World Predictions 8-31-23

I had a visual of Florida, all of Florida turned Red, then the Red begin to blink, and blink, and blink. Then Spirit said “8 Minute” which would imply a timeline around the 8th. The Original prediction mentioned a pumpkin so we would caution you on both September and October. But a much larger Hurricane approaches.

When we predicted Hurricane Idelia in July with Journal 3, 9 minutes into the video, I describe the area of Jacksonville becoming Red. The rest of Florida for that Hurricane prediction was yellow or green. This one coming is different and implies the Hurricane swipes up Florida.

So if your in Florida right now. We highly recommend packing a bag, filling the gas tank, and preparing for the worse, something much much larger is approaching and Spirit and I expect it to climb up the map of Florida and reach into the depths of the South as the Hurricane climbs north.

We are back. Back to predicting, and predicting, and predicting. The lights dimmed for a short while, but now its back to the grind of tomorrows events. The Mini Truth, (I love the mini truth) and Truth to Humanity will be posted with our Weekly review this coming Monday. But this Hurricane message must go out rapidly.

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No place does more readings than my fans in the Gulf and surrounding Islands. For so many years we have forecasted weather. It was the Gulf that noticed our talents first. Readings for weather forecasts, thats a thing.

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  1. My Blog for September is not a pleasant one for the US, where she is and where she is going. And it’s not new. In fact most of the Blog relates back to the ‘Visions’ I received back at the time of ‘9/11 2001 and that I hoped was just my vivid imagination. I truly wish it wasn’t so. Pete

  2. Eric, if I understand you correctly, the upcoming hurricane will go up the eastern seaboard through the south, but will it devastate the rest of the south like it will Florida? Thank you!

    1. I would not look at the prediction in trajectory. We are marking areas of concern. The red area in the first prediction was only in the areas North of Florida. Up in the area where Jacksonville is. That has happened. The Second prediction paints all of Florida Red and yes northern parts slightly outside of Florida. Now one could “assume” that means the trajectory of the storm goes north. Because how else is it all red like that. So its a safe guess. However the hurricane could be just so massive. That it’s hitting everything. Not to scare anyone.
      With that said we are working on a sequel. There is third one. WTF right?? This one heads towards Mexico, and Guatemala, but around the same time.
      Then they have a separate prediction.. that shows a sign with the words “South” on it. So we should be getting an updated map. Both are predictions we are still working on.
      Water is really set to ruin our moment.

      1. Tropical storm Jova is currently heading towards lower Mexico/ Central America

  3. What does the blinking lights mean? Does this go up to n.j and n.y, or is that another hurricane in October,,?

  4. Eric- we should keep an eye on a storm currently called Invest 95 that’s forming off Cape Verde right now and heading west. They think next weekend it will be to the Carribean as a major hurricane but track is unknown / unpredictable now. Historically Cape Verde hurricanes are some of the most intense (Cat 4-5), and some have had similar paths to what you describe (David, Ivan, Irma all had a similar path I believe, and they were all Cape Verde hurricanes of similar origin? I am in Atlanta and vividly remember the intensity of Irma all the way up here. We all lost power even here!). I don’t know what the “8” would be with this one (it wouldn’t be to Florida by September 8), but that perhaps could be the timing when it’s actually strengthened to a named storm or the size / risk is recognized? It may completely miss the mainland US but it’s too soon to tell.

    1. Update this is now Lee. Most of the forecast tracks are showing it turning north into the ocean but a few show it moving west today. It’s still far out, but right now looks far more likely to hit the northeast or Canada (or at least north of Florida) if it hits land in North America. Expected to be a huge storm but hopefully not the one Eric sees! That said, it’s still very early to know the actual track so we should be watching just in case it’s this one!

  5. ERIC!!! Tropical Depression 13 is being reported as gaining strength and is expected to hit Florida come this weekend and the 8th is on Friday, which is the start of the weekend!

  6. Tropical Depression 13 is projected to become a category 4 hurricane by this weekend, which starts on the 8th on Friday!

  7. 🚨 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
    Tropical Depression 13 has now become Tropical Storm Lee and predicted to turn into Hurricane Lee!


    1. It lining up to do the date. The 8th is tomorrow. Is it officially a hurricane yet? But I think I get it now. The 10 is when the actual danger arrives.

    1. The website is still down. Have plenty to post. But if half the audience can’t read it, its a bit of a loss. Been over a week now and WordPress is just utterly absent? Odd. So what to do??? We wait.

  8. I don’t ever post but I do keep up with the site regularly. Didn’t know where to post this, so I apologize for it being off topic. I just read the article about E. Musk shutting off connection to Ukraine to stop a huge attack on the Russian naval fleet last year…. he mentioned he wanted to stop a “mini pearl harbor” and subsequent nuclear attach…. didn’t one of your past predictions Eric talk about a pearl harbor type event?? I might be remembering completely wrong…. so disregard if I am. Love your work by the way!

  9. Eric- FYI Lee is how a hurricane as of last night. Tomorrow (the 8th) it is expected to strengthen to a “major hurricane.” Still expected to turn north before it got to Florida. I think if somehow it didn’t turn then you’re looking at middle to end of next week at the earliest before it got to Florida because it’s modeled being just north of Dominican Republic at 2am Tuesday the 12th, but it still sounds unlikely to hit Florida as of now.

    In your vision did you see it NOT making an expected turn?

  10. Is the comments section still visible for everyone? Could you post a list of the predictions here until the website is fixed?

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