Notes on 4-20-13

Here are the notes from spirit on 4-20-13

There are several cryptic messages and vague messages here. Now comes my dilemma, do I continue to focus on the old predictions that still needs clarity or re focus on the new ones. I can’t determine which will be a major predictions. But details are lacking and we need to focus on details. On another note, these visions however obscure usually describe a specific situation that becomes news. Characters are used to describe a theme or individual description, Morgan Freeman would represent “A Free man or individual”  In the coming weeks we will try to focus on details to bring clarity.

They showed a tornado or quick storm roll in and do great damage. Then they showed a man recording the event in awe.

“An avalanche, cave in, it’s not pretty” Another tragic event. Avalanche has in the past been used to describe mud slides as well anything that comes crashing down a mountain.

Written on a door was the word “Wings”

“Get your F+++ing hands off of me!” Described by them as a situation or verbal comment that comes across the media wire.

Written was the words “Tee Father”

I had a vision of a man who looked like Sam Braun the fictional casino mogul (played by S. Wilson)  who had ties to Mafia. He was upset because he did not like ‘us there’ “your not suppose to be here” He sent out his thugs, and there was a great variety of different thugs and they stabbed and maimed individuals. It seemed almost as if time passed there was more of his actions unfolding. Something in the background implied he had ties to drugs. Several of his henchmen were caught and their necks were snapped. But he stood there by a fence watching and lurking. As I came out of the vision the spirits said “He is a very bad man”


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  2. julie Avatar

    You asked if you should focus on the old predictions. Of course, I say yes as the west coast tsunami could be alarming. I don’t want to lose focus of that or forget about it. Anything you can do to narrow it down would be much appreciated. Thank you for doing this for all of our safety and awareness!

  3. Eric LP Avatar

    Both the Tsunami and bridge will continue to be a focus, especially time, but what to do about the others is in question, because we will not have time to do it all of them, the details will be missed on at least some of these messages.

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