U.S. Strikes Taliban Commander

This prediction has happened it reads under Prediction 38: US Strikes Its Enemy:

The US targets its enemy. The missile hits the target with dreadful success. ‘We got them’, a brutal reminder not to cross the United States.

The Facts: On Jan 3rd, a U.S. drone strike in northwest Pakistan killed a top Taliban commander and nine others responsible for engineering attacks on U.S. It is unrelated to Libya. Quoted News, LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/world/worldnow/la-us-drone-strike-in-northwest-pakistan-kills-top-taliban-commander-20130103,0,2024000.story

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  1. star48 Avatar

    Eric, confirmation top leader died during this time, 2013. Mullah Omar.
    This just announced 7-29-15..
    I hope this is the right thread?

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