Aleppo Bombing

These incomplete predictions have happened. We failed to provide an accurate location.

Notes on 11-27-13
I had a visual of a building wall with one very large hole as if a bomb exploded. There was rubble everywhere.
A Prediction is due: In half an hour. (half a month)

The Facts on 12-17: Aleppo Bombing Kills At least 76 Syrians, Including 28 Children


Notes on 10-29-13
“A massive jam, huge, unmoving situation, everyone stuck. “
They implied Canada, but not entirely clear

The Facts on 11-27:  Weather caused nearly 500 flight cancellations and more than 3,600 delays around the country as millions of Americans travel home.– Not Canada but US.


5 thoughts on “Aleppo Bombing

  1. there was a big standoff with indians in canada, nova scotia over fracking on your prediction date. police vehicles all burned. crazy.


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