The Future Is Ours To Own

It was right after the turn of the century when I met with the spirits that I  communicate with, over an idea. By this time in my life I could get basic information about world events. I was happily living a life doing personal readings for loads of wonderful people, but life was about to take a different course.
The idea; What if? What if we could use the same talents with our personal readings for the world. What if we could warn the world of the next earthquake, the next hurricane, the next Hitler. What if we could change the outcome of the future? Since that lofty idea I have made it my one mission in life to conquer that future. My goal in life is to change just one of the outcomes of these horrible events  before I pass away.
Now the goal is no longer lofty, the idea is strongly in motion. We still have some work to do, we need to improve my accuracy, and details. I need to understand the blogging lifestyle to get a large enough audience to bring that change and finally the part I haven’t even started, (until now) I need to convince you to help me bring that change, by making everyone aware. So this is my hand extended to you, help me and just maybe we can change the world in some small way. You are the vessel of change, you are that missing piece of our lofty grand plan. I am asking you for help.
The spirits will start pointing out those predictions we need to focus on. Share your ideas, social media experiences, thoughts.  As the new focus shifts towards actually bringing about change I know I will stumble along as I have in making these predictions. This is foreign territory, that no one else has a map to. And as before I have no idea what I am doing, I just going to do it. The future is ours to own, it always has been, the time for change is here and now.


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  1. Thank you for all you do. I need to schedule an appointment with you when you have time Mary kay

    1. Thank you, we haven’t accomplished anything yet but I have every intention too. Just shoot me an email, when you want to set up a reading. The email is under Personal Readings.

  2. I actually like the idea … ELP if you need any help in IT let me know I am IT engineer . I am from India … please give some readings specific to my country also ….

    1. I would love the help, lets wait till we have a prediction to focus on. Yes its been awhile since we discussed India. I will ask them to look into it.

  3. Hi Eric,
    It is interesting to combine manifesting with predictions. I have studied a lot of theories of manifesting. Where I am at now is that all manifesting has to come from the highest place which I interpret to be heart energy. The HeartMath Global Coherence group does a lot in that regard with targeted meditations; they just had one for the North Korean situation that you predicted. Ancients say when we manifest from our mind we manifest what we want, yes, but also its opposite. When we manifest from the heart it is supposed to be a universally benevolent outcome. I always throw in “for the most benevolent outcome for all concerned” because frankly I have no clue what is going on in this crazy world. Although I have some psychic insight to current events, that is just one layer of truth that gets peeled off to reveal another. So I never manifest with a specific hard outcome in mind, some call this ‘detachment from outcome’.

    For example, where a child is ill, some healers work energetically on the tumors and that seems to work. I can see them, yes, but I feel like it is more effective to send total love to the child and then visualize them fat and happy and playing in the sunshine, their parents delighted with their happiness, and abundance all around. All the while I am feeling it with my heart.

    To make a workable model of this, you might use the idea of people signing up for being notified of group meditations, the topic of the meditation and the time. Then you can email a reminder. I love a site with a countdown clock because I am tie conversion impaired. LOL. I might also provide specifics as to how to build personal coherence and vibration before joining the group and how to join in loving energy with the group. See the Global Coherence site – they do a good job of this.

    Wishing you the best. I can’t wait to see what you do with this!

    1. I love the idea. I have heard of Monks that meditate all day with positive reinforcement. I think in the immediate circumstances I am hoping for action on the part of everyone out there listening, tweet it, FB it, Blog it, get the word out there in regards to that prediction they have marked. I truly believe we can change its outcome simply by making those involved aware. Warning people a storm is coming has its weight.

  4. I agree with Seeker, it’s a great idea. I looked at your blog after you liked mine,thanks. As I read I thought -This guy is doing what I LONG to be able to do; change the outcome of the devistation, death, pain, bad shit that comes to me in vision and then experience in my reality. So I think “What if we all jump on his vision and try to help him cuz he’s more in touch with it?”
    So, here’s a possible idea; What if you post here a simple easy to read page- “THE NEXT THING TO CHANGE IS…” and blog the newest vision we can focus on, like when you look at your daily hororscope but we look at the daily “CHANGE”.
    Also-who do you communicate with? Maybe let us know and they might allow us to see too. I don’t pretend to know if it might work like this but it’s an idea……
    Keep up the great work, it’s really important.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and thank you for the reblogging, that’s one awesome step to our goal. They do plan to point out those predictions that we need to focus on in facilitating change. But it doesn’t apply to all the predictions. I trust them enough to know they will make it clear and over time might give some of their cryptic ideas of how to bring change. They have mentioned yesterday this advice “Let the open eyed facilitate change with open eyes.. let the media shout.. and let those communicate do so” Open eye I believe to be a psychic or spiritual advisor. Bottom line we should all work towards change in our own ways that best suits us. If you have the means to convince the media to act, do so. If you have social media knowledge, or IT knowledge use it. And if you could add information about the prediction or thoughts do so. We need to make it as large as a voice as possible. With everyone’s help change is possible.

    2. Be cautious in wanting to see the worlds woes. Watching world predictions is something I would not recommend to anyone, even as a child I saw it as some type of curse. Not anymore of course, just be careful. Its a community of spirits, overseen by one very ancient spirit. The community is large, probably about 30 to 40 different spirits all working towards the same goal. Some of you hear me use the words “Spirit has said..” I use the word spirit instead of these spirits to speak of the community or group on the other side working towards this goal, one entity being represented as a group. If you choose this path I would just talk with your guides to help facilitate it. But understand that actions in helping us acheieve our goal already makes you apart of ‘spirit’.

      1. I understand and thanks for the great insite. Sometimes I get the woes because I see, and only recently did I know it as not a curse. Still it’s hard.

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  6. I like your honesty in your visions. Some you understand, some you are learning, and some you are dazed by. I like how they slowly come to life and the puzzle pieces come together. You are doing a great job of communicating to us. I enjoy visiting your web sites. Keep going!! I like your personal mission. I will keep in touch as I have over the past year and continue to make posting. Thank you for always answering my questions. Keep up the good work.

  7. Its such as you read my mind! You appear to understand a lot approximately this, like you wrote the book in
    it or something. I feel that you just can do with a few % to power the message house a bit, however other than that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

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