Notes on 6-15-13

Here are the notes from spirit on June 15th

I had a visual of me standing on a beach, people where playing on a beach and a stadium was off to the side of the shoreline. Then a massive dirty wave crashed into the land and consumed the stadium. — They are now pointing to a specific place where damage is overly excessive. I open this up to conversation, who has a stadium very close to the shoreline?

I had a visual of a President and Senator riding in a plane in what seemed like Russia and it crashed into a forest like area, actually they showed it in a tree. The good news is they seemed to have survived.  Just a few notes we seem to be talking about a plane crash, who is the president, could it just be a president of a company, that doesn’t fit with the senator.

“When Al Assad falls, and the borders open,  the reality of horror is far worse than what the news has been reporting”

The message of breakfast — which means Break Fast, as if to say one of the incompleted prediction is about to happen that needs to be completed quickly. Usually we fail to complete them. A few come to mind, like the Volcano, it’s expected to blow but they never gave a location.

Also I want to clear something up, those of you who have followed ‘Spirits’ world predictions for the past two years have seen these predictions drastically morphed. I originally received messages from Spirit and created my own version of its meaning, filtering out several key points. Now I present their message unfiltered, exactly as is, which includes some wild cryptic messages as well as their opinion on the subject. Yes just like you and I they have an opinion on the events of today. They truly believe as written that the US leaders act like bratty little children, they truly believe that its idiotic to use chemical weapons in any fashion, and they truly believe Al Assad is a butcher and coward who needs to go as quickly as possible.  I knew going into this it would be issues, but that’s what I promised is their words unabridged, unfiltered, and exactly as is. We will however make a point to clarify whether what is written is my opinion or theirs. Previously it has been intertwined.

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  1. julie Avatar

    Seattle – Quest Field is 0.3 miles
    Occidental Ave S and Alaskan Way Viaduct = 0.3 miles from a bay that intersects w/the ocean

    San Diego – Petco Field is a few blocks from the bay that intersects w/the ocean

    Oakland (near San Fran) – Oracle Arena (and there is another arena) that 1 block from the water that is a bay, which intersects with the ocean.

    San Francisco – Candlestick Park is ON the water. People stay in boats and listen to games

    Hmmm…could be Seattle, San Diego or San Francisco/Oakland.

  2. Matt Avatar

    This is BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC:

    1. Amy Avatar

      Yes, I thought of that one too. Was also thinking of Thunderbird Stadium:

  3. green Avatar

    Hello elp… we have 2 stadium bang on the shoreline in mumbai India… but don’t feel that Tsunami hitting mumbai. Wish it shouldn’t hit nowhere .

    1. Julie Avatar

      I think Eric was focusing on the west coast of the USA

  4. Eric LP Avatar

    A couple of things with the location of the stadium. It seemed northern, I am not sure why it just did. So I would probably exclude San Diego and India, at the same time I would guess we are talking about Canada or north US. On another note it really was odd how close it was to the shoreline. Finally I think they were making a point to show the scope of this tragic event.

  5. Kim Avatar

    Shoreline WA?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Which stadium would that be?

      1. julie Avatar

        I just moved from Washington to California. Shoreline doesn’t have a stadium nearby. It’s in downtown Seattle. The only beach is across the bay at West Seattle. Of course, there are half a dozen active volcanos circling WA and Oregon. Mt. St. Helen’s being the largest volcano that has went off in our lifetime within the USA. Mt. Rainier, WA is also a volcano that could erupt and is closer to Seattle than Mt. St. Helen’s.

        I’m not familiar with San Francisco, so unsure if there is a true beach there.

        1. Eric LP Avatar

          Thanks Julie, others have pointed out we might be talking about a hurricane,, that’s very possible, I am assuming its the Tsunami but it could be a hurricane. They have predicted one massive hurricane in Florida, but it doesn’t entirely fit with the details going with it.

  6. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    Looking at the west coast, there are only two places I see with stadiums adjacent to the beach. One is Santa Barbara Community College stadium and the other is Ventura Raceway. Otherwise, any stadiums near the water do not have beaches.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks Thomas, Ventura CA? Does anyone know about Alaska and its stadium?

  7. Gwen Avatar

    Aloha Stadium in Honolulu is subject to tsunami and on the ring of fire. I think Hawaii may be at the very least at risk for devestation. I see fire…not water. Multiple fires.

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  9. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    I looked at Alaska and didn’t see any stadiums near the water. I did see the one at Pearl Harbor but there’s no beach there and it’s quite sheltered being deep in the harbor.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Maybe I jumped the gun connecting it to the Tsunami, it could be connected to the coming Hurricanes, Florida’s hurricane is suppose to be massive. But that really doesn’t explain the massive wave or tide I saw come in. I have followed up on checking the different stadiums hoping the look fits, but I have not seen it.

      1. Thomas Wolke Avatar

        Could you describe the stadium in more detail? I also looked at Florida and didn’t see any likely stadiums.

        1. Eric LP Avatar

          Well with a hurricane, it would not need to be that close to the shoreline, it could be anywhere. But yes we have plans to ask for more details, ironically there is a push now to start covering the Hurricanes.

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  11. ecb Avatar

    perhaps the flooding in calgary, which is flooding the saddledome stadium along with a lot of the city and surrounding areas…. The water is full of silt and very dirty looking… It came in quickly…

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Yes its sounding like that stadium prediction more and more.

  12. julie Avatar

    Is the floods or dirty water the recent (today/yesterday) Canada floods displacing thousands?

    1. Kim Avatar

      I’m hearing on the news that the water is up to the 10th row of seating in the Hockey arena.
      I don’t know if that’s close to the Saddledome and I have not yet heard if it’s been flooded. There is massive evacuations, 75,000 people displaced.

      1. julie Avatar

        Well, there you go. I’d say this is very similar to the prediction Eric has been seeing. Eric, what are your thoughts?

      2. Eric LP Avatar

        hi guys, yes I do believe that specific prediction is what they are talking about.

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  14. julie Avatar

    Today, 6/25/13 reported a tsunami hit the New Jersey shore on 6/13/13. First time since the 1930’s. Watch the video. Not what we normally think of a tsunami, but it’s being classified as such!

    1. Eric LP Avatar


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