Hurricane Lidia Predicted in September

World Predictions: Hurricanes are Coming I had a vision of the area of South Mexico, Guatemala, region and parts of Central America, all turn red, red, red. A massive storm was coming.

Mexico please take caution, especially the coast.

Now an update today on October 10th, with World Predictions we are working on,

This message still holds: World Predictions 8-31-23 I had a visual of Florida, all of Florida turned Red, then the Red begin to blink, and blink, and blink. Then Spirit said “8 Minute” which would imply a timeline around the 8th.

Campi Flegrei Volcano VS Earthquake:

I had a vision of a clock with heavy red lines, that blinked 12, 12, 12, over and over again, very ominously.

Here is a perfect example of a mistake, playing out right before me. People often ask, how can I be wrong if I am receiving divine messages? Here is that example. Simply put I am human, and can make stupid choices, and Eric is known for really stepping into epic messes, just like I am sure you have done. A few days ago Spirit presented the word “Earthquake”, so I realized I need to check in on what that means, the details behind it, at the same time we are trying to look into the Volcano activity in Italy. But in a rush I mistakenly presented both predictions at the same time to the Shimmer. To which it responded by showing the 12th in red. But after I came out of the vision the glaring reality hit me. Which message is Shimmy talking about? Even worse, we are out of time. I plan to ask one more time. But just in case that doesn’t work out, I would caution all of you in Italy around the 12th, and the Campi Flegrei Volcano.

Solutions are coming! Solutions to all our problems, presented like predictions of tomorrow. Because that is what we did. We went to that future in a more distant time to see, how exactly does our problems end? A taste of things to come:

Your Governments need a counter force of power.
A force to stand as an opposite to government itself.
To reflect values.
To reflect direction.
An opposing force to keep it in line.

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18 responses to “Hurricane Lidia Predicted in September”

  1. Carlo Avatar

    Hello Eric,
    thank you nonetheless for looking into Campi Flegrei!
    The focus of the news in Italy has shifted towards Israel, but anyway people near Naples are worried.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There are so many things to look at Carlo, Israel, weather, volcanoes, Putin, China, my head is spinning. So in true format of the great “Shimmy” he recommended something we are about to try! “What is next for November.” That way we cover all bases.

      1.  Avatar

        No worry Eric, totally understand. When I’ll be rich I will finance you and you will have more time 😉
        Beyond the joke, I would really like to do that. My plan in life is to become filthy rich so I can finance a non profit spiritual academy. We’ll see!
        In the meanwhile, we will both keep trying
        Cheers and thank you Eric

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That would be so awesome! Other than donations I don’t make money doing these world predictions. I have my day job where I do my readings. But I would love to just do my world predictions. Spend all my time trying to help the world with warnings. Thats a dream of mine! I too am waiting to win the lotto. I don’t understand how I can predict January 6th but can’t hit the jackpot. All jokes aside. I still plan to ask about the concerns of Italy. Just more in lines with What is “Next” for Italy.

  2. Itk Avatar

    Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields) have been recently experiencing minor quakes all the time, see
    We’ll probably learn more about this from Eric; he said there is a possibility of a major quake tomorrow (the 12th). However, I read that this volcano has behaved alarmingly before, with the ground level first rising, after which it has gone down again, and the volcano has eventually calmed down.

  3. Sara Avatar

    It’s easy to miss since the media is focused on what’s going on in Israel, but there were 6.3 magnitude earthquakes in Afghanistan on Saturday, then again today, killing at least 1,000 people and causing damage. Are those the quakes the spirits told you about a few days ago, or is that still expected someplace else?

    1. Sara Avatar

      Never mind, the quake in Afghanistan happened on the 7th, but I just saw that you posted this yesterday, so it probably isn’t the same quake the spirits are talking about.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe that was it Sara, and I missed the mark.

      1. Sara Avatar

        There was yet ANOTHER 6.3 quake in Afghanistan yesterday, so that’s like three or four such quakes within the past couple of weeks–that’s pretty weird.

  4. Sara Avatar

    Off-topic, but a Hamas leader has called for a “day of Jihad” on Friday the 13th, against Israel, and this could inspire violent acts by Hamas sympathizers, even for people not in Israel, so I’d recommend people to be cautious if they go out, and if they see something suspicious, to say something to authorities.

  5. Pete Medium Avatar

    Blog 179: This weekend I have added a special Blog in reply to regular Steve’s questions.
    I will also be adding another one-off Blog next week in reply to Land11 questions also. Pete

  6. Luke Avatar

    Also a little off topic but I wonder if we will see the “Military One” become house speaker as a compromise candidate between the dems and repubs in the house. The house speaker is 2nd in line of succession for president.

    The wording used about talking with a small group about becoming president before suddenly becoming president, and the notes about him serving a longer time may indicate that he was actually talking to a group to be chosen as speaker, and at some point the president and VP step down suddenly, making him president.

    I think it’s a stretch but not impossible in today’s crazy world

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Something happens to a president. A president becomes sick, then another leader becomes sick, this sets the stage for the Military one.

  7. Itk Avatar

    I wonder if this matches one of the previous predictions:
    Belgium has been mentioned before, and this is sports-related.

  8. Pete Medium Avatar

    Hi all, hi Eric. Hope it’s ok to post this. It relates to some worrying news I received from my Spirit Friends concerning corruption in our Government circles where money rightfully owed to Aboriginal people here in Australia is not getting to the proper target.

    I have put the details at my Predictions and Notifications Page here:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I so need to check on AU. I haven’t poked my head in that direction because of Putin and Hamas, but I do need to get back to your region. Pete, I have zero problems sharing Spirits message. So need to ask. Just go for it.

      1. Pete Medium Avatar

        Thank you mate. Much appreciated on both counts.

  9. Rachel Palmer Avatar
    Rachel Palmer

    Another hurricane about to hit Mexico

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