Distant Prediction

The Conductor is working diligently to restructure our group of spirits in a way that covers almost all of the world so that we can focus on providing more details when rolling out new predictions, our goal is to eventually provide the event, the location, and a basic timeframe for every major event we predict. Because of that we are in a short holding pattern for new predictions.

As we wait for the Spirits to reorganize I want to share some of the other work we do, distant predictions. Over the week I will share 3 distant predictions, give you a peek into the distant future of our world.

1. “Like sand is to a computer.. so to is the moon.. they will dig, and take from the moon’s land.. with it they will build medical supplies for everyone.”

4 responses to “Distant Prediction”

  1. paul2k99 Avatar

    Very interesting!! Most amazing thing is that i have dreams about what you describe several years ago! And now i see your post and remembered them! Thanks Eric!

  2. sweetmouse Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    Can you predict when human beings would speak one language, live peacefully? And there would be no wars, no governments, no police?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We have predictions that talk about the end of war, you also get the impression that new types of government spring up that don’t exist today, but those predictions are incomplete.

  3. Cody Avatar

    Like sand is to a computer.. so to is the moon.. they will dig, and take from the moon’s land.. with it they will build medical supplies for everyone.

    “Trump Makes It Official: The U.S. Will Mine the Moon

    “With the imminent return of U.S. astronauts to the moon scheduled for 2024, this issue is more real than it has been for several decades.

    “But the U.S. isn’t alone. The European Space Agency (ESA) also wants to mine the moon, and the world’s spacefaring nations have all notably stayed out of a 1979 treaty that says nations will refrain from mining in space.”


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