Philippine Volcano Erupts Again

This tragic prediction has happened. For those in the Philippines please stay safe.

Predictions 1-21-18  Evacuate.. do it now.. the volcano is about to erupt.

That sounds like the Philippines, which they talked about in a previous prediction, It could also explain the burning houses from yesterdays predictions.

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16 thoughts on “Philippine Volcano Erupts Again

  1. Regarding the tsunami , was today’s events in Alaska at all linked obviously no tsunami eventually happened are you still expecting this to occur in the Indian ocean ?

  2. Look for earthquake off seattle coast and on the west coast … reference Dutchsinse. youtube Be safe everyone

    • Star48, I was looking at that also and thinking they need to get out of there. The recent prediction with the mao or May, could this be related? Is there a nucleur facility near the volcano maybe? I’ll try and research.


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