World Predictions: Hurricanes are Coming

Play 9:22 Follow along on the video and watch my hands gesticulate. Fans, follow along our path as we show you the future unfolding.. get a stiff drink too.

World Prediction Time 9:22.. The first image was Florida, and you saw this huge storm, this water envelope pull up where Jacksonville would be, right..

the second image.. is where here is Florida but now the wave is swiping this way, (my hand motion now shifting east.) Which doesn’t make any sense, unless there are two and that would be very bad.

But here you have the image of the one (storm) but then Micah gets in the center then and some sort of play or stage to show everyone, he has his candy in his hand and he drops it, and you see all this candy fall, this is an old prediction, its ghastly.. it talks about horrible halloween hurricane. It comes in and as I said before strikes.. in this image it goes all they way up, like a lawn mower just crushing everything above it. Going up the United States and twirling. Thats the imagery,

Eric—- There’s a third Hurricane, a trifecta. Your see that right in this prediction? Thats really, what this message in Vons is all about, four separate events. Tide 1, Tide 2, Tide 3 Tide 4. Perhaps the Tsunami In Japan/China and a massive flood caused by Putin are different predictions totally unrelated. As it reads: World Prediction: Tsunami Tide, Tide, Tide, Tide so massive… Earthquake.. Big.. 2
I had a vision of the ocean, then suddenly a massive flood, a massive tide. “2023 The year water ruined us.”

World Predictions 8-31-23 I had a visual of Florida, all of Florida turned Red, then the Red begin to blink, and blink, and blink. Then Spirit said “8 Minute” which would imply a timeline around the 8th. The Original prediction mentioned a pumpkin so we would caution you on both September and October. But a much larger Hurricane approaches. When we predicted Hurricane Idelia in July with Journal 3, 9 minutes into the video, I describe the area of Jacksonville becoming Red. The rest of Florida for that Hurricane prediction was yellow or green. This one coming is different and implies the Hurricane swipes up Florida.

Eric— It’s the 7th, I seem to be one day off our “8 minute” prediction but there is a hurricane approaching Florida, Hurricane Lee. But now as we question September and October, it’s looking like both. Hurricane Lee and a Third one. Which leads us to brand new and old predictions. Did you get that whisky?

I had a vision of the area of South Mexico, Guatemala, region and parts of Central America, all turn red, red, red. A massive storm was coming.

I had a vision Macabe, our leader of all things Spiritual, leader to Micah Marcus and myself, he walked in full official garb, a sight of splendor and fear, that of a half dragon, half lion as swirls of red and white fire shift all around him. He begin to place three books on the table, one after another and all of them red,

“We have shown you all three of these events, but one is coming that is black.” He then placed it in front of me an old tattered Black book “But you don’t have to look, as this nightmare will burn and scare you, as Covid did, as Taylor did, but the choice is always yours.” (Would you look?) The book held a clue, in the vision, it was old and tattered, as if implying an old prediction, already written.

There are several old predictions that this could be, but two come to mind, and there happens to be a California Earthquake attached to the Florida Hurricane: Prediction: Second Florida Hurricane and Predictions on 10-26-15 (under this same post Hurricane Hilary was also predicted.)

So would you look? Would your burn yourself even though the odds are nothing will alter? For me.. there is zero doubt. I am looking. Looking for you. I know to many fine people in the gulf region not to look. The book that will burn me, as it did here World Predictions 10-6-19 (Covid) and here
WORLD PREDICTION: ANOTHER POLICE INCIDENT (B Taylor) Because there is no universe I don’t help you.

We are books to them, stories playing out, of marvel and tragedy, life in motion, and for us on earth it is always a safari filled with the Jungle of the unknown.

11 thoughts on “World Predictions: Hurricanes are Coming

  1. It is so hard emotionally to see death, destruction , and all bad things, in visions. But, if you step back and see the bigger picture, helping and serving, and being the beacon of light to others, for others, and hoping to change bad things to good, that is what makes it worth while. I know I tell myself that, and I don’t have the abilities you have. Bless you Eric, and continue to be a strong beacon of light for others.

  2. I’ve been noticing a few number of odd events with the USA & the world recently, some weather based, some technology based, and some political based that seem to be taking some rather bizarre turns.

    I don’t have a full picture of what I’m seeing, but there is a lot of oddities and glitches going on with life on Earth. I feel like the veil is lifting slowly, but surely.

  3. Its possible the Black book relates to the Homegrown “McVeigh” terrorism prediction that Eric had. The one about a bomb taking out a famous building Empire, Sears Tower etc.

    1. Rob! 🤗There are two timelines playing out in my head. So a bit of guessing here. The first talks several times about a massive tide all at once, in multiple locations, tide, tide, tide, with Florida as one target. But the eastern world thats where it really hurts. Then an epic earthquake and considering what I just mentioned a tsunami makes sense. Then an Assassination of a President.
      This timeline will follow another. Homegrown terrorism. Just like January “6” is there is a “20” and that is marked is several predictions. I think I should post that. But in most of these McVeigh events there is a 1 or 1:50 and that 20 again.
      Now your right. We do have one prediction that mentions Sept or October, that was why I brought it up recently. But in my head I expect this end of year or beginning. We are also expecting a “Divorce” of a president of the US, a First Lady says Adios. Around that time, terrorism predictions were written around the same time.

      1. Jus wondering who cares about the divorce of a first lady? How does that affect anyone at all? Also what is the point of predicting Earth Quake if you are not predicting the location? Anyone can say there will be an Earthquake and be accurate all of the time because there always will be in the near future somewhere on Earth. Thats like you predicting Hurricanes in Miami during Hurricane season or flooding during monsoon. A lot of your predictions never come true but then years down the line if something similar happens then you claim it as your prediction. Its like me predicting there will be school shooter. All these predictions are useless unless you can specify the time and location.

        Just looked at all your January 6th prediction. All you said was calendar was marked 6th. No mention of January or what will happen, just some vauge sentences that could mean anything the way you want to interpret it. Then I go down the list and see all the things you said did not actually happen. Its crazy how you are deciding live your life by deceiving others for your personal gain and the universe allows it. Either you are mentally ill or a fraud but either way not right.

        1. The last few years I’ve had readings by Eric. I’ve asked him about the hurricanes in my specific area. He has been 100% correct every year. Even the meteorologists aren’t that good! Thank you, Eric!

  4. Eric,
    Any confirmation from the spirits as to what the black book prediction is about?

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