Predictions 12-19-16

“Secretly the leader unclear if he is sitting on dirt or gold.. contemplates his decision to strike.. boldly the eagle strikes the spiders den.. the king of terror is dead.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a large eagle sweeping down to grab a spider and squeeze it with its claw until it was dead.

The eagle in the past has represented the United States, Spiders in the past represent terrorist, or sinister acts. It sounds like the US is striking the leader of a terror organization. There is only one king that I am familiar with and that is Abu Bark al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS. — Eric

I had a visual of a massive inferno consuming an entire city or town. It was so massive it had to be either a horrible accident or volcano. They showed an Asian city name, unfortunately I did not write it down quick enough.

Perhaps related to this previous prediction: I had a visual of one massive fire with massive amounts of smoke surrounding it. The inferno was so massive I could not see anything else. “So many lives lost.. everything in its path liquefied.” — Spirits Voice

“We will be both right and wrong with the terror attacks predicted.. we cannot cover the full scope of this act.” — Spirits Voice


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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22 Responses to Predictions 12-19-16

  1. anthony says:

    merry christmas and thanks to the big o

  2. Perry says:

    Great news about the eagle and spider can’t happen fast enough!

  3. Francine says:

    Great news about the strike, but that fire, OMG. I don’t want it to happen anywhere, but Japan needs a break already.

  4. Rob says:

    The town being destroyed…. is it manmade or a natural event. Could be a Meteor strike? You predicted one hitting Brazil a long time ago.

  5. Luna tic says:

    Not sure if this is a terror attack yet but a semi tractor trailor truck just drove into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. Preliminary reports say there are injuries and one death. This is a Youtube feed of the incident

  6. Perry says:

    “I had a visual of a massive inferno consuming an entire city or town. It was so massive it had to be either a horrible accident or volcano. They showed an Asian city name, unfortunately I did not write it down quick enough.”

    Could this be Mount Pinatubo, Philippines? In 1991 the volcano erupted, second largest, killing over 800 people. The town has re-built it self being a popular tourist attraction.

  7. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Berlin, is a terror attack…9 dead.50 plus injured..
    Outside Christmas marketplace…outside cathedral

  8. jules104 says:

    Eric could this be the volcano? It has unusually fluid lava that can race down hill at 60 mph. I believe the nearest town is Goma and sits by the water. It is in the Congo though. Perhaps if not this, we can look for another that has this unusually fluid lava in Asia. It’s due to the makeup of rocks.

  9. jules104 says:

    Eric here is a list of the active volcanos right now around the world. They are listed under specific regions such as Indonesia, Pacific Ring of Fire, South America, etc. I wasn’t sure if this would be helpful since you had said the name of a town and not the name of the volcano. Maybe Spirit could confirm by the list? Figured it is worth a try anyway. Hope the link works with the lists showing up. It was pretty easy to look at each region with the volcanos listed underneath. Blessings.

  10. Luna tic says:

    Just a thought about the fire but Aleppo is in western Asia. I also got a feeling that cities in India which is in south Asia could be affected as they are having a large problem with toxic waste and fires. I remember reading articles when I was studying for my degree (in 2014) that not only is much garbage shipped to India from all over the world (oh yes and a lot from the US) and that much of it was computer related. The children were paid to pull out batteries and copper tubing before it was burned.

  11. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Another avenue to terror
    …Greek anarchists. Force recall ..poisoning food.ahead of Christmas..

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  13. myseventh says:

    U the conspiracy theories are correct the terror leader prediction will occur before the end of next month.

  14. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Van crashes into Christian lobby than explodes in Canberra ,Australia …terror.

  15. swampy11 says:

    Heard on the news tonight they are ramping up security in Times Square during the holidays. They said there is no specific threat, but they feel there is a necessity to strengthen with the current terrorist events in Europe. I can’t help but wonder if our efforts to make law enforcement aware of the predictions here on this site is a contributing factor, besides the SWC’s energy to help thwart future attacks.

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