated 20-0 could be referencing the old prediction stating trump holds onto power…. in 20. With 0 meaning now as spirit references present time with 0 frequently. Is that what you are implying with that part of the prediction?


      1. Also to note, democratic candidates are predicted to win the ga runoff and would occupy 50 seats in the senate. I feel that along with the 20-0 referenced above maybe relevant.

  9. You think the military one becomes president because of a assassination? Also, Mike Pence certifying the election results for Biden tomorrow could result in the prediction about Pence getting attacked.

    1. The predictions other than the last one clearly predicted his hold on power leads to something very violent. Unfortunately they really haven’t said exactly what that means, it honestly could be a shooting spree. So I would rather not jump to conclusions on who is killed just yet. However I plan to ask about the 20th.

  10. Hi Eric. Interesting to note that Leo Tallarico’s Astrology Blog DECEMBER 20 – 26, my Special Blog 70: 20th December 2020 and a number of yours have all predicted the possibility of an assassination or attempted one, with Biden and others seemingly the target.
    So I support the call for us all to call on our Beliefs/Spirit Friends/God etc so that this does not happen. It is the LAST thing America needs at the moment Pete

    1. Pete, can you please post the links to both blogs? If Eric allows of course) Thank you for all you do!

  11. States administer elections in this country. States canvass. States certify. States appoint slates of electors to the EC. Once those state results are certified, and EC votes cast, there is no federal role beyond Congress tallying them and the sitting VP announcing a winner.

    You don’t get to throw out state electors so you can win like the president is now calling for. That is illegal and unconstitutional — just like how it is illegal for a president to demand a state’s secretary of state to go find enough votes so he can win the state he already lost.

    1. They didn’t play the entire recorded phone call. The Secretary of State of Georgia should be in trouble for this . This is all bs. People really believe Biden won . He sat in his basement. Never had but a few people at his rallies.

      1. Margie,
        If there was any truth to the steal allegations, the cases wouldn’t have been thrown out of court–sometimes by Republicans–like they’ve been. But these lawsuits keep being dismissed because the evidence is little more than gossip on right-wing sites, or stuff that’s made up or taken out of context.

        Raffensberger shouldn’t get in trouble for recording the phone call, he was just showing the plain truth by releasing it. Trump alternately flattered, begged, and then hinted at legal threats to get him to say he’d “recalculated” the numbers, which is more like something one would expect from Putin, not a US president.

        Consider this: if it had been Obama who’d made that phone call and said the same things about recalculating votes, Republicans would have been protesting. So why are they accepting this behavior from Trump?

  12. 12th Amendment is clear cut:

    “The President of the Senate shall … open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted; — The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority…”

    …Pence “shall” the count the votes. Not, Pence can decide who has the most votes, or Pence can change the vote. If Pence (or Grassley, if Pence is MIA) doesn’t count the vote, Pence is violating the constitution.

    If Pence doesn’t do his job…

    …that doesn’t change next sentence: “The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority…”

    The vote is the vote, whether Pence says it out loud or not.

  13. Question that’s been on my mind.. do you believe that Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian prophet? For years in Eastern Europe and Russia news outlets has been repeating her predictions about USA. Even in Wikipedia it says she predicted that USA President No. 45 will be the last president that will lead to the fall of the country. I heard it years ago, so I am curious what you think about her and her predictions.

    1. As someone constantly judged, I don’t feel any comfort in the judgement of others. I honestly haven’t even looked as his work, because I would judge it. It sounds odd I know.

  14. The subject of this post has been very serious and divisive, and since I got into a lot of political debates I feel partly responsible, so I just wanted to post this really moving, uplifting video of the song “Jesus, Take the Wheel” for everyone. I think the feelings it captures will speak to a lot of us, no matter what we believe, especially since we could all use some healing and guidance from God, or Spirits, or Angels (whatever you believe) in this crazy time. I hope it helps give someone some comfort.

  15. Perhaps trump holds on to power 20 is not a reference to the election. Maybe it was a reference to his holding on to power for the remainder of his 2020 term and not being impeached. the prediction was made just days before the vote to not impeach him. shortly after that the riots startef

    1. I think that one line of his hold power is what is happening right now within our government. I am not expecting him to be successful. Which in turn leads to violence.

  16. Violent threats ripple through far-right internet forums ahead of protest

    On Twitter, QAnon-related accounts posted conspiracy theories alleging that Black Lives Matter and antifa activists were going to kill supporters of President Donald Trump at the protest and suggested that protesters arm themselves Wednesday, calling it “Independence Day.”

    On TikTok, several videos with hundreds of thousands of views promoted violence at the rally. A user with a militia-related avatar told viewers to carry guns even though firearms are prohibited in the areas of the city where the demonstrations are taking place.

    “Take your motherf—ing guns. That’s the whole point of going,” the person said.

  17. Sara,
    I understand you have a voice and your own beliefs and opinions, as you should. Just remember to give others the same respect and platform without judging. Let others have those same rights as you give yourself. I’ll tell you a secret, I don’t particularly like or agree with Trump, but I am terrified of the lefts agenda and their policing of our lives. I’m a conservative (even though when I’ve taken a quiz on my beliefs it shows I’m 88% democrat 😄, but that’s because I’m so invested in our environment) and so that’s how I voted. Nothing you say can change that. You shouldn’t want to change people. You can’t. All you can do is accept our differences. That’s where we’ve lost the plot. We are all different, with different upbringings, thoughts and values. You have to accept that. Most on the left won’t even hear the other side and assume we’re all Trump fanatics or racists. That’s so far from the truth. We’re humans with spouses and children made up from different races who just want to be treated equal, not like the pariahs the left makes us out to be. How are we moving forward as a society if we’re nothing but a controlled society without our own thoughts or beliefs? Not too long ago we all used to coexist and once lived in harmony. I yearn for the days of unity and harmony again.

    1. I don’t mean to be disrespectful of Trump supporters when I debate; I truly didn’t mean for what I said to come out that way. You’re right, everyone has the right to their own opinions and beliefs. For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think all Trump supporters are fanatics. And as you said, the left does have their own problems that need to be addressed.

      For lack of a better way to explain myself, you know how in horror movies, they’ll show a scene where a character is about to walk into danger? And as the viewer, you want to yell “Don’t go in that door!”, and want to somehow stop them from getting hurt? That’s sort of what I’m trying to do when I debate, because I feel so strongly that Trump is a threat. It’s like I want to call out, “Don’t go in that door!” about him, if that makes any sense.

      1. I forgot to say, I yearn for unity and harmony, too. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later. Everyone desperately needs peace and harmony right now, no argument there.
        Best wishes.

      2. Sara,
        Yes I know exactly what you mean 😄! I prefer conservative supporter in the future (I’m kidding 😉). See this was a good conversation and we came together despite our differences instead of falling apart at the seams and attacking each other. High five sister! Stay safe out there and take care of yourself 😘!

    2. That is why I am Moderate Independent i try to take the best from both sides and and leave the fringes alone, I cant stand the Ted Cruz bunch or the AOC bunch. Maybe one day in the future we will govern from the niddle which is the way it should be.

  18. Mr. Eric,

    It’s next to impossible to read this site on mobile view. I hope we can go back to the old format soon.

    1. Agree, it stretches some of the posts out to one long string of letters reading downwards, which can’t be read at all. Looks lovely on my laptop though!

  19. Absolutely embarrassing act of treasonous sedition by these un-American fascist coup thugs. The president is silent about this because he supports it and encouraged this. All of this could have been avoided had the president not been a sore loser who chose to lie and sow doubt rather than except his loss like an adult.

  20. President tells his mob to go home but still lies about the election being stolen, which is the exact rhetoric that led to all this chaos in the first place.

  21. “Half of right wing Twitter right now is saying this is a false flag by Antifa while the other half is posting pictures from the Capitol saying this is me! I’m doing this!

    “The one dude they keep saying is Antifa is holding a ‘Q SENT ME’ sign in every photo ever taken of him and is larping as a viking with Neo-Nazi tattoos”

  22. White House social secretary Rickie Niceta resigns

    Several top Trump aides, including national security adviser Robert O’Brien, deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, and deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell are all considering resigning in the next 24 hrs.

    Multiple sources say there have been discussions among some members of the Trump Cabinet and Trump allies about the 25th amendment which would be a vehicle for members of the cabinet to remove President Trump from office,

    1. Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews has resigned from her White House position.

      Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is considering resigning.

      1. Hmmm interesting as Elaine is Mitch McConnells wife. Well she is not staying in that position right? A new one is elected by the incoming president I thought. Why do that now?

  23. Statement from a current administration official:

    “President Trump fomented an insurrectionist mob that attacked the Capitol today. He continues to take every opportunity to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power. These actions threaten our democracy and our Republic. Trump is entirely unfit to remain in office, and needs to go.”

  24. Hi Eric. I have been following you since early 2012 and I just want to thank You and Spirit for what you do.
    Much Appreciated!

  25. “This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”

    Madness on Capitol Hill

    Part insurrection, part happy hour, Trump supporters lost their minds, and I watched a man urinate on the Capitol steps. The nation, ashamed, was left to mourn.

  26. True. Trump will hold on to power. A lot of bad people will be paying for crimes. This will cause a lot of confusion for people who don’t understand what’s going on. All of the fences going up in DC…fences are also used to keep people in. Keep them from getting away.

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