Terror Attack Warning

Here is a reminder of all the different predictions involving terror attacks. Its unclear if they are talking about just one event or multiple ones. Please make every effort to share the information with everyone, so that we can bring about change.
— World Prediction Glossary Reference: Spider, Numbers

Notes on 7-26-14    “An infestation.. a gaping hole.. a massive explosion.. where the leaders are.. by the Capitol.. Europe (Norway).. 27.. we can try.. warn them!”
27 could be seen as the 27th or the 2nd (7 could be symbolic to the day), no month was provided.

Notes on 8-7-13    “Bad news for country.. capital.. defiant.. delirious.. killer.. up in the air, weight over (over weight),  another monster”
They showed the Norway flag used by the cruise line, the one with the big ‘N’. Its unclear if they are talking about Norway or could it be a separate situation.

Notes on 7-24-14      I had a visual of a spider that had features of water bug, but also had wings. It was an oversized Spider with metal tips for legs. Spider represents a terror attack or school shooting, but a bug?  We will try to get better details but something sinister is coming.
I had a visual of the number 3 in a countdown,  putting it around the 27th-28th.

Notes on 7-17-14    “Also.. There will be a bombing in the bush(es).” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 7-16-14     I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion.

Notes on 7-11-14     I had a visual of a soccer ball rolling, then they implied I should look at our history of predictions, this is the only one that came to mind, please let me know if you can find another prediction that might have ties to the soccer ball, it wasn’t a very nice message:

Notes on 12-31-13     “It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

Notes on 7-4-14     I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people,  an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.  “Terror.. terror”

Notes on 1-25-14     I had a visual of the number 8, then a page was turned, and I had a visual of a man with a whipped back, then a page turned, I had a visual of a large target sign, then the page turned again and I had a visual of fireworks going off.

Notes on 1-15-14     I had a visual of fireworks going off, it was exciting and people where cheering, then a massive explosion on the ground behind something, and the cheering turned to terror.

Whether related to this or a another prediction here is a message from Spirit. Now more than ever before, the Spirits are imply its possible to alter these events from unfolding and tragedy can be avoided.
I had a visual of road with dead trees and desert land in the background. The road was old and the asphalt was broken up and decaying. Up the road was a golden brick wall directly in the path of the road. The pure gold bricks glowed with a white glimmering light that was brighter than the sun that came down from above.
“We are trying to warn you of events coming.. the possibility of changing tragedy more imminent” – Spirits Voice




39 thoughts on “Terror Attack Warning

  1. Here’s some info which might aid in deciphering what’s going on. I quote from another source…

    “The “seventh day of the seventh month” is Qixi/Tanabata, aka the “Double Seventh Festival” as well as the “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, having to do with the Summer Triangle in the sky overlapping the galactic Dark Rift which is the Mayan “hellgate” (portal to Xibalba)… In 2014, Qixi falls on August 2nd, corresponding to the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar. This will be almost exactly (within a day) 7 years from the bridge collapse in the Twin Cities! Qixi also happens to be a bridge day: According to tradition, on the Qixi “Double Seventh” day a “bridge of magpies” is formed across the Milky Way for one day so two lovers separated by the celestial river can reunite.”

  2. About the red roses…I was reading that the symbol for the Norwegian Labour Party is the red rose and is also a symbol of rememberance for the massacre that happened when all of those kids at the camp on the island were shot by the extremist there.

  3. I just looked up the Norway massacre of July 22, 2011. The youth camp on the island was for the Labour Party which has the symbol of the red rose which also symbolizes rememberance of this massacre. I am worrying more and more for the Norway Youth Soccer Cup Games. I did see that at some point they have something going on in a stadium and in the past they have had fireworks. Praying for a protection of light and love to surround them all.

  4. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oslo_City_Hall
    Hi Eric. They are holding a ceremony for the Team Leaders at the Oslo City Hall on the evening of the 29th. The city hall also houses an art gallery and the outside building has an astronomical clock on it. I am thinking we had a prediction with a possible astronomical clock reference in the past and the art of war??

      • Yes I agree. Also when you look at the bricks that the Oslo City Hall is made from, they look red to me. I am referencing Rosemary’s dream. (Though it doesn’t look like a rotating observation eating area). I will try and look at it more closely.

  5. The brick for Oslo City Hall is red. It also has two towers…though not cobblestone. It sits right on the Piper Vika bay which looks like the boats would be moored and able to get very close to the city hall. Hopefully all will be safe.

      • The desert brings to mind what is happening in Gaza right now and all of the tunnels they are finding. Also I wonder how easy it would be to poison their water supply in Israel or fly a drone in with some sort of chemical weapon. I did read also that they are doing studies in Oslo to find any old rumored Nazi tunnels left over from the war. They think there are miles of them under the city possibly. That all makes me think of infestation. I was wondering if the prediction that showed you all those numerous zeros has to do with all of these things happening now? I couldn’t find that specific prediction but I remember you saying that you thought it was the Spirits way of saying there were a lot of predictions that would unfold soon. That and the flags on the tv turning to Nazi flags. I thought of that while watching the caskets coming off of the planes in Norway. They showed all of those flags flying on the Tarmac from different countries. I don’t really know why I thought that right away but I did. Could the Spirits be talking about more than one attack? Sorry if that sounds like a hodge podge of ideas.

      • That big 0 to me would mean the main/worst one or the most damage/casualties maybe? What are your thoughts Eric? Hopefully any planned terrorist act will be foiled.

    • Jules, I checked out the Oslo city tower. The rectangular windows up top look very similar to mine in dream, though my tower was round. Interesting though.

      • The Norwegian “storting” has a round tower, but the bricks are yellow. This is where the Norwegian leaders work. The soccer tournament Norway Cup will also play their finals in Oslo on the 2nd of August at Ullevål Stadium.

  6. Has anyone considered the Commonwealth Games, which started July 23 and run through August 3? They are being held in Glasgow, Scotland (cold place with jackets), from the 7th month into the 8th month (reference to the page with 8 being turned over), with a ton of games some of which involve white balls, the closing ceremony will be held in Hampden Park (the country’s National Stadium) and there are typically fireworks. As for the spider with metal tips for legs, this is a description of the venue taking from the official site, “Along with the track, Hampden boasts a full infield complete with freshly-cut grass sits on a temporary deck made up of 1,000 base panels which are supported by over 6,000 structural steel stilts.” While Glasgow is not the capital of Scotland, the Queen was at Opening Ceremonies and she may also be there for the Closing Ceremonies. Also, your prediction on the 26th (yesterday) was seven days out from the end of the Games on August 3rd. So you have your 7 and your 3 represented. Thoughts?


  7. The Games are also officially hosting a global fundraising event to contribute to UNICEF’s Put Children First campaign. UNICEF has an official rose, the UNICEF Rose, although it is more pink than red.

  8. Hi eric you have got to know beyond doubt and i know you do…we are all putting everything we can muster into this ….we can di it spirit has been showing me hoq to visualize this one…”imagine you are a rolling ball if energetic light rolling down a pathway and all dark negative energy just desolves and disintergrates in your path. ” good luck and much light and love everyone…

    • Its a prediction of success, and yes I think one of the reasons they are pointing to that success is an acknowledgement that this year so many of you have made huge efforts to make everyone aware to bring about change, we thank all of you so very much.

  9. Hi everybody. There is the Norway Cup (international football tournament) going on right now at Ekebergsletta field in Ekeberg, Oslo, Norway. It runs from July 27 to August 2, 2014. According to this article 30,000 youth, ages 10-19, from all over the globe participate in this tournament. My heart is so heavy right now with worry about this being a possibility.

    Here are some links relating to the Norway Cup:

  10. Eric could this Mozdir guy who was featured on “The Hunt” and killed in NY today be connected to the prediction from 8/7/13 with “over weight (weight over), another monster”? I was watching John Walsh on CNN and was thinking to myself, the waite is over for the family in CA who’s son he molested, when they said the waite is over and put it on the ticker. They had also put up on The Hunt in his description that he weighed 280 lbs. (over weight)? Just a thought.

      • Hi Eric, Star48. Is that the post from 9-16-14? Could that also be related to 5-18-14, with …inbetween two gulfs fire fire huge explosion these acts lead to war? And is that the 9,10, US, Now? It also makes me think about what Michelle just commented on. ISIS making something look like Russia is involved when they aren’t. (But that could have been the downed plane.) This seems like it would be a ship if it’s inbetween two gulfs. And it could lead to war if a military ship were to be sunk from an attack. Could that also have to do with the Norway prediction? I always assume it’s having to do with the US but I know it isn’t always the case. For some reason this all makes me think of the missles pointed in the wrong direction also. Oh just a thought. My older daughter mentioned that when she hears of “a gathering of Americans” she thinks about the elections, which are happening on Nov 4th I believe. The midterm elections. I’d not thought of that. And that makes me think of my dream with the number 4 and an explosion! Just remembered that. Hmmm. Praying whatever it is we can make an impact and foil it.

      • Jules104, just a note .,the Baltic and North Sea. Only one gulf near; Gulf of Bothnia.
        between Finland and Sweden.. So I would say it could not be between 2 gulfs if it is Norway.
        Also the 3rd is a Holy day for the Muslims..

      • Jules104,Eric., no problem..,I got sidetracked looking for it..I did not want it to happen to anybody else ..Blessings to you both..:)

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