The Future is Beautiful

The Future is Beautiful. This century is all about change, do you feel it. A tsunami of change is coming, and when it crashes down the world will be born again. Do you feel it. A world where music is on a stage for the entire world to dance to and everyone is dancing, a world were our leaders answer to the world not just their own egos, a world where our brothers across the globe are a click away, and our cultures collide blissfully. A world where knowledge is free from its chains. A world where all of us are intertwined tighter then we could ever imagine and the stars aren’t that far away after all. A new world is coming where all of us must participate and cultivate as one, together united. For those of you who might choose to hold onto the old ways of radical acts, racism, hate, war, and most of all apathy, don’t bother, otherwise you will drown in your resistance to change. Yes a new world is coming, do you feel it, let the emotions of fear and excitement roll over you, and I say to the violent old, good riddance you were a waste with little purpose. Yes a tsunami of change is coming, do you feel it, this is the century when it all comes crashing down, the future is truly beautiful.

So many of you are asking about the violence and horror of the world, why?.. this is their response, the days are numbered for that darkness that ruled in the background for so long and they know it.

20 responses to “The Future is Beautiful”

  1. kelly Avatar

    We need a change for the better! It is definitely time

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Its a very nice message they shared

  2. Pamela Dube Avatar

    A new one. Can’t come too soon.


    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I agree

  3. Rosemary Avatar

    This is the very best thing I have read today. Sounds beautiful and something finally to look forward to. I do hope it comes very soon!

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Yes it was an awesome message they shared!

  4. Mike Avatar

    You have been working very hard to get information out. What you share with us is important information and I check your site almost as much as facebook for what you have to share. On my end, I hope you are allowing yourself some personal time to reflect and enjoy the little thing.

    P.s. Always great hearing good news!

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks Mike, There actually are gaps you will see, where not only I take a break but they do.

  5. Gaynor Avatar

    There you go again……is this the one world order…..!!!… will they stop fanatical Muslims from killing and maiming…how will they stop North Korea throwing its teddies out of the pram…how will they stop china marching towards world domination… will they stop Iran from aspiring to wipe out Israel……how will they stop the terrorist in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mali, Dagestan, kryzekstan, Lebanon……etc……do you really think Muslim fanatics will change overnight…….One World Order….bit like Mein Kampf and Stalins Red book….good on paper but in practice…some will be more equal than others……..or are the Muslims the ones who will become the One World Order (now where did that ‘one world order’ saying come from)……..the future is certainly going to be interesting and after all who would resist change?

    1. seeker Avatar

      Gaynor, I think the New World Order wants to weaken and homogenize us, disrespecting all cultures and religions. This vision allows all and we will harmonize, respecting and treasuring the differences, yet still feeling the unity. We are free to be individual expressions of God or Source, and because we will recognize the divinity in each other, we will not fight each other. The love doesn’t get in the news because the not-love is putting on quite a show, but the love is stronger by the minute. Strangers I meet look at me with such love and knowingness, it’s like we are in a secret club of love – I am not kidding – it weirded me out at first. You just know it and feel it.
      Thanks Eric for this beautiful vision :o) I am holding it too.

      1. Eric LP Avatar

        Another way to look at it, is a world without borders. The world coming whether it be social media, communications, and what hasn’t happened yet a shift in our ability to travel with ease, will all create a massive shift in our ability to connect with everyone everywhere. For centuries our governments and leaders have sold us propaganda, ‘they are the enemy’ and that won’t hold. Secrecy, propaganda, lies, all of it become impossible to sell as the world community becomes tightly intertwined.

    2. Eric LP Avatar

      The ones that resist change is the eviction of that dark element. Their overall message is to say that our old ways will eventually collide with our constant flow of advancement. Take war for instance, it was in the 1940s we created the A-bomb and since then we have continued to advance it. Where will we be at 50 years from now, 100 years from now, eventually we will have to logically come to the end of the road. That’s their prediction. That’s only one example of 100s they could show, and its happening now. On one final note, yes their is a wave of government change that comes in the second half of the Century. Its a different form of Democracy, unlike the US. The world will move towards the election of their own leaders on a global scale.

  6. julie Avatar

    Eric is spot on as usual. Check out one of the top read threads on Above Top Secret
    about feeling something coming, but not sure what it is. Unbelievable! Yes, I’ve felt “it” for about 4 to 5 years now. It never goes away. I’m always searching for what that “it” is. I love to hear that tremendous change will happen and I hope I can witness in my lifetime. If not my lifetime, then I’m happy to know my younger family members will witness! Thank you Eric!

  7. opain Avatar

    who are you? and i a muslim but im not terorist…

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Not entirely understanding the question. My name is Eric.

    2. Eric LP Avatar

      and.. As-salam alaykum

  8. Laura Bernieri Avatar

    The baby throwing a tantrum (silver spoon in its mouth?) is Kim Jong Id but it is also the former ruling forces in death throes, throwing all their excrement at the world like prisoners do in the holding chamber before they are taken into lockup. For us on earth, it’s a battle of maintaining sanity and mental vigor as we hold fast to our dream of a peaceful Mother planet. We are creating the new reality by going about everyday activities carrying a tune in our hearts, blessing Mother and all her beings. As Jesus said: “Resist ye not evil.” Just walk on by.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks Laura

  9. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama Avatar

    I was opening my phone and tapped safari, “Star…” do I typed it into the search engine and this heading caught my attention. THIS! This is happening right now. A sudden consciousness…this is what’s happening to me….ELO, I just don’t know how to explain it! This is what I needed to read…..

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