Massive South-East Snow Storm

Round 2 of this on going prediction.

Notes on 9-28-13
“An oddly strange frosty chill will sweep though the southeast quarter of the US, doing extensive damage to its crops” — They implied a very blistering cold timeframe in the coming months, worse than the norm.

The Facts on 2-12-14: Massive winter storm slams into South US, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Quoted News:

2 responses to “Massive South-East Snow Storm”

  1. Gina Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    That prediction was right on ! It’s a big ice storm here in SC . Many people without power. Hope your doing well on the west coast.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We just have our drought, over here, my prayers go with all of you over there, hope it ends quickly.

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