Typhoon Utor Strikes Philippines

This Prediction is happening it reads in two posts:

Notes on 7-29-13
’0′ is arriving.
“The Typhoon (Hurricane) is coming/forming”

Notes on 3-16-13
Here are the notes from spirit in regards to the major storms of 2013.  These storms are very important to the spirits. Not only are they major events of 2013 but if there was any one event we could alter through awareness, with your help, this is it.
“Oh my, so many floods are coming.. Florida and Japan have the biggest storms.. New Jersey and surrounding areas are hit again.. Florida will be hit with a massive hurricane, the tide and path make the flooding deep.. the shorelines of the Carolinas devastated..  Japan hit in the worst way.. Korea is affected.. Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.
The Vision; they showed maps of almost every location mentioned. The map did show other locations that I was not familiar with, I will verify later. In the vision Florida and Japan were hit with the worst. The vision also showed the tide rising creating larger waves of water crushing houses and putting them underwater. I am sure you noticed a lack of timing. We are expecting this for the Hurricane season which is still several months away. As we get closer to the mark we will regroup with clear details and timeframes.
It’s important to understand the importance of this prediction. In December we had plans to rollout the 4 major events of 2013; The good news, huge medical breakthroughs, major technological advances especially in regards to space. Then the two stains of 2013 were a revitalized return of terrorist acts, and these horrible storms.

The Facts: Philippines braces for Typhoon Utor. A typhoon packing gusts of up to 185 kilometres per hour is 160 kilometres northeast of the nation’s easternmost island Catanduanes. Quoted News:   http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1799134/Philippines-braces-for-Typhoon-Utor

There is expected to be 4 major Hurricanes/Typhoons; Florida, Japan, Philippines and a fourth unknown that we plan to predict later. On top of that in Asia they seem to be implying some of the places get hit twice. Because of the rising sea levels the flooding is expected to be massive and abnormal. Also is the “Next” or “Coming” prediction seems to carry weight, we can now tell you which predictions are next in line to unfold.

7 thoughts on “Typhoon Utor Strikes Philippines

    1. That’s something we are working on but how do we tackle it, as the spirits would want to cover the entire world. For now we only know that Florida gets hit hard with a Hurricane, and another Hurricane crosses up the east coast. Florida is the one of concern in the US, then their is the expected Tsunami in the west.

  1. I have to point out again that it doesn’t seem to match. The prediction said “I’ll prepared, slow response, there will be massive tragic deaths”. Although there are a few fisherman missing at the moment there are no confirmed deaths. Utor is #12 of 20 predicted storms this season for the Phillipines, so it is possible they haven’t received the predicted storm yet, or did we change things?

    1. Its important to understand this is the sum of 2013, their goal was to point out the 3 to 4 areas that would be hit very hard by typhoons/hurricanes this year, it is expected that the Philippines will have more than one, we are actually projecting two for Florida however one of them would fizzle or move into another direction, and the other would hit Florida hard. None of which was posted because it wasn’t entirely clear. I am not sure about 20 typhoons though that seems unrealistic. I wouldn’t discount the magnitude of Utor, the news has reported its the biggest Typhoon so far this year.

      The spirits make a point to countdown their predictions, when it reaches “0” or they say ‘next, now, coming soon’ I post it accordingly. On 7-29s post they presented that “0” and said a typhoon was forming. This is their way of verifying that a prediction is about to happen, before they did it after the fact. However in all fairness they did not do that for the Hawaii storm so I do have my doubts.

      Did we change things? I would encourage you to become a follower if your not already so that every post is emailed to you, so you have proof that no posts are ever changed. Thank you for the feedback, I am always looking to improve our work from format, to my posted opinions, to how to properly structure the message when its mixed with visual riddles.

  2. First, when I said change things, I meant as a collective did we change the event or lessen it’s negative impact. I didn’t mean nor do I think that you are changing predictions after the fact to match an actual event. However, in the prediction world people are eager to have a match so sometimes they match an actual event with a prediction that really doesn’t match. It’s important to weigh all facts in an event when matching them to a prediction.

    For the Philippines they receive as an annual average 12-19 typhoons per year and of those, on average 6-9 make landfall. The Philippines have loss of life every year from typhoons. When I look to match predictions I look outside of the norms, so a prediction about a typhoon causing extensive damage and loss of life would have to be above and beyond what normally occurs every year. Typhoon Utor did not even cause extensive flooding, and although 1 was killed and 13 fisherman are still missing, this number does not match the prediction and does not fall outside of their “normal”. Utor was the strongest typhoon of the season so far, but science has already said that they predicted 12-20 typhoons for the season and Utor is number 12 or 13 so they have a few to go. Also, it would seem they were prepared, took precautions, and the response to emergencies was good, this also does not match the prediction about being ill-prepared.

    Sometimes predictions are difficult to interpret, this is understandable, however when a specific is given, or a full detail, those should match in order to call a prediction complete.

    We will have to see how things go for Florida, only time will tell.

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