Hawaii Volcano

I believe this incomplete prediction is about the tragic events unfolding in Hawaii, please everyone in Hawaii stay safe.


Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes.  We are moving closer to a time when the earth reacts very violently.

Predictions 2-28-18   I had a visual of one massive Volcano eruption. The ground shook violently. The sky began to turn black. I have never seen an eruption so massive. It looked more like the historical Pompeii eruption. I need to find the location.

161 thoughts on “Hawaii Volcano

    1. Morning Eric. Two hours ago, when I woke up, I had a very strong Message to say that the ‘damage’ done by the Hawaiian volcano/quake was more under the surface and will start a chain massive reaction. I feel a fool saying this, but according to a couple of messages I’ve received so far, there is the distinct possibility of a new land mass rising up out of the sea, and I think it will be in the Pacific area. And I don’t think it is a small area. Obviously the implication of this, tsunamis right around the Pacific rim, destruction of smaller islands etc is frightening and I’m loathed to say it….then again it’s better said than not. Pete

      1. Hi Petemedium
        That doesnt sound so silly ..
        I have read others predicting a new Island ..
        My guides also mentioned this about a year or so ago ..
        Also a channeled spirit kryon by Lee Carol hinted at a new Island forming
        Glad you posted it seems t hat time could be getting closer .
        Thank you ..

      2. hey pete, a ancient city will someday rise again from the ocean. as, it sank so very long ago, it created the land masses we know today. everyone, and everything, is totally connected with each other, weather, anyone knows it or not. don’t forget, we are in a polar tilt, which, over time will be more noticed. thank you very much for sharing ,all that you do. trust what you see, feel, and know. sometimes, out time is very different than what the spirts pick up. regardless of that fact, changes are happening, and are scarey at times. but, I rather know what is coming. thank you for all you do!

  1. Eric, SWC,Rhona2,petermedium,

    Hawaii volcano draining lava..going underground.
    [video src="https://archive.volcanodiscovery.com/videos/30/video.mp4" /]

      1. After the collapse of floor of volcano
        The lava frissures are showing direction…yesterday 2 more showed up ( more coming?)
        it is moving subterraneanly..

    1. Star48
      Oh wow that’s an alert for Japan maybe with it draining as dutchsinse pointed out that happened in 2011 before tsunami ..
      Something is going to give maybe even Aluesians or west coast USA.
      Prayers love and light to all in Hawaii and mother earth …

    2. Star48, can you make another link Hawaii volcano draining lava underground….Couldn’t open it.

      Blessings to you.

      1. Star, I just saw the lava drainage. …WOW….wondering where it is going under the pipe like….so freaky….hope not to Yellowstone. :/

  2. On a totally different matter. My latest Blog concerns my friend Sam who passed over into spirit late February and the troubles he’s having trying to adjust. He didn’t believe in life after death and so it’s a real problem for him. This Blog is a background of who he was and his actual passing. There will be at least three more Blogs on the same subject to follow.

  3. Don t know if this relates to your earlier prediction concerning something happening in PA. Breaking news here concerning Lafayette College I Easton PA. A student posted threats of being inspired by isis to wipe out Christianity. FBI and local police alerted. Students being told to shelter in place

    1. Patricia, do you have a link please cuz I can’t find it even type under PA news. Maybe I overlooked. ♡

    1. Residents need to leave Hawaii fast….it’s spreading far and wide….very worrisome….the magma is very strong active entirely under the floor even can’t feel the heat abovr the ground but it’s right underneath below the floor. Praying all take flights to leave…I don’t want to panic but rather be safe than regret it.

  4. Eric, scary as I saw the lava drainage wondering where it will go….my thought as 2 things.
    1…is like the pipeline travel to somewhere either short or long distance.

    1…what if the entirely island of Hawaii explode? Can you please ask Spirits if the entirely island of Hawaii would explode?

  5. Eric,
    Hi. I know there’s been a lot of focus on natural calamities like volcanoes and quakes lately, but I wanted to ask on if you’re picking up any man-made calamities like war or terrorism.

    Lately, I’ve had a bad feeling about something like that happening, a sense of foreboding, but it could be my imagination. Just wanted to see if you’ve sensed anything to either substantiate or disprove these feelings.

      1. Eric,
        I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have pressed you about a new topic if I’d known you’d had a relapse. Make sure you take care of yourself and give yourself time.

      1. Eric,
        Great to hear that you are recovering…be gentle with yourself..

        My prayers are with you and Bea…

        Side note..11 lava fissures for Hawaii now…plus Eq swarm continues stronger..
        Plus swarm of eq’s fir El Salvador 🇸🇻 no one injured just homes 11 destroyed 200 damaged..
        Plus another swam between Tenerife and Grand Canary
        So very volatile..

  6. Hey Eric, hope you’re ok. Feels like you’ve had a bit of a relapse….hope I’m wrong. My Spirit Friends are with Yours at this time. Pete

      1. Good to hear. Was loathed to put that original post, but was hoping it was subtle enough to get others to send you ‘Love’ without it causing them distress. Not easy to do, as I guess you know. Um….I sense one more hiccup for you around late June early July, but again no where near as bad as these last two. You’ve got a lot of Support, both here in the physical and Spiritual Realm looking after you. Pete

    1. Now I’m worried about the underwater volcano off the west coast of USA that can triggered Mega quakes from alaska to south California.

      1. If anyone hear any news reported of unusal death of birds, fish and animals…let us know cuz it’s a little slow catching up on worldwide news death of fish and birds.

  7. Eric, just for your info as there is another plant exploded that occurred in Louisiana couple of days ago. Is this new or old news? I remember there was 2 chemcial plants exploded (one in Texas and the other in forget where on different day ). Is this number three? Crazy…

    Eric, please get some rest…we’d be busy bees gathering information for you. You get some rest.

  8. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/poison-gas-kills-five-bison-in-yellowstone/article_2f2eb2b4-c5f9-5c50-b63d-354ce8390d02.html&ved=0ahUKEwia3LPT7vLaAhVo44MKHfNTDlsQFgggMAE&usg=AOvVaw3UaABWihU9PPZp6xLhynZL

    I’m surprised and didn’t know about this as I have been searching for dead animals that from died of poison gas. This was in March ( I think) then later 3 unusal huge geysers these past 2 months. Keeping eyes out on this one….it does not mean it will be soon but gradually and if the more animals died caused from that then that It would be very concerning.

    1. Oh guess what?! Nevermind…this is very old news back on March 23, 2004. Whew. Ignore this.sorry abut that.

  9. Eric, SWC…here’s dutchsinse latest update. The actual forecast starts around minute 32:00 I believe, though the whole update prior is good. Calling for possible upcoming large EQ in South Japan/Taiwan area within next 6-8 days. I haven’t finished the whole forecast update but wanted to add first. Be on watch and stay safe. Here’s that link for those of you interested. Blessings🌺

    1. Thanks Jules for the Dutchsince. He is gifted at that. Have question. Wondering if there was a volcano erupted in Hawaii back in 2011? If so did that affected to Japan’s mega quake of 9 Richter scale sometimes after the Hawaii eruption? Does anyone remember that?

      1. Lossie yes there was activity at the volcano prior to the Japan megaquake. That’s why he is worried this may be indicative to what happened a short time after in 2011. Dutch has some videos on it around the 3rd or 4th of May. I’ll try and add later if I can find one.

      2. Thanks Jules, it doesn’t have closed captioned as I’m very hard of hearing. Wow…need to keep eyes on Japan for same patterns. Let’s hope not! 😦

        Pray Eric is okay and resting. Little quiet and respect his space he needed.

      3. Yes, this exact scenario happened in 2011. Same volcano activity in Hawaii, followed by a collapse of one crater and sudden draining of the other, followed 5 days later by the megaquake in Japan. So, we’re about to find out if there is a pattern. Kilauea drained notably on the 6th, so 5 days later would be the 11th. On or around there. We’ll find out of these events are indeed connected.

      4. LM, saw your comments…really FIVE DAYS prior to Japan’s mega quake at 9.2 following after the Hawaii volcano activity. Good grief….let see what day would thst br after this currently Hawaii’s collapsed….

        Now I remember from Eric ‘s older post mentioned of 9 point something in earthquake possible calif or somewhere. SWC, can anyone find the oldest post probably back several years ago that has not been folding yet. This is very worrisome. It’s happening now with Hawaii’s unpredictable volcano, earthquake, lava and toxic. It could take weeks or months to end it. I’m very worried btw Japan and Calif either left or right will be hit next. Now the unusual at Yellowstone just had 4th geysers….scientists have no idea what caused it. I’m not liking it as seeing the connection btw hawaii and calif. Another thing to keep in mind is the increasing heat underground supervolcano in the Gulf of Mexico. So could it be that caused the quake in Louisiana. Could be but look at the map and things going on under the grounds. I also appreciated for any recent news of the animals death from around the world that could be connected to toxic sulphur gas prior to earthquakes. Keep eyes out.

    1. Oh no! Is it related to poison gas or sulphur underground? I enclosed the video of the odd behavior animals that occurred in April. Keep eyes put for more news. So sad to hear of the horses death. When did they died?

    2. Thanks for sharing, Betty! Need more news as to pinpoint where the dead animals and what caused it.

      1. My pleasure, I believe they was found last Thursday. Supposedly they was thirsty and got into the mud and was too weak to get our. Not sure if I buy it, that is too may horses at once. This morning there was a quake in S California and another in Alaska I feel like there’s something going on underneath us.Here is the link about the latest quakes today. I just hope and pray nothing happens.


      2. So sad, Betty….my heart goes out to dead wild horses…something ain’t right. Too many all at once. Kinda fishy. Wish I could be there to rescue them. 😥 It’s possible very drought but would like someone that familiar from that area or live nearby there to report it. Sometimes the news reporters only shared what they know and added other things to make a story.

        Again thanks for sharing it. Appreciate that alot.

  10. Unusal animal behaviors in USA last April. My great Pryenee is not being himself for weeks, seemed like a couple of months.

    Are you feeling fatigue or drownsy, short energy during days?

    1. Pelicans could be nervous or unsettled by something. Made me wondering if anything had to do earthquake coming up. Thanks for sharing, Star!

  11. Eric I know this isn’t going to be a very popular subject, and it’s not politically motivated what so ever. But I have this overwhelming feeling that there are those who are actually pushing for the US to go to war with Iran for nefarious reasons. That there are things going on behind the scenes that have nothing to do with what’s actually happening in reality. Almost like it’s a set up.
    I’m not sure if Spirits would know that but I certainly am not willing to sit back and trust everything our government is telling us, nor any foreign government either. Especially when there’s so many lives at stake. Thanks.

    1. If Americans truly realized how much Saudi Arabia and Israel dictate U.S. leaders and U.S. foreign policy, they’d revolt immediately.

    2. I know this is off topic but, Trump just pulled out of the Iran agreement and threatened Germany! One of our allies!! He is going to get us in a war and we will have no allies left because of his insane hateful rhetoric and ego. Not to mention his relentless desire to to destroy and undo everything President Obama did. This man is dangerous!!We will be ripe for a Russian invasion!! What can we do ?

      1. Thanks Frendda, not to happy about the Trump’s fool decision. Need to kick him out and replace with someone like Prince Harry that has a heart for peace. I don’t care if he wasn’t born in USA but need a peacemaker. It’s very worrisome. :((

  12. Now at 7:50am Tuesday morning, monitoring the earthquake live map that showing frequently quakes in calif and slow down in Hawaii. Wondering it created more pressure onto Calif when hawaii’s active volcanoes slowing down. Watch for any movement from Hawaii to where it comes next….could be Japan , Calif. . .just don’t know yet. Please keep eyes out and monitoring.

      1. Thanks rhonda2, Luna, Star, Jules and all the SWC for sharing the links. It’s very worrisome and crazy week with global incidents and the psycho Trump’s decision with Iran. Praying for a peace miracle.

      1. ERIC and Jules
        To add to the 1-21-18..
        Note that 207 could also indicate..May
        As 2 from 7 is 5 ..any chance the 0 represents — minus .
        Just a thought .

      2. Rhona good point. I’d not thought about the date of the 6.9 EQ there. Also in that prediction there is a question about 1, then 2 being shown and the first and second. Eric wasn’t sure what they were referring to. You know how dutch says USGS is the niners club or something like that because everything is lowered to a .9 right under the magnitude. So maybe it was a 7.0 instead of a 6.9 and it’s saying two 7s? And “Tsunami…wait” is either two 7s then a tsunami happens? Or a tsunami happens on the 20th? “207”. Or it was the Philippines.🤷🏻‍♀️ Guess time will tell. If they have a second 6.9 or 7 I’ll be really getting worried. Though there was that mag 7 prior to this over near Japan I believe… the USGS took off recently.

  13. Feel obligated to share info from our Circle of last night Tues 8th May….Remember we are a day ahead of the US here in Australia.
    Phil: Don’t know much about what’s happening in the world cause I don’t watch the news much but I’m getting the world is wobbling and that the world wobble is getting larger. Feel this is going to cause more volcanic and earthquake activity around the world. Pacific Rim in particular in for a major shake up.
    Alarna: I’m getting similar. What was strange to me was that I was seeing animals native to one country running riot in a country that wasn’t native to them. Say Kangaroos running riot in the main streets of Los Angeles, or deer running riot in Sydney….have no idea what that means.
    Helen: I got this some time back that there would be so much turmoil in the world from quakes and earth eruptions that it will seriously effect the world’s economy. I see August as being worrying.
    Me: On top of what I’ve already got, namely huge upheaval in the Pacific, I’m getting that from the end of this week…that is Friday in the US and Saturday here….a chain reaction will happen over a period of months.
    As always I sure hope we’re wrong. Pete

    1. Same here, Pete. I getting that feeling too. Alot of things are happening in odd ways. I am ready for this to be over with but I feel.it will be a long run till it settled down perhaps next year. ..it will be back to normal but a long way to recover. :/

      1. The flow of information from Spirit certainly seems to be intensifying through us all. Many psychics, astrologers and even mainstream scientists are indicating a massive build up of earthquake/volcano events. We all need to be more alert than ever I believe.

      1. I meant to say that the Hawaii residents leave offering volcano goddesses Pele. Very nice.

  14. It’s a silly question. Wondering why the lava doesn’t burn the hole into the ground..it stays on the surface but not burn through the holes like it’d sink into many hundred of feet.

  15. Just in case….my dog is extremely nervous. How’s your animals behaviors? Notice anything out of odd?

  16. Eric, the vibes or sensor is picking up much stronger….made me little uneasy. It’s almost 1am of May 10th. I feel something big is coming up soon. This makes me nervous. :/

    1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/&ved=2ahUKEwjlmo7Nu_raAhUGd98KHYGQCAYQFjAAegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw0Ot_Gxsp9ZRhPbCKYZELlI

      Ohmygosh. …no wonder why I am feeling this strong vibes or sensors. There is frequent small quakes in Gysers, California for these last few hours. Please keep eyes on Calif. There is great pressure toward Gysers, Calif.

      SWC, pleasw let me know any more “odd” news in Calif and elsewhere cuz I’m sensing stronger vibes. Make me little nervous. :/

    1. Star48, SWC… this reminded me of the May 2018 Farsight Time Cross Project Remote Viewing for May 2018. I’ll include the link. The first is around minute 19:00 or 20:00 with Rock Arky. That may be the Israel/Iran issues but maybe not though. It does seem as though he is also talking about a specific energy. Then Princess Janee at around 1:00. She specifically speaks to it being utilitues related.
      Here is that link. At minute 19:00 and at 1:00 hour. Praying the issues are contained in Hawaii with the plant.🙏🏻

  17. SWC, tried twice to monitor the earthquake live map but it ceased at 13th hour ago….what’s up with that?

    1. Please try to look up on earthquakes live map and see if you have any recent activity not stopped at 13 hours ago. I’m wondering if the govt put to stop on activities.

  18. Eric SWC
    This is not the correct thread for this but it begged attention .
    Last night late near 1.00am I was woken by spirit saying “Fred Flinstone
    Remember the Dinosaur prediction ”
    Now I have along with Jules 1o4 star 48
    Researched this warning from spirit .
    It lead me to Bali Indonesia .
    There is a custom of worshipping Bull in a death parade ..
    I will post a link below on new post entry .
    There are many stone walkways in front of resorts ocean one side resort the other .
    THERE IS A Flinstone resort near Kuta .
    I believe quake in west in this particular prediction not to be confused with west coast prediction ..this west is of USA being possibly Indonesia as spirit has pointed out .
    I have a close connection in Bali and believe this is why I was awoken .
    Im feeling this is the Tsunami prediction for Indonesia
    DARWIN Aust would be affected perhaps by this as spirit pointed out ” aust will be affected ”
    Thank you for reading ..

    1. I definitely feel there is a strong possibility for tsunami. Hope I am wrong.

      Thanks team of SWC for helping out. Keep praying for small damaged. News not good. :”(

    1. Thank for sharing the link. Can’t believe they are doing those stuff these days. That’s when Moses toss the 10 commandments unto the gold calf and created the earthquakes where many people fell through. That was the story from the bible. Could either be a fiction or fact.

  19. Lossie 200
    Thank you for your reply .
    I’m watching it does seem to fit and even though the prediction opened with a bridge that looked like Golden Gate .that could be seperate or a time marker .or even Bali has a bridge they call the Golden Gate of bali ..its similar only not as grand

    1. We’ll keep on. It could be. Thanks rhonda.

      Now I’m little unsettled that the Live Earthquake Map stopped 17 hours ago. It could either over fried it or the govt halt it. :/ Very worrisome….

      Let’s see if I can see the European earthquake live map as Jules suggested.

      1. Thanks Jules. ..got it on European earthquake live map. But little different than rhe one I used regular. It’s good to know the activities.

    1. Star, I read that there is a huge possibility of the boulder eruption (the size of the refrigerator) from the crater when rhe lava drained. :/

      1. Lossie2020
        Yes they have closed Hawaii Volcano national Park until further notice..
        Many other evacuations are planned if the activity varies .

        More concerning as now Eq 3.0 ( downgraded to 2.7 by USGS) plus mini quakes are now being recorded at Mauna Loa….if activity increases there ….THAT would be a game changer…

    2. star48. You triggered something with your comment concerning the USGS and incorrect readings. This was my Guides’ prediction for me to post back in the beginning of Jan this year. The predictions were for a four or five year period:
      “Government earthquake/volcano monitoring bodies, especially the USGS, will be brought into question after a number of earth quakes are miss reported, down graded, or not mentioned at all. Questions as to whether Government authorities have been hiding and adjusting seismic readings so as to protect the fracking operations of oil and gas companies will be on the increase.”

    1. Star48, Thanks for the link and update. Dutchsinse mentioned something like this being a possibility on his update yesterday I think. Said could be looking at much bigger issue depending on where it goes to. He’s had so many updates I’m not sure which one it was in though.

  20. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.end-times-prophecy.org/animal-deaths-birds-fish-end-times.html&ved=2ahUKEwiL-ozTrIDbAhUEbKwKHYL-CU8QFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw1z4SbF0AUrhzhZlF1nSkc

    Reported of fish aND animals death in America, NZ, Brazil and others. ..look at the dates and place…can be days or a week.or 2 before the mega quake and volcano eruption. The death of horses is mystery…something is fishy. ..

    Also watch for Dutchsince and animals death worldwide news would be helpful to.predict as matter of soon when it will occur.

  21. Eric,SWC,

    Eruption and caldera collapse.

    largest in 200 years…

    Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano was one of the biggest and most compelling stories of the summer as the volcano spewed lava flows paved over miles, devoured an entire bay and redesigned the coastline of the Big Island. Now, months since the last time the volcano produced a lava flow, scientists are calling Kilauea’s lower East Rift Zone eruption and caldera collapse the largest in at least 200 years, according to a new study in the journal Science.


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