Predictions on 10-26-15

“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS, will be killed by US forces. His days are numbered. A great blow to the darkness.
The US will protect a large group of people from an incursion by ISIS.
The tide of war shifts in favor of the US and its coalition.” Spirits Voice

I had a visual of two trains crossing each other. I had a visual of a train that was shredded.

I had a visual of a spider crawling, it had more legs than a normal spider.

“Boko Haram.. Nigeria.. a raid.. a blood bath.. in one day they will attack indiscriminately.. so much death and violence. ”

Spirit clarified that this prediction below is not coming this year. The massive destructive Hurricane that will damage Florida is not this year. They explained this is a visual for the entire decade. Its a reflection of how this decade will just damage the coastlines of the US with storms, Florida will be hit the hardest this decade.

I had a visual of the US map. On the map there were certain areas painted in patches of grey. Patches on New York and New Jersey where colored grey, so was several gulf regions most of which where on the south east part of the gulf. Then there was Florida that was entirely painted black. This map reflects those areas affected by Hurricanes or Tropical Storms.  I had a visual of a Hurricane heading towards Florida.

However in what has to be one of the most outrageous predictions, they predicted that a large Hurricane would swipe southern California, which is unheard of.

I asked Spirit are there any Hurricanes that will hit the US?

“Yes” I had a visual of the word ‘home’ (San Diego California).

Another moment of clarity: We are still expecting a very large earthquake in San Francisco. However they question whether the two predictions below are connected. They question whether this coming earthquake is going to be that massive. But at the same time they made it clear the San Francisco earthquake was still coming, and soon.

Later they would show 6.9

The previous predictions:

Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike   I felt the ground shake under me as I slept and it shook heavily.
That implies an earthquake
I asked Spirit Where? They responded with.. San Francisco
We have a previous prediction about San Francisco, a very dire prediction, but its possible they are unrelated events:

Notes on 10-14-14   “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

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  1. 2015 TB145 is a near earth astroid discovered not long ago that will pass earth on or about 31 October 2015. It’s possible it has some smaller rocks tailing it that may impact earth. This may be related to the Brazil / Portugese prediction. To upset the tectonic plate balance and cause an earthquake, it would seem the object would have to be massive, like the size that wipes out entire cities. I tend to agree that the two predictions are not related and are separate events.

    The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco was a 7.8 and there were no earthquake building standards then. With the building codes we now have in place a 6.9 may not be very devastating. I guess everyone in and around SF should take prudent measures to be prepared as always.

    It’s not surprising about a possible hurricane glazing southern CA. Mankind has affected the natural balance to the degree that global climate patterns are changing. We’ve passed the point of no return and our children and their children will pay the price. I’m not very optimistic anymore that global leaders and those in positions of authority especially in my own country (the U.S) have the vision or the guts to do what needs to be done.

    1. it actually depends on the earthquake, when you take that the christchurch earthquake had a PGA of 2.2g, and that buildings that were up to earthquake standards collapsed and were damaged because although it was only a magnitude 6.3, it had at the time a PGA that made it the strongest on record, only beaten not long after by the Japan quake.

      2015 TB145 is close but despite the media’s hype not a near earth, it’s about 300,000 miles away at it’s closet point. Well outside the moons orbit.

      The climate is changing, has always been changing, but the planet is also responsible for this as is the sun. Man’s damage will take very little to fix. The world that your children and childrens children will have is actually rather amazing as this planet continues to raise it’s vibration and those who are waiting to come in and help are getting ever closer.

      1. Good points Chaos. Magnitude alone does not determine overall damage. There are many other factors involved.

  2. Greg, since the building standards have improved since 1906, do you know if they’re improved enough? Do you know if Chile has rigid standards? I’ve gotten the impression Chile’s must be pretty good because of the large quakes they’ve had in the 2000’s and the damage seems less than you’d think it would there.

    1. Sorry, not familiar with Chile’s building standards. I would hope they’ve improved over time though.

  3. You should absolutely NOT doubt that a large hurricane will hit southern California. Dunno if you have been watching this year’s hurricane season but the west coast Pacific ocean activity looks as though it should be the east coast. NEVER have there been so many hurricanes in the Pacific. 10 have come close to Hawaii which has never before occurred. The strongest hurricane ever recorded just hit Mexico and miraculously did not devastate Manzanillo and Acapulco. Don’t sleep; it’s coming.

    Also, LA last week put out a warning for everyone in the area to get their disaster supplies and plans ready as the big one was coming between now and 2018. I have never heard so specific a warning come out before. If you live in LA or SF, watch the animals and read the papers to track reports of missing or run away pets, which spike shortly before earthquakes. The animals can feel the increased vibrations that we cannot feel.

    1. As for the asteroid, it’s not the one we can see, it’s the one behind it being obscured. And I am sure that none of you would disbelieve that our government would lie about it and would never tell us it is going to hit. I hope and pray the spirits that help humans save some of us and help us live after the devastation that is to come.

  4. ERIC, it’s the full moon tonight!! In SF, LA and Vancouver it begins 5:05 am.

    The number is 27 and 28. Tmw will be Wednesday.

    Anything else to add if it’s connected to the full moon. It affected people’s moods, babies birth, earthquakes, etc.

    1. Eric, do you think it’s tonight or tomorrow morning about 5am when earthquakes stuck in Calif?

  5. Thanks Jules104 and Star 48 …watching closely …there is only 24 miles between San Roman and San Fransisco i noticed….U am imagining a flight i had over San Fransisco to deliver a positive visual and energy of light and prayer to the area ….hope all is well …blessings to all…

    1. Hi afistfullofsand. This is all so confusing, and doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to rationale people, far as I can tell the Daesh Takfiri Terror Group is basically the same as ISIL, and supportive of Boko Haram. So all of them are a bunch of evil nut cases. It seems to me that there is something nefarious going on here with the powers that be though. Here are some articles on the matter. What I am wondering is, does anyone really know what is going on over there, and can they explain it to me? Did the US really support ISIL, ( Daesh Takfiri) in the beginning in order to stir up trouble in Syria? Sheesh! Why are the Turkish airlines transporting them to Yemen? For the Saudis? I feel like this is that whole “digging a big hole” analogy.
      Also, it seems like this could be part of the spider with an unusual amount of legs Spirit is speaking about.

    2. This is outrageous! Please stop the ISIL from transporting to other places outside of Syria. It will spread like a cancer. Praying to end the evil ways. Very unsettled and unsafe for all innocence people being killed by what they believed that is not Allah’s way. It’s the evils doing.

      Keep praying for lights to overcome the darkness.

    1. Star48, this is very similar as what I saw in my dreams few years ago. The Cracks were huge as this in photo. Now that’s really scary. I thought it’d be SF but Yellowstone National Park. I don’t like the look or sound of it.

      Thanks and blessings to you!

        1. Mary, funny you mentioned Yellowstone.. It is not that far away. There has been speculation that could be caused by Caldera movement.. However…there have been a number of reports put out that it could not be…just a landslide…
          People are very sensitive to the possibility…interesting…

  6. Star48 thank you for cyclone warning heading to Arabia….will put enegy and prayer with loving light their way …blessings

  7. Rhona, update on Cyclone..Yemen


    “SANAA, Yemen (AP) — A rare and rapidly intensifying cyclone killed one person and injured nine Sunday on the remote Yemeni island of Socotra as it moved toward the Yemeni mainland, local security officials said.”
    “The officials said Cyclone Chapala seriously damaged or destroyed at least 20 homes on the island. People are sheltering in caves..”


      1. I posted in a earlier blog that the epicenter for San Francisco prediction may be the Presidio area of San Fran, based on your vision of “the bird” location. Am i mixing this bird vision with another prediction? Theres the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, Presidio area known for bird watching. Certainly would explain 500 losses!!

        1. We debated in a previous prediction whether or not this horrible mention of a huge loss of life might not be related to this specific earthquake prediction. They might be two separate messages. The bird message is a very interesting thought. I did not put two and two together on that, thank you.

    1. Really? You mean that wasn’t working for them? Sheesh these people are ridiculous. Thanks Star48 for sharing the link.

  8. Eric, ref post..
    re;; one of the most outrageous predictions, they predicted that a large Hurricane would swipe southern California, which is unheard of.

    I asked Spirit are there any Hurricanes that will hit the US?

    “Yes” I had a visual of the word ‘home’ (San Diego California).
    Possible contender! ?

    Mexican authorities issue Tropical Storm warning after Tropical Storm Javier strengthens off Mexico’s west coast; warning includes parts of Baja California – National Hurricane Center

  9. Eric, more info on Javier..

    More: Tropical Storm Javier expected to hit Cabo San Lucas early Tuesday morning; tropical storm warning in effect along southwest Mexican coast – ABC News

      1. Jules104,
        you know I am not sure…you would remember the area better than my feeble effort…haha..

  10. Eric,
    another update. Javier..
    ..Hurricane warning now!
    Tropical Storm Javier getting better organized; hurricane warning issued for southern Baja California, Mexico – NHC

  11. Eric,
    Javier update..
    downgraded..Back to Tropical storm .

    Tropical Storm Javier weakens; will move near west coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, through Tuesday night – NHC

  12. Eric,
    Javier …out of the picture downgraded again. Haha

    More: Mexican government discontinues tropical storm warnings and watches related to Javier for Baja California peninsula – NHC

  13. Eric, update on Paine –
    flooding possible in a few locations..
    “A few showers and storms may reach Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. The bulk of the heaviest rain, however, is expected to focus farther south and east. When it is not raining in these locations, some people may notice more humid conditions, when compared to average, due to the tropical influence into midweek.”

  14. Eric, SWC,
    Reference this part of post…
    “I had a visual of the US map. On the map there were certain areas painted in patches of grey. Patches on New York and New Jersey where colored grey, so was several gulf regions most of which where on the south east part of the gulf. Then there was Florida that was entirely painted black. This map reflects those areas affected by Hurricanes or Tropical Storms. I had a visual of a Hurricane heading towards Florida.”

    Hurricane Jose could threaten New York next week.

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