Typhoon Usagi

Another Storm hits the projected Philippines. This is one of 4 areas expected to be hit hard in 2013, Philippines, Mexico, Japan,  and Florida. Florida’s Hurricane is expected in October. The first prediction is either off in its projections or another Typhoon is still coming. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 8-13-13
“The Philippines will be hit again with another massive typhoon.. the southern part.. so much destruction for one year.” – The last part might be the sum of all hurricanes and typhoons for 2013.

Notes on 3-16-13
“Oh my, so many floods are coming.. Florida and Japan have the biggest storms.. New Jersey and surrounding areas are hit again.. Florida will be hit with a massive hurricane, the tide and path make the flooding deep.. the shorelines of the Carolinas devastated..  Japan hit in the worst way.. Korea is affected.. Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.

The Facts: “The most powerful typhoon of the year swept through the Luzon Strait separating the Philippines and Taiwan on Saturday, battering island communities and dumping rain as it headed straight for Hong Kong.” Quoted News: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/typhoon-usagi-heads-for-hong-kong-1.1863114

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