Notes on 9-28-13

Here is the sum of all the predictions we are working on, but have plans to go back now and add dates to several of these predictions. When we do have dates, expect us to repeat them. We are also working on the Path of the Florida Hurricane. Here is the voice of Spirit on several different subjects.

“Because of the sun there will be a shutdown from space.”

“In October the volcano will erupt and require an expeditious exodus. Take caution as it will damage the town” They showed a picture of South America. Then they showed flags with limes on them. Peru in the Lima area perhaps? “The damage!”

“One of the Supreme Court Justices fall gravely ill.”

“I am a survivor!” .. “A deadly plane crash with its miracle”

“An oddly strange frosty chill will sweep though the southeast quarter of the US, doing extensive damage to its crops” — They implied a very blistering cold timeframe in the coming months, worse than the norm.

“Baby Bibbers (US congress) at it again, the stocks will plummet”

Being 9-28 I am hoping for a calm uneventful day without any spiders. We have all had enough of these violent acts.

30 thoughts on “Notes on 9-28-13

  1. Eric, There aren’t many people out there who put their credibility on the line every day like you do with your prophecies…I am impressed with your accuracy and the great work that you do. Kudos to you!

    1. Thanks, I love reading your work as well. It was a rough start with so many critics and nothing coming out of it. But now it just flows and I have a large audience. We not always right, especially in timing but we try and have real plans in altering these future tragedies.

  2. Is it possible for you to get more info on the plane? Date wise or location?

    Also, I believe the shutdown from space could be from a solar flare.
    And with the Justice falling ill, I believe they have to leave the supreme court which actually turns the court a bit liberal. We actually might get a few things done with social problems such as gay marriage and abortion.

  3. had an interesting dream last night
    very lucid and different than usual
    i was riding a bike
    and on my path i could see a big dog in the distance dropping poop in the middle of the road
    somebody ran out to clean it up but it fell back to the road
    i drove past the poop and kept riding it was a nice sunny day
    then i noticed snow everywhere
    but i was riding a bike and it wasn’t winter
    then i noticed the sky getting dark
    and i could see a spinning funnel forming
    2 young boys were there and i told them to run home and take cover
    my interpretation:
    big dog=terrorist
    snow to fall in places where snow is not expected
    dark cloud and spinning funnel possible hurricane coming or
    maybe a financial storm?
    2 boys the number 2 may be significant
    this is my interpretation but i am no dream interpretation expert
    just a humble guy sharing his dream

      1. the 2 boys i saw in my dream did not represent a date but 2 countries that were going to be hit by the same typhoon.
        I typically don’t remember my dreams but this one was different and it was hard to forget

    1. Some people say there is a magnetic pull with asteroids or comets that cause earthquakes, not sure if that’s true. Put here we go again as they are predicting yet another earthquake.

  4. There absolutely is scientific evidence that 1) planetary alignments cause quakes 2) solar flares/CME’s can also cause quakes and 3) comets/asteroids/meteors (same thing) also cause quakes. Here is the paper showing compelling evidence:

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