Summation of Prediction 3

Prediction 3; The Volcano Erupts (Posted March 3, 2012) is unfolding now.

The facts reported read; MEXICO CITY – The Popocatepetl volcano is shooting a heavy plume of ash into the sky southeast of Mexico’s capital, and television images show a reddish glow near the crater. Authorities this week raised the alert level due to increasing activity at the volcano.  By The Associated Press | Associated Press – April 20, 2012

The Prediction reads; “First the ground shakes, tremors everywhere. Then the volcano erupts violently with such a massive display of smoke, fire and lava between the 20th and the 22nd. There is next to no time to evacuate that placed called “Pinto”. Mount Pinatubo has a volcano in the Philippines. Indonesia has several volcanos that sit by Mount Pinto, including the Sibayak Volcano. A more vague translation would be valleys in Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia and Chile. They were very adamant about the word “Pinto” and its association.”

A couple of few things to note. This prediction unfolded in Mexico not the Asian Islands. Many have noted the nickname of the Volcano “El Popo” and the prediction “Pinto”  I will leave that debate in your hands. The dates again are very close. It’s also been noted that “The ground shakes” part of P3 was a precursor of the multiple earthquakes Mexico had before the Volcano became aggressively active.

We are expecting this Volcano to erupt unfortunately, it has released several ‘burps’ but not a real explosion of Lava. They say you can expect three burps and then an eruption, which should come in a matter of days. We will post another prediction on this Volcano to add new details on what is coming next.

Predicted Time Frame: Between the 20th -22nd

Actual Time Frame: Between the 17th and the 22nd  there has been a slow rise in alert level status.

Quoted News: For more information on the Volcano..

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