Notes on 9-15-13 Syria

They showed one battle ship in the ocean by a large body of land. “The battleships will move away.” — I am assuming this is about Syria, but it was separate from the rest of the message.

“In the field don’t believe everything they say.. As that is what they say, they created.. Their laughing with their lies.. You can’t do that.. They moved it before you even brought it up.. keep an eye out.. the hands of righteousness will bring order.. finally hijacked.. the French out of patience.. It’s not working we tried.. the girl let her go.. I am not taking military action.. but there blowing them up?.. your being played as he tortures.. two players.. so many more months.. the US and coalition will end this.. 4 is key.”

As I wrote the message down I begin to edit the notes which they quickly halted, because they want the message word for word even though it sounds choppy. This seems to be the sum of the situation in Syria for the coming months. Each verse could be seen as another changing event.

24 thoughts on “Notes on 9-15-13 Syria

  1. “the US and coalition will end this.. 4 is key”

    On October 4th evening, the new moon will be exact. From a military point of view, the cloak of darkness which a New Moon offers is usually the most advantageous period to conduct a surgical military strike.

  2. Thank you, Eric, for channeling for the good of mankind. Because I’m married to an English teacher, I am compelled to call your attention to ‘their-they’re-there’ 😉

  3. It is your right (write) lol. Carry on with the truly important work. You is a good soul and I ain’t lyin’…dat’s da TRUTH

  4. Eric,
    I know this is old but Doesn’t this sound like what’s going on with ISIS right now?
    Also with the bridge attack and the anniversary of 25 today is the 25 anniversary of the Berlin wa collapse hope I’m wrong

    1. Also by the U.S. and coalition will end this means cease operations without success do you?

      1. Also Eric, “the hands of righteousness will bring order” isnt that what you previously called the prophet Mohammed that would bring peace to the ME but that wasnt expected for decades? isnt that an apocolyptic type prediction?

        1. No, its not an apocalyptic prediction. I can see why you would say that but no. The post called the ‘righteous hand’ points to a not so distant future when the middle east has more peace then violence. When radical views are replaced with moderate ones, A massive shift in the rights of women. They seem to point (symbolically) to multiple acts of righteousness. The Great Prophet Muhammad is more a symbolic gesture of righteousness, just as one could see Jesus as symbolic to compassion, or forgiveness. Think of Germany in the 1940s, and what 70 years bring. Now think of what we have in the middle east and what 30-50 years bring. Now the shift is that, all of that negative ugly energy will shift to Africa first, but the real horror in the future and I mean horror comes out of the Uyghurs and areas that are now Kazakhstan, for some reason that area is the new hot bed of evil, a bold prediction since neither is a real threat right now, but you could say the same about the middle east 50 years ago.

        2. There is one Apocolyptic prediction, the one they call the “ruler of terror, the man who is far worse than any man both before or after” Imagine the worst human being humanity will ever face. Originally the name they gave him was the prince of darkness but we did not want to paint a religious tone, but the worst of the worst could only point to one figure. There are other predictions in a distant future that also have similar messages, but the focus is more this century and the here and now.

  5. You don’t forsee those occurring for a long time though correct? Cause you do have predictions dated till 2050

    1. It all depends on which part your talking about, they are talking about the century though. But they have said that Libya (and Tunisia) will rise out of the ashes to be the jewel of the Arab world, that shift is expected this decade. But Egypt on the other hand takes much longer. Then there is Iraq that splits in two.

  6. I meant the hitler like figure prediction, you dont see that coming for years (century) down the line?

  7. Eric,
    As i said before, i have been reading this site for many months, do you like Dave, think this has to deal with the ISIS occurence in Syria, and by saying end this that spirit thinks this will end soon?

    also, so by the evil leader, you think we will only live for another 35 years? you said on your deathbed this man would arrive 2050 is 35 years? if i follow he same span, scary that i would only live till 60 years old, i dont consider that to be too old

    peace and blessings to all

    1. Hi Russian, the old man is me, I am 39 years old now, and they are predicting the dark ones arrival sometime after my passing. We would all be guessing on the timeframe, but in the vision I am old.

  8. Right Eric and honestly, that is what is troubling my friend lol what is old? lol you see? i dont see 60 as old, you may see 70 as old, i understand i’m picking at small things but this is where my uneasy will comes from.. you see

    peace and blessings to all

  9. i understand completely.. it is very easy to get controlled by fear of these things

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