Notes on 2-15-15

I had a visual of a very large bridge similar to that of the Golden State bridge.

I had a strange visual of a large stone dinosaur who could walk. The dinosaur slowly walked on one side of this large stone walkway with people walking behind it, on the other side of the walkway was the ocean. The dinosaur sat down and the dust from his belly filled the air. Then you could see a large plank floating in the ocean, heading quickly towards the walkway. It was obvious that the plank was about to crash into the walkway. On the plank was a large metal bull and several people worshiping the bull. As it drew closer we began to grab the poles of the walkway.  Someone yelled out.. “Brace for impact!” Then it crashed into the walkway and everyone was thrown back.

“Eric a very old prediction is about to happen.. in the west.”

I had a visual of a piece of paper, on it was written 6, then I saw a clock and both hands where pointed to 6 which was oddly placed where the 4 would normally be.

Spirit are we talking about an earthquake or an attack? I had a visual of a demon jump up out of the ground.

The dinosaur could represent the prediction itself, a very old prediction. I use to study all the different religions, the bull could be seen as a false idol, it was also worshipped by the Greeks during the days of Atlantis. Here are different possible predictions. I am also questioning the location, are they saying the west US or just the west in general like Europe perhaps France:

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack  In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–

and Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack

The original Post on  Notes on 3-17-13
“A tsunami is coming.. A tsunami hits the west coast.. various parts are affected.. Hawaii flooded.. not horrific but damaging.. April..” We will try to update the timing as we get closer.

Notes on 6-11-13 Tsunami  Hawaii, Vancouver, British Colombia, Washington State, all will be affected. The tide will flood the shorelines. British Colombia will take the brunt of the destruction.  Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate..

Notes on 10-14-14   “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

Here is a list of new predictions they are starting:

“It will end foiled.”

I saw the letters written in big bold letters TSUNAMI

I had a visual of several happy people drinking out of a green container, they seemed blissful. “They are consuming poison.”

The 27th is marked with a bomb.. again

The 7th is marked something involving a plane

I had a visual of a train rolling down the tracks, another tragic incident.

In one hour (month).. a highly explosive device.

I had a visual of a bottle of TIDE and it broke open. (The word tide has consistently been used to describe the damaging tide of the ocean.)

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  1. Could the bull also represent money? That prediction feels religious and the old prediction with a dinosaur popping up, first thought, extinction or a mighty empire about to fall. Oh, this one is creepy.

      1. Perhaps the dinosaur being made of stone represents an old prediction that will come to pass that cannot be changed, a fixed point in time history that must happen, “fixed in stone”, just a thought. Very profound visions, creepy indeed.

  2. “had a visual of a piece of paper, on it was written 6, then I saw a clock and both hands where pointed to 6 which was oddly placed where the 4 would normally be.” My very first thought is 666 evil, devil, the number of the beast. Then oddly your next statement refers to a demon jumping out of the ground. eeekkk

  3. “Are we talking about an earthquake or an attack?”…. I know this sounds far fetched but I just finished watching the first season of “Arrow” in which a man-made machine is used to destroy an entire section of a town by triggering an earthquake. It seems Hollywood is always a step ahead of what we hear in the news…ugh!

    1. That just made me think of the particle collider that they are starting up again in March. It was shut down for two years, but they are firing it up again.

  4. Eric Wow that’s a lot to take in. Just wanted to throw some ideas out there. For the clock, could the number 6 which is in the spot where the 4 should be, be saying it’s the 2nd month (Feb) now, so in four months time it will be the 6th month which is June time period? Also could the green container the people are drinking from represent St Patricks Day when the bars dye their beer green? For the demon coming out of the ground, what did you feel that meant, a terrorist attack? It made me think of Revelations and the bottomless pit which I think could actually be an underwater volcano or huge earthquake. Hey what about a ballistic missile? Don’t they come out of the ground? The stone dinosaur could be rocks, continents colliding maybe? Or just our infrastructure, bridges, roads which are in need of repair and updates. Dinosaurs. “Brace for impact”, makes me think of plane crashes. The bull makes me think of Wall Street, financial collapse? Didn’t the Spirits point to an area off of NY/NJ and say beneath the ocean or some such? The man named Ellis, who was Greek, was actually said to have drawn up most of the designs for the Golden Gate Bridge though. Another thing, didn’t the Spirits recently mention Atlantis emerging? Maybe an ancient prediction from Edgar Cayce? Sorry if it seems all mixed up, I just wanted to put them down while I’m thinking on it. I am going to try and research later when I have more time.

    1. Jules I love the connection with the months…that really makes sense to me. And all the other ones you just listed;) I was pretty blank on this one.

      1. Hi Michelle. Thanks, but I don’t know. It’s like I start thinking of all these things and just wanted to get them put down while I had them in my brain. I will try and research some later.

      2. The bridge….. do you think it is the Golden Gate Bridge or possibly the new Bay Bridge which seems to have alot of safety concerns due to its construction. Very interesting predictions right now.

        1. Hi Kellyrosepalmer and Michelle. It could be. When this prediction on the bridge first came up, I remember reading something about that. Praying for any terror attacks to be foiled no matter where. Blessings

  5. Another Indian Ocean earthquake could trigger a massive tsunami. I have felt many times that I wanted to mention a Sumatra earthquake, but now definitely feels right. Cows are worshiped by many practitioners of the Hindu religion, which is prominent in India. These massive earthquakes in this region usually trigger others around the world.

  6. Eric this is a bit off track not sure if it matches any of the predictions but while trying to fall asleep I had a woman come to me she was on my
    Left side with her arm around my back. She herself looked radiant. I literally felt her hand on me. She literally wispered 3 times to me CRUISE SHIP JULY she proceded to walk me down a hall through a door way and as I walked into the room the walls were lined with people. None speaking but looked so very sad also there clothes seemed to be of another time or perhaps peddler
    Looking clothing I said they are all dead. As a woman tried extended
    Her hand to me at that point I felt the need to stop feeling the other woman’s hand on my back and forced myself to get up. I am wondering if you have predictions of
    cruise ships? Thank you Eric.

    1. I do not, but most predictions now days are pretty close to the timing. So a July prediction would be something they would even show till April or May. I will keep an eye out.

    2. Hi Kelly714. That’s interesting. I’ve read a few psychics blogs that are predicting terrorist attacks on cruise ships this year also. Almost like it’s the latest fad or something for these sick individuals. Let’s hope none come to pass.

  7. Eric that there are to this vision? Natural disaster at the end of February 2015? Tsunami at the end of February 2015? Going to happen?

    I had a visual of a very large wave crushing into a hilly area, it consumed the town that sat there. Houses where crushed in seconds, people were bobbing up and down as the wave carried them away. It consumed everything in its path.

    “In 2 hours..” Which is at the end of February. I will be asking for more details, where? It was a massive natural disaster.

    1. That is assumed to be the flooding in AU that is happening now. However it is no where near the horror Spirit mentions. However there were rescues by a raging flood area.

      1. Mmmmm. ..i sounds more like a tsunami,but hopefully malfunction that occurs,thanks eric!

        eric,i forgot! You can know what is going to happen in my country Argentina? I am afraid of how it is living in my country

        Greetings and blessings!

  8. Eric,
    Could the fact that Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy again be connected with old predictions?

  9. Eric, I have been following you for about 1 year now, but never felt the need to post. In response to your post on 2/12/15 about the runway, this week in NYC, is fashion week. I just can’t shake this feeling of something bad happening real soon. I pray not.

  10. Eric, sent via email..
    On 7.1 earthquake — plus 6.7. And. 6.9 earthquake in Japan
    With all tsunami notices.,

  11. Hi, Eric! Stone dinosaurs make me think of old stone castles and stone age places with dinosaurs like Ireland, Iceland, England. The plank with the bull and people crashing through the walkway makes me think of some kind of themed boat racing or competition which can be an accident, a deliberate attack or caused by earthquake. There is one such yearly competition end of May or June in Ireland. Ireland has lots of bridges too. Check out this link…..

    1. Another one that comes to mind is the Red Bull Air Race and Boat Race held in USA and Europe.

  12. You had a visual of a piece of paper saying in number 6.

    Today Megaball winning numbers are:

    6, 45, 50, 65, 66 and bonus ball is 1.

  13. Hello again, talked to spirits through my wife on this one (earthquake/tsunami prediction). If what I’m hearing is correct, you could be describing “the big one” (although they never said those words). An earthquake (wed) of major magnitude would cause a gigantic tsunami (1 left). Centered somewhere around San Francisco (which has happened before) could possibly trigger nearby fault lines to erupt also (or visa versa, a chain reaction). The tsunami would cause a rush of water into the bays, gulfs, and sounds (as well as land) all along the west coast (from Alaska to Mexico). I think the plank you saw might have been a large cargo ship (I’m thinking Greek or Israeli), swept up, and pushed into a bridge (a tsunami would damage the bridge, a large ship would destroy it). The worshiping of the bull could be because it is VERY valuable cargo. Concerning the dinosaur (maybe an old Edgar Cayce prediction, Earth wobble or the Pacific and the Great Lakes connecting… very scary), as the other side of the veil puts it, “Nothing is written in stone”. BUT, the earth is going to do it’s own thing, whether it’s minute or massive. In other words, you can stop a person from shooting someone, bombing a building, or flying a plane into something, but you can’t stop Mother Nature (and it’s up to her if it will be big or small). Hopefully, she will be kind (praying for that outcome). I believe the timing of this event will be figured out by the ones on this website. Since something like this is not preventable, being prepared would be the answer. Just trying to help.

    1. Thanks Bill. I think the bull prediction really was a message of a ‘Tsunami’ that happened days later, but in Japan. Which means the bridge is a separate message that I need answered.

  14. Hi Eric, perhaps a bit off topic, but have the Spirits had any thing to say about CERN and the Big Bang project occurring in March? (the Large Hadron Collider start up) There are some notable physicists warning against it and what may happen if they continue with the experiment. Thanks.

  15. The news had just said that there was another threat this week they released a video of that mall attack that happened last summer do u anything if you can find out about that if not have a great day thanks

  16. I am new to this, but I live in an area with a 4.1 mile long bridge and hills. The ocean meets the Columbia river and this area is due for a tsunami. Overdue. I have been getting ‘messages’ if you will. Such as a voice mentioning the name Deputy Crocker. She is the Dept of State Rep that worked on the tsunami in Indonesia, Japan, etc. I looked her up on the net. Then I have heard a spirit voice say, “The 5,000” . The coastal town I live in has 5,000 people. Next, I was changing the channel on the tv and the tv changed to a different channel on it the visual was a huge wave crashing. My spouse saw this too. Clatsop County Oregon….look it up. See if it fits a vision for anyone. It does for me. I am feeling that we need to pack our car and head east. Any advice??

    1. Susan Conner,
      follow what your inner voice tells you to do..
      Not your fear…if you feel spirit is giving you a sign.,just for you…
      Listen…no matter what anyone tells you..

    1. Hey eric yes I did see that bout the wine pretty interesting. Do u know of anything happening coming events of they had mentioned to u

      1. You were given the impression that it would be dealt with, slowly, I will say in the vision it was oddly a green bottle, but the prediction does fit.

  17. Eric, It sounds like you are thinking it may be for Vancouver, BC. Probably nothing but… Found this info on dinosaurs and theaters. There is a dinosaur fossil museum on Vancouver Island, BC. Its called, “Courtenay & District Museum Palaeontology Centre”, about a block away is a theater called “Sid Williams Theater”. The Theater has 500 seats with a 140 balcony seating, and is open from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Both are next to a river that runs through Vancouver Island. Here are some links.,-124.997451,756m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x548813f532c72e3d:0xc764c4b8328af5ad

  18. Eric, regarding the demon jump– attack. .
    —Spirit are we talking about an earthquake or an attack? I had a visual of a demon jump up out of the ground. (Comment by you..). Could prejudice be the reference?
    See. French notation that Europes demon Excerpt from article—“- Europe’s old demon surfaced once again. There was a wave of pro-Palestinian rallies in the streets of Paris, which turned into anti-Semitic marches. People yelled unashamedly “Gas the Jews” and “Death to Jews”


    1. Star48…That’s horrible! Makes me sad for the World. I have faith though there is more light than darkness. Praying for Peace

  19. Hi Eric, I’ve just come back to this post I’m not sure why but after re reading it, it sounds to me like the dinosaur could be a volcano eruption especially with the dust coming from its stomach. Maybe an old thought to be extinct volcano. Just my thoughts on this. Have you anymore ideas on this?

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