Notes on 11-21-14

Good News Eric! Al Assad.. Finally, Al Assad.. (president of Syria) his bloody book is closing. The family will try to take over but it will implode. At the time around the Great Prophet’s festivals. The Alawites unprotected are forced and told to get out. – Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man being shot, then another man killing himself.
Is the visual a separate situation or are they implying Al Assad is assassinated? We have another prediction that talks about a presidential assassination. Also they have made similar messages about this topic before. The Great Prophet is a reference to Muhammad, making it a Muslim festival. Here are the previous predictions to click on:
Notes on 12-22-13
Notes on 5-18-13

The skater passes so too does the money grubbing charlatan.
The skater might be referring to someone who skates by, cheats, or maybe they are talking about a skater athlete. Now the money grubbing charlatan would be a Bernie Madoff like man, they have used that message before.

The unrighteous religious man is forced to swallow his cruel nasty words. The voice of the masses demand it. Why he represents our father… we have no ideal?


27 thoughts on “Notes on 11-21-14

    • Yes I remember that name, he was the biggest slime ball. He should have been put in prison for life instead of 14 years. It could be, keep in mind it might be outside of the US.

      • Very true Eric. When you said Bernie Madoff I tried to think of other alternatives.

        By the way…”Buffalo. 12.” The count is at 12 who perished in that ginormous storm. Prayers and healing out to those families. How long have you had this gift Eric? Fascinating.

      • It was something I was born with, however it has been fine tuned over time, the world predictions are also fairly new on the learning curve. I am always looking to tune it up, make it greater and greater.

  1. Muhammad’s b-day is celebrated in early January.
    The first name that poped in my head after reading “The unrighteous religious man is forced to swallow his cruel nasty words” was Rev. Al Sharpton.

  2. I sincerely hope and pray that Al Assad’s reign ends. I cannot believe that it has lasted this long. So many psychics besides yourself have predicted his demise, but it has yet come to pass. Here’s hoping that it will finally come true!

  3. Eric- This a comment regarding a previous post. Do I post on that thread in the future for others to view? Maybe “Passenger, 45” refers to the 2 Ukrainians on flight mh 370 whose age were 45. Thought one report said one of them was 43 years old. “Seatbelts”….fasten your seatbelts was the overhead announcement OR will seatbelt/s debris be found floating in sea or on an island/landmass? Diego Garcia makes sense, what about Yemen? Between Yemen and Somalia? A few days after the plane went missing I saw the words “Trojan horse”. I have several expanations for this but I won’t clog up the thread.

      • Eric, I agree.. Especially when judge..said:
        She said Konigsberg, through his cooperation, earned leniency from federal sentencing guidelines that called for at least eight years in prison. She also rejected a request by a court-appointed monitor recovering money for Madoff investors who had asked that Konigsberg be required to cooperate further with his office as part of his sentence.

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