Mississippi River Oil Spill

This Prediction has happened. The number 13?

Notes on 12-11-13
“There is going to be a spill, captain.. 13.. this is a mess.. deadline.. they charge you to fix it.”

The Facts on 2-23-14: “The Coast Guard continues to work on an oil spill that started after two barges collided near Vacharie on Saturday.
Lightering operations on the damaged barge spilling oil were successful and the spill has been stopped. Oil spill response vessels and recovery equipment are deployed in the river.
The Captain of the Port closed the river from mile marker 90 to mile maker 155 to avoid possible contamination of passing vessels and to reduce the amount of oil spreading further down the river.” Quoted News: http://www.fox8live.com/story/24799454/coast-guard-continues-to-work-oil-spill-in-mississippi-river

4 thoughts on “Mississippi River Oil Spill

  1. Eric – there has been another spill in Va/NC and it was announced that Duke Energy is making the public pay for the cost of cleanup.

    1. I actually watched that, really horrible news and it seems like the government officials are siding on the company not the people. Seems to be a theme right now.

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