Notes on 3-11-14

I had a vision that the Pope Francis stood with a staff in his hand, the Pope glowed white and the emblem of the staff had white fire all around it, president Al Assad of Syria was standing by him, Al Assad shrank and became sickly (diminished).

“The volcano will erupt soon.. 787”

Glossary Reference: Numbers

Eric’s Comments: The Pope and Al Assad? Perhaps it symbolically means a ‘holy man diminishes the oppression of Syria? A spiritual force? It’s difficult to see the actual Pope have such an active role in Syria but we will have to wait and see, he has a knack for surprising us.  I know from previous messages that to shrink means to diminish and white fire represents a spiritual God like power. It was a beautiful vision.

787 could be around the 18th as it is in 7 days. Still working on a location, it was implied to be Central America but that contradicts previous snow messages. They also showed a man with two different eye colors which could mean two different locations.


36 thoughts on “Notes on 3-11-14

  1. It sounds like a great vision! The Pope has a trip planned to visit the Middle East/Israel from May 24 – 26. There are some issues with the Foreign Ministry there being on strike but so far the trip is still on. It is right next to Syria.

  2. I’m not Catholic, but I think Pope Francis rocks. Whether the image of the Pope is real or just symbolism, it shows that we are turning a corner. I think the Church, at least, is turning a corner thanks to this new Pope, who seems to actually demonstrate “true” Christian values.

  3. Does this vision fit in with the 2014 prediction of Assad’s fall? Is it possible this holy/spiritual individual creates or starts the fall?

    • Not really Zaza, it seems to imply a holy man diminishing or hindering Al Assad. From his fall, there was still some feeling of invasion or an outside force ending it all. They also have the timeline “The bloody war will end in October” and I can’t see how that fits with any other situation.

      • Interesting. I didn’t remember the timeline bit. Now I’m insanely curious to know who the spiritual force will be and how s/he will diminish Assad.

  4. “The volcano will erupt soon.. 787″ Have they ever used area codes? Because 787 is the area code for Puerto Rico.

      • Pope Francis is a false prophet. He is nothing more than the puppet that is paving the way to the one world religion that will be forced on all of us by the new world order, IMHO.

  5. “The volcano will erupt soon.. 787
    Dear Eric

    I did some research about 787 .Key wordsThe Boeing 787 Dreamliner / Yellowstone Project
    Yellowstone supervolcano eruption ?
    I have had a dream 2 months ago about a volcano eruption

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  11. Eric, think this post is happening right now with the Pope Francis visits US? I wonder if this might be next with President Al Assad soon?


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