Water on the Moon

This prediction has happened. Spirit humor. Moving forward, we can expect more of these lighter messages.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-6-20 I had a visual of the moon. Then the moon became cartoon like and it begin to shed one tear.

Distant Prediction

The Conductor is working diligently to restructure our group of spirits in a way that covers almost all of the world so that we can focus on providing more details when rolling out new predictions, our goal is to eventually provide the event, the location, and a basic timeframe for every major event we predict. Because of that we are in a short holding pattern for new predictions.

As we wait for the Spirits to reorganize I want to share some of the other work we do, distant predictions. Over the week I will share 3 distant predictions, give you a peek into the distant future of our world.

1. “Like sand is to a computer.. so to is the moon.. they will dig, and take from the moon’s land.. with it they will build medical supplies for everyone.”