World Prediction: Gold Rush

A moment approaches that will change everything and it isn’t your filthy War humanity. It is beauty beyond approach. Such utter Karma. We need to set the stage for this moment that is expected later in the Century.

I had a silly cartoon vision, like watching a bad cheap comic play out in front of me. In the cartoon a rag tag happy man who gambled on everything, went to a deep, deep, cave with his silly fancy pick. As if creating a promotional video he hit the pick against the wall. But the wall cracked like the shell of an egg and he looked as the entire cave was pure gold. It was a massive cave. His eyes glimmered with excitement. ”Gold Rush”

Then like that everyone shifted gears, everyone looked up! Pointed up with such excitement!

Spirits Voice- “Diana they will come to you in droves, both rich and poor. Diana you have residents now.” Diana is the name Spirit calls our Moon.

The cartoon figures spread out like Locusts to a farm. So many reaching for the stars. All happy and hopeful. Such excitement everyone felt. The vision presented multiple phases of growth on the Moon, as humanity just kept digging. Then something happened. The very soul of the Universe approached to responded to the moment. I had the view of a new fully occupied Diana, all these humans looking back on earth in twilight, all standing there with tears streaming down their face. What have we done? A moment of self reflection. Then suddenly as if this vision was sand the vision changed from cartoon to reality. Like a whirl wind of color just shifted. I could feel all the beautiful twilight around me, consume me. Everyone on the moon was looking, staring at earth. All of them. Reality was slowly creeping into our minds. There are no lines from space we could see. No borders. We were always meant to be one force. One species. We are protected by one planet, and all of it is apart of something so vast and welcoming. It was as if a parent out of no where grabbed humanity by the neck and said here, look at who you really are. In this moment humanity realized, we are doing this all wrong.

Then I saw the past. Locust of the past just consume the planet in the most ghastly way, destroying everything in its path, suddenly some not all the Locust turned into Bees. I could see massive, massive, swaths of bees. They fought back the locust. The Bees would grow in number and size. They would dominate the world with a new structure. Suddenly humans were pollinating, fixing, healing, helping with “Eyes forever open.” Beauty beyond approach.

”Compassion always first. Love must sit in the center of all your decision.” – The King

Water on the Moon

This prediction has happened. Spirit humor. Moving forward, we can expect more of these lighter messages.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-6-20 I had a visual of the moon. Then the moon became cartoon like and it begin to shed one tear.

Distant Prediction

The Conductor is working diligently to restructure our group of spirits in a way that covers almost all of the world so that we can focus on providing more details when rolling out new predictions, our goal is to eventually provide the event, the location, and a basic timeframe for every major event we predict. Because of that we are in a short holding pattern for new predictions.

As we wait for the Spirits to reorganize I want to share some of the other work we do, distant predictions. Over the week I will share 3 distant predictions, give you a peek into the distant future of our world.

1. “Like sand is to a computer.. so to is the moon.. they will dig, and take from the moon’s land.. with it they will build medical supplies for everyone.”