Righteous Hand

A prediction for this Century.

” Look over their something new!” I saw mass construction of buildings and roads. “The path of Libya, of Tunisia now set and riddled with happiness.. the tone of Islamic law is about to shift.. rigidness out.. the Great Prophet slams his righteous hand into the desert of Africa and the Middle East crushing oppression.. oppression will fall in the sights of success.. it’s not a matter of if but when” — A symbolic message that tone is about to shift in the Muslim world. It’s once focus on rigid absolute law seems to be fading out and replaced with a renewed need to stamp out oppression in all of its forms on a global scale. Also is an overall prediction that oppressed governments in those areas will be crushed as the century unfolds. The great prophet is a symbolic reference to the Prophet Muhammad. It’s an awesome message where the people prevail, with only time against them.

7 thoughts on “Righteous Hand

  1. The Great Prophet is not a reference to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is why I need your help and I think you need mine. I desperately need to talk to you.

    1. They have a separate prediction for Iraq, its an old prediction from the beginning of this blog that says Iraq will split into two. Only then will it rest.

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